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African Voices cambia nome e mission

5 Ott

Quando 7 anni fa ho aperto la vecchia pagina AFRICAN VOICES, ormai persa perchè rubata da un ladro, il mio obiettivo era quello di imparare tutto quello che ancora non sapevo sull’Africa, sul territorio, i popoli e la cultura attraverso la conoscenza e l’informazione di altri.
Quel progetto mi ha fatto ottenere buone soddisfazioni e quasi 300 mila followers. Ho ottenuto la stima di diversi blogger e giornalisti africani, di attivisti per i diritti di molte categorie e per la pace. Molti musicisti, poeti, scrittori, pittori, politici africani ed editori e tanta, tanta gente comune hanno simpatizzato per quella pagina e per il mio modo di operare.
Opera che poi, negli ultimi due anni mi ha visto affiancato da validi collaboratori africani e non di grande valore che ancora oggi sono al mio fianco.

Ed è proprio con loro, in special modo con Cornelia Toelgyes, amica e attivista da molti anni a favore dei diritti umani, esperta di Africa e giornalista divide con me come  amministratrice questa nuova avventura.
Abbandonare il nome AfricanVoices cambiando con Voices 5 Continents e allargare la nostra mission non più solo all’Africa, ma anche agli altri 4 continenti, non è stata una decisione semplice, ma ormai dopo anni di solo Africa e con decine di migliaia di articoli, video, immagini e discussioni condivise e con la ‘morte digitale’ della pagina originale, il cambio è diventato un obbligo e non poteva che essere verso un impegno maggiore verso gli altri quattro continenti mantenendo nella stessa misura anche le info sul nostro principale continente, l’Africa appunto.

Oggi, gli equilibri si sono spostati e sopratutto il mondo è cambiato molto. Terrorismo, razzismo, omofobia, xenofobia, cancellazione dei diritti umani, diritti civili, repressione della stampa internazionale, migrazioni, cambiamento climatico e molto altro, sono aumentati in via esponenziale ovunque ed ecco allora la nostra decisione di spostare la l’attenzione anche sugli altri 4 continenti per capire, imparare e ottenere un confronto più ampio.

Non mancheranno le fotografie, i racconti attraverso le immagini di grandi fotografi internazionali, video, musica e cercando attraverso le tradizioni locali dei 5 continenti di ampliare le nostre conoscenze personali sperando di coinvolgere anche il Vostro interesse.

Allora… , benvenuti nella nostra pagina VOICES 5 CONTINENTS.


Back to Africa. African Diaspora return to build a Great Continent.

29 Ago

In Italy racial and alarming propaganda made by Italian Medias and tolerated by Italian left government, is increasing political consensus and power of xenophobic and populist far rights parties. This propaganda is based on fake news that are hiding the reality. Italian Medias are trying to convince Italian public opinion that the Country is victim of unstoppable invasion from Africa. This is the fakest news of Twenty-one Century. The reality is explained only by few honest journalists working in Italian newspapers like L’Indro, Manifesto, Corriere delle Sera and Avvenire. These honest journalists (really rare in the Italian Media universe) are trying to explain to the public opinion the truth.

Africa migration to Europe is an insignificant percentage of migration phenomenon that everybody can observe in the African Continent. Economic migration inside Africa will be facilitated with the open border policy and African Passport that African Union want establish before 2030. Nowadays there are interesting experiments of free people circulation and one nationality projects in various African economic communities. The most advanced experiment is done in East African Community.

The second truth hided by Italian and European Medias is more horrible than the first. Europe is progressively refusing Visa to refugees betraying West values in defence of human rights often utilized against African Countries. Thousand of peoples from Africa and Middle East that are running away from wars often made by West Countries and thousand of African and Arabs oppressed and tortured because their political, religious ideas and their sexual orientation are receiving the without pity refuse to enter in Europe as refugee and European protection. Most of political, religion and sexual repressions are made by dictator regimes allied of Europe and USA: like South Arabia, Turkey, Egypt or Sudan. In Africa there are almost 10 million of refugees that receive more or less a good assistance by African Governments in straight collaboration with UNHCR and International NGOs.

One of the leading African countries for refugees and immigrants management is Uganda where every “foreigner” is helped to be integrated inside Ugandan social and economic contest by offering work, security and dignity. Despite this policy careful of Human Dignity that is total different of xenophobic European migration policies, few days ago, Italian newspaper La Repubblica wrote an article about Sudanese refugee emergency, which in fact denigrates Uganda, ignoring that the African country is at the forefront of world-wide reception policies and has institutionalized an open-door policy praised even by United Nations. “Uganda is collapsing: this is where one million South Sudanese find shelter“. An article that propose the classic clichés of poor African countries in desperate need of help, perhaps written to attract funds for the humane humanitarian business invented by the West

The example of La Repubblica is not unfortunately an isolated case. From several months, Italian newspapers open on the front page with xenophobic titles against immigrants. “Immigration, a third of Italy in foreign hands“. “Immigrants at Lido Station. Discomfort and harassment“. ” Islamic contagion infects Europe. Under attack Finland and Germany “. “Soldiers encircled by the migrants gang “. Often these are fake news or news that are deliberately distorted to create a climate of fear and terror. The Catholic priest Mussie Zerai of Eritrean origin and candidate for the Peace Nobel Prize was investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office of Trapani with allegations to promote illegal immigration. In reality Father Zerai helps immigrants already in Italy to reunite with their family or to find a job, giving them dignity.

Inside of this disinformation made by Italian Medias is start to be clear the intention of somebody to create psychological terrorism addressed to Italian public opinion. Some Italian Medias linked to Far Rights Parties and populist movements are spreading racial hate against Muslims and Africans. This may put at serious risk thousand of migrants lives. With deep sadness we are understanding that often Italian Medias are hiding the truth about migrants phenomenon. One of this hidden truth is concerning the return migration from Europe to Africa, started on 2014.

African Diaspora in Europe is starting to came back to Africa after long time spend in European Countries. This willing to came back is not motivated by personal failure or the incapacity to be integrated in Western societies. At the contrary who is coming back are African migrants that are well integrated into European middle class. The migrants that arrived in Europe on Sixty and Eighty running away from wars, coup d’état and dictatorial regimes in Africa made by the Western confrontation against Communism and the Western necessity to control African natural resources at any cost.

African Diaspora that is coming back is composed by university professors, bank and industry managers, rich businessman that have in Europe a good life thanks to their sacrifice, intelligence and honest hard work. 15% of bank worker originally from Algeria leaving in France are return to their Country in order to open financial consultancy agencies and to contribute to the progressive free market liberalisation. 6% of well paid Nigerians and Kenyans engineering leaving in U.K. are coming back to Nigeria and Kenya in order to manage high level construction works and build the necessary public infrastructures to start the Industrial Revolution.

U.K. newspaper The Guardian (far away thousands of miles from the gossip and racist information of several Italian newspapers) as recently published a journalist inquire about the return of Ethiopian Diaspora. Young Ethiopians leaving or born in U.K. are coming back to Ethiopia attracted by the economic boom of their Country able to assure a 10% annual economic growing. These young Ethiopians have University Degrees and good works in U.K. They are coming back to their native Country attracted by better opportunity of job and professional career meanly after Brexit political and economic earthquake. Is a radical one way return. Many of them sell their house in U.K. in order to have enough money to assure a good start up in Ethiopia.

More complete and rich study has been done by Inspira Afrika magazine in collaboration with Avako Group and Africa France. The study is focused on Francophone African migrants in France that are return back to their Mother Lands. 38% of them have top level management jobs in important private and public French enterprises. 19% of them are VIP managers in French banks and financial consultancy agencies. 21% are VIP manager in marketing and PR relation agencies and 13% VIP manager in Telecom companies. The study reveals that 63% of these African super managers that are returning back wants participate to the African economic miracle. 49% are attracted by better paid job opportunities. In France 58% of VIP African managers that are coming back home are women.

African Diaspora return home is verifying in African Countries still in balance between war and peace too, like Somalia. Thousand of Somali refugees in Europe, USA and Canada are return home despite that Somali Central Government is steal weak and Salafist terrorist group Al Shabaab not yet totally defeated by the brave Burundian and Ugandan troops that are the Elite corps of African Union Peace Mission AMISOM. These brave African soldiers have succeed where Western armies have failed during UNISOM time with full respect of Human Rights and full civilians protection.

Somali Diaspora return is motivated by Patriotic feelings and economic opportunism. Once AMISOM will defeat totally Al Shabaab, all Somalia will be rebuild and Somali economy will start from zero. Somali Diaspora wants full participate at political, social and economic levels to their Country Renaissance.

The return migration is reaching interesting dimensions. For every 100 new arrivals in Europe 20 African old migrants well integrated in European societies are return home. According the experts this percentage is designated to increase in the following years. It’s easy to understand why. The old Europe is collapsing at economic level and good job opportunities are decreasing not only for migrants but for European citizen too.

Xenophobe, fascist and racist parties are increasing their power in Italy, French, Belgium, Holland, Ostrich and Germany. Anti migration policies are promoted by Leftists governments, firs the Italian one. These policies are creating a racial hate feeling and risks of safety for thousand of honest migrants that are sharing Europeans values but are rejected because are Nigger or Muslims. They are accused to be criminals, to support illegal migrations or, even worst, to be terrorists.

The return home to Africa is the first signal of what the future is reserving to the Old Europe victim of racism and of the decline of West Empire. Meantime Italian Medias are diffusing fake news of invasion from Africa asserting that Africans illegal migrants are making at risk Italian society and democracy, the recent illegal migration from Africa is originated in African Countries where Western economic lobbies are denying democracy, economic and financial independence with sadism obligations like the French monetary system FCFA. A big strategy in order to maintain the control over natural resources with the complicity of some corrupts African governments.

In all African Countries where exist a full economic and financial independence and the development is linked to nationalist policies and to the collaboration with foreign Power less savages and more oriented to the Winn Winn policy, like China, the migration to Europe has drastically decrease since 5 years ago. Why migrate in the Old Europe when development, job opportunities, and the possibility to improve the life standard are in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ghana, Congo Brazzaville, Algeria, Mozambique, Angola, South Africa?

The Old Europe is becoming more and more racist, populist and fascist. European Union is near to the economic and political disintegration. Europe is not more an attractive destination. In the following years the migration from Europe to Africa will increase. African workers, managers, professors, doctors and scientists, will came back in their Countries bringing with them technological knowledge and new ideas to support human rights and democracy. They will bring with them also a critical vision about Whites that are still thinking to control natural resources worldwide instead to ask aid and collaboration in order to avoid economic destruction and society collapsing in Europe and USA nowadays divided by racial issues that are compromising the big democracy of North America.

This critical vision about White Universe will be linked to bad memories of credulities and unjust treatments designated to thousand of migrants only because are Black or Muslims. This feelings risk to be linked to the surprise that Africa and China are preparing to West. A progressively decrease over minerals, gas and oil exportation in Europe and USA. These strategic natural resources will be needed to support the African Industry linked to BRICS Countries and China.

Some European governments and experts more focused over economic relation with Africa are already understanding this trend that will rewrite the worldwide power equilibrium in favor of the South of the Planet. These attentive politicians and observers they know that Western modern armies and nuclear arsenals are useless tools of coercions. Iran and North Korea are already showing that EU and USA cannot afford global wars that have great probabilities to end like the disastrous military adventures in Afghanistan and Iraq. The capacity to create civil wars and chaos like in Libya are progressively limited. Even African dictators are less and less willing to collaborate with Western countries in Africa natural resources rape, preferring new partners from Russia or China.

The most careful European politicians and observers are analyzing a more dangerous risk in the immediate future. For a decade Western governments have supported and encouraged thousand of their poor citizen from Maghreb origins to join the so called “Islamic” terrorist groups in order to win the war in Syria, Iraq and in several African Countries like Nigeria or Mali. All this to increase the Western control over Middle East and Africa oil and minerals.

Unlucky DAESH and other Saudi Arabia financed terrorist groups are near to be defeated in Middle East thanks to the courage and the sacrifice of Russian, Iranian, Kurdistan, Syrian, Lebanese soldiers and Hezbollah militia. European mercenaries defeated and humiliated are returning back to Europe full of hate against the Western governments that have send them to fight in Syria and Iraq just to consolidate minerals and oil Western control. This hate will generate a terror and dead seasons without precedents in Europe history as the recent terrorist escalation in Spain clearly shows.

Soon other European mercenary send to fight alongside Al Qaeda Magreb, Boko Haram and Al Shabaab will return in Europe defeated by courageous African armies and by the sacrifice of brave Africans soldiers and civilians. Their return to Europe will increase death and terror. More than before Europe and USA they need external aid. It’s essential for the survive of their civilizations and the worldwide peace that West will renounce to all aggressive and primitive feeling of supremacy in order to create strong collaboration with all former colonies. Africa can help West to came out from its own made nightmare but there is need of a radical mentality change. A radical change that is possible because African peoples surely will be willing to forget the past mistakes and injustices in order to create a better world for everybody.

by Fulvio Beltrami
Freelance Journalist

Ritorno in Africa. I flussi migratori si stanno invertendo.

29 Ago

La allarmante e razziale propaganda promossa da vari Media italiani, discretamente tollerata dal governo di sinistra di cui ironicamente i frutti politici vengono raccolti dalla destra populista si basa su un grande inganno informativo. Stanno convincendo gli italiani che il loro Paese è invaso dagli africani disperati e pronti a tutto. Nulla di più falso come hanno sottolineato un pugno di colleghi su L’Indro e altri quotidiani come il Manifesto, Corriere della Sera e Avvenire. Voci fuori dal coro che espongono una cruda realtà: i flussi migratori verso l’Europa sono una percentuale insignificante rispetto ai flussi che avvengono all’interno del Continente africano.

Flussi di natura economica che verranno facilitati con l’abbattimento delle frontiere nazionali e unico passaporto africano, progetto promosso dalla Unione Africana che dovrebbe entrare in vigore entro il 2030. Già ora alcuni blocchi economici stanno costruendo i presupposti per una unica cittadinanza. Il progetto più avanzato è quello della East African Community (Comunità Economica dell’Africa Orientale).

La seconda realtà che i media italiani ed europei occultano è ancora più orribile. L’Europa sta progressivamente rifiutando i visti ai profughi e ai richiedenti di asilo politico rinnegando così i valori europei in difesa dei diritti umani spesso usati come arma di accusa rivolta contro vari governi africani. Migliaia di persone dall’Africa e Medio Oriente ricevono il rifiuto di concedere loro lo statuto di rifugiato in Europa nonostante che fuggano da guerre spesso create dall’Occidente o da repressioni politiche, religiose e sessuali perpetuate da dittature disumane alleate a Stati Uniti e Unione Europea, i casi più lampanti: Arabia Saudita, Turchia, Egitto e ora anche il Sudan.

In Africa vi sono quasi 10 milioni di profughi, gestiti più o meno bene dai governi africani con la collaborazione dell’Alto Commissariato ONU per i Profughi (UNHCR) e ONG occidentali. Uno tra i Paesi africani all’avanguardia per la gestione dei rifugiati e immigrati è l’Uganda dove ogni “straniero” viene aiutato a inserirsi nel tessuto sociale ed economico ugandese, offrendo lavoro, sicurezza e dignità. Eppure qualche giorno fa il quotidiano La Repubblica ha scritto un articolo sulla emergenza profughi dal Sud Sudan che di fatto denigra l’Uganda ignorando che il Paese africano è alla avanguardia delle politiche di accoglienza a livello mondiale e che abbia istituzionalizzato una politica di porte aperte elogiata anche dalle Nazioni Unite. “L’Uganda al collasso: è qui che un milione di sud sudanesi trova rifugio” Un articolo, forse scritto per attirare fondi a favore del florido business umanitario inventato dall’Occidente, che propone i classici cliché di Paesi africani poveri e bisognosi di aiuto. Una tecnica giornalistica per generare pietismo e convincere a stanziare fondi umanitari per le Ong italiane o europee.

L’esempio de La Repubblica non è purtroppo un caso isolato. Da mesi i giornali aprono in prima pagina con titoli xenofobi contro gli immigrati. “Immigrazione, un terzo dell’Italia in mano agli stranieri”, “Immigrati alla stazione di Lido. Disagi e molestie”, “Il contagio islamista infetta l’Europa. Sotto attacco Finlandia e Germania”, “Militari accerchiati dalla gang di extracomunitari”. Spesso queste sono false notizie o notizie che vengono volutamente distorte per creare un clima di paura e terrore. Il prete cattolica Mussie Zerai di origine eritrea e candidato al Premio Nobel è stato indagato dalla Procura di Trapani con l’accusa di favore l’immigrazione clandestina. In realtà Zerai aiuta gli immigrati già in Italia a ricongiungersi con i famigliari o a trovare un lavoro, donando loro dignità.

All’interno di questa facile disinformazione con chiari connotati di terrorismo psicologico che in alcune testate italiane si trasforma in odio razziale, non vi è spazio per le notizie vere. Dal 2014 i flussi migratori Africa Europa si stanno progressivamente invertendo. La diaspora africana in Europa sta rientrando in Africa dopo decenni passati all’estero. Il fenomeno di rimpatrio non è dovuto da fallimenti personali o mancato inserimento nel tessuto socio economico nei Paesi europei ospitanti.

Al contrario riguarda al piccola e media borghesia africana che giunse in Europa nella prima ondata migratoria degli anni Settanta e Ottanta causata da guerre, colpi di Stato e sottosviluppo nei Paesi di origine. Tutti prodotti dalla competizione tra Capitalismo e Comunismo e dalla vorace e insaziabile mania occidentale di controllare e depredare le risorse naturali del Continente.

A rimpatriare sono professori universitari, bancari, manager di industria, commercianti affermati che sono entrati a pieno diritto nella media borghesia europea grazie ai loro sacrifici, intelligenza e onesto lavoro. Un quarto dei bancari algerini che lavorano presso banche francesi sta rientrando nel loro Paese per aprire studi di consulenza finanziaria, contribuendo alla progressiva liberalizzazione dell’economia in Algeria. Il 6% di stimati e iper pagati ingeneri nigeriani e kenioti in Gran Bretagna ritornano in Nigeria e in Kenya per dirigere i lavori nel piano di rilancio delle opere pubbliche tese a rafforzare la rivoluzione industriale.

Il quotidiano britannico The Guardian (di cui professionalità è lontana anni luce dal dilettantismo informativo e scandalistico di vari quotidiani italiani) ha recentemente pubblicato una accurata indagine sul fenomeno di rimpatrio che sta ridisegnando i flussi migratori Africa Europa. L’indagine è concentrata sulla diaspora etiope. I giovani etiopi figli di immigrati, in possesso di diplomi universitari e ottimi lavori stanno ritornando in Etiopia attirati dal boom economico che il loro Paese sta conoscendo dal 2012 con una crescita economica annuale del 10%. Il loro Paese di origine offre migliori condizioni di lavoro e possibilità di carriera professionale rispetto alla Gran Bretagna sopratutto dopo il Brexit. E’ un ritorno radicale a senso unico, con tanto di vendita delle proprietà immobiliari acquistate in Gran Bretagna.

Più completa è l’inchiesta fatta dalla rivista Inspira Afrika in collaborazione con Avako Group e Africa France che riguarda il rimpatrio di immigranti francofoni. Il 38% degli immigranti africani residenti in Francia che decidono di ritornare nei loro Paesi d’origine hanno lavori dirigenziali in importanti aziende pubbliche e private. Il 19% sono alti funzionari presso banche e agenzie di consulenza finanziaria francesi, il 21% alti funzionari di marketing e comunicazione e il 13% dirigenti di compagnie Telecom.

L’inchiesta rivela che il 63% di questi professionisti che rientrano in Africa sono motivati dalla volontà di partecipare al miracolo economico del Continente. Il 49% sono attirati da opportunità professionali più gratificanti e meglio retribuite. In Francia sono sopratutto le donne manager africane a ritornare in Africa. Esse rappresentano il 58% degli immigrati che ritornano nei loro Paesi d’origine.

Il ritorno della diaspora si verifica anche in Paesi ancora in bilico tra guerra e pace, come la Somalia, dove centinaia di migliaia di somali rifugiati in Europa, Stati Uniti e Canada stanno ritornando nonostante che il governo centrale sia ancora debole e che il gruppo terroristico salafista Al Shabaab non sia ancora stato definitivamente annientato dalle coraggiose ed efficaci truppe ugandesi e burundesi che compongono la punta di diamante della forza militare di pace AMISOM che è riuscita a stabilizzare gran parte della Somalia dopo il clamoroso fallimento della missione di pace occidentale UNISOM. Il rientro in Somalia è motivato da spirito patriottico affiancato da opportunismo economico. Il Paese, una volta annientato Al Shabaab, sarà tutto da ricostruire e il tessuto economico ripartirà da zero. La diaspora somala vuole svolgere un ruolo di primo piano a livello politico, sociale ed economico nella ricostruzione della loro Patria.

L’inversione dei flussi migratori ha raggiunto dimensioni interessanti. Su 100 nuovi arrivi di immigrati dall’Africa 20 immigrati di lunga data appartenenti alla media borghesia africana creatasi in Europa ritornano nel Continente. Secondo gli esperti questa percentuale è destinata ad aumentare nei prossimi anni. La spiegazione di questo aumento è semplice. La vecchia Europa sta collassando a livello economico contraendo le possibilità di lavori ben retribuiti non solo per gli immigrati ma anche e sopratutto per i cittadini europei.

Il rafforzarsi dei partiti xenofobi, fascisti e razzisti in Italia, Francia, Belgio, Olanda, Austria, Germania e le politiche reazionarie di molti governi della sinistra europea, in prima fila quello italiano, stanno creando un clima di odio razziale e di insicurezza per centinaia di migliaia di onesti immigrati che si sentono europei ma che vengono ora rigettati dalle società ospitanti in quanto “negri” o per la loro fede mussulmana, sospettati di essere criminali, fiancheggiatori della immigrazione clandestina o peggio ancora dei terroristi islamici.

Il flusso migratorio all’inverso è il primo segnale di quello che il futuro sta riservando alla Vecchia Europa in preda al razzismo e all’intolleranza dove si respira una atmosfera di fine impero. Mentre alcuni nostri quotidiani continuano a latrare su false emergenze migratorie che metterebbero in pericolo la società e la democrazia in Italia, l’attuale flusso migratorio Africa Europa è originato dai Paesi africani a cui è negato il progresso e la pace dalle lobby economiche occidentali che mirano a depredare le risorse naturali. Lobby tra cui si annovera anche la ENI, che di fatto condiziona la politica estera italiana in Africa.

Nei Paesi africani dove maggiore è il controllo della Sovranità economica e il progresso è sinonimo di nazionalismo e collaborazione con potenze economiche meno selvagge e più orientate alla filosofia “Winn Winn” (tutti vincitori), come la Cina, il flusso migratorio Africa Europa si è già interrotto da cinque anni. Perché immigrare nella disastrata Europa quando sviluppo, lavoro e ricchezza si trovano in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ghana, Congo Brazzaville, Algeria, , Mozambico, Angola, Sudafrica? Qualcuno potrà obiettare che in tutti questi Paesi esistono ancora forti diseguaglianze sociali e larghe sacche di povertà, ma innegabili sono le possibilità di una vita migliore. Spetta ai cittadini di questi Paesi e non a noi occidentali, combattere per una maggior uguaglianza e giustizia sociale con metodologie e soluzioni africane.

L’Europa razzista, populista, fascista e in bancarotta non è più una terra attraente e nei prossimi anni i flussi migratori Europa Africa aumenteranno. I professionisti africani che rientrano nei loro Paesi non solo porteranno maggior progresso, innovazione tecnologica e sviluppo di diritti civili e democrazia ma un maggior sguardo critico verso la predatrice razza bianca che ancora si ostina a voler depredare il mondo intero invece di chiedere aiuto e collaborazione per salvarsi dalla rovina economica e dalla distruzione della sua società.

Questo senso critico, probabilmente accompagnato da giusti rancori verso le ingiustizie inflitte gratuitamente ad onesti immigrati per il solo fatto di essere negri o mussulmani, rafforzerà la sorpresa che l’Africa e la Cina stanno riservando alla razzista Europa. Il progressivo blocco delle esportazioni di materie prime, petrolio e gas che serviranno per la crescita industriale africana sostenuta dalle potenze emergenti del BRICS e dalla Cina.

Alcuni governi e analisti europei più attenti e lungimiranti sono già consapevoli di questo trend destinato a ridisegnare gli equilibri mondiali di potere a favore del Sud del mondo. Questi illuminati sono consci che i moderni eserciti e gli arsenali nucleari detenuti dalle potenze occidentali sono armi spuntate. Lo si vede già nel caso del Iran e della Corea del Nord dove alle continue minacce americane di guerra non seguono atti concreti per il semplice fatto che non conviene all’Occidente far scoppiare guerre perse in partenza, come le disastrose avventure in Afganistan e Iraq dimostrano. In Africa non è più possibile una guerra di conquista e le criminali manovre di destabilizzazione come quelle attuate in Libia, diventano sempre più difficili.

I governi e analisti più attenti sono consapevoli anche di un pericolo ben peggiore a breve termine: l’ondata di terrorismo di ritorno causata dalle stesse potenze europee che hanno favorito se non incitato tra i giovani emarginati europei di origine magrebina l’arruolamento nei gruppi salafisti finanziati dalle monarchie arabe per destabilizzare il Medio Oriente e vari Paesi Africani per meglio controllare le riserve di oro, petrolio e minerali rari.

DAESH sta perdendo su tutti i fronti grazie alle offensive di Russia, Iran, Kurdistan, Siria, Libano, Hezbollah. Sconfitti e umiliati i mercenari stanno rientrando in Europa, con alti livelli di fanatismo e pronti a vendicarsi contro chi li ha inviati a combattere in Siria e Iraq per calcolo di supremazia economica. Un odio che produrrà una ondata di violenza e morte senza precedenti in Europa come dimostra l’ondata di terrorismo in Spagna. Presto anche i mercenari inviati a combattere al fianco di Al Quaeda Magreb, Boko Haram e Al Shabaab ritorneranno in Europa dopo che le forze civili e democratiche africane riusciranno a sconfiggere queste mostruosità salafiste. Inutile dire che anche i mercenari sconfitti in Africa rientreranno in Europa sorretti da un incontrollabile odio e mortale rancore.

E’ giunto il momento storico dove Europa e Stati Uniti necessitano di aiuto internazionale, essenziale per la sopravvivenza delle loro civiltà e la pace mondiale. Per ricevere questo aiuto l’Occidente deve rinunciare a tutti i aggressivi e primitivi sogni di supremazia per creare forti collaborazioni con tutte le ex colonie. L’Africa può aiutare l’Occidente ad uscire da un incubo auto creato ma è necessario un radicale cambiamento di mentalità. Un cambiamento radicale che è possibile in quanto gli Africani sicuramente saranno disponibili a dimenticare i passati crimini e ingiustizie subite per creare un mondo migliore per tutti.

di Fulvio Beltrami
Giornalista Freelance

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10 Mag

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Marco Pugliese, African Voices admin.

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Donald Trump dismantle Dood-Frank Act. The best gift to FDLR terrorist, Kabila and Nkurunziza.

13 Feb

Friday February 03, 2017 US President Donald Trump signed two Presidential directives in order to dismantle the Dood-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, commonly referred as Dood-Frank Act. The Federal Law was signed by President Barak Obama on July 21, 2010 in order to regulate the US financial market gone crazy thanks to a pirate worldwide financial speculation system and bad loans out of control. Dood-Frank Act is regulating US private banks national and worldwide operations. It’s regulating US mineral market too in order to avoid US Enterprises to buy mineral from war zones like Democratic Republic of Congo – DRC. The law has been fought back for long time by US financial institutes and Corporation like Morgan, HP, Compaq, and other IT Company linked to the New Economy. Under Dood-Frank Act implementation Coltan illegal exportation business from DRC war area dropped from 380 m. USD to 185 m. USD par year.

Coltan, gold and other rare minerals are present in huge quantities in East Provinces of DRC: North and South Kivu. These rare minerals are under control of President Kabila’s Family and several armed group, national ones (regrouped under the name Mai Mai) and foreign. DRC rare minerals exploitation has been possible thanks unofficial alliance between Kabila Family, armed group, US and EU enterprises interested to have the control over these minerals considered vital raw material for IT Industry. DRC rare minerals are utilized in several industry sector: from smart phones to advanced High Tech instruments utilized by NASA, EU, China and Russia Astronautic Industries. DRC host 75% of rare mineral’s world reserves.

The Mafia unwritten agreement is simple and functional. Kinshasa Government avoid any military operation against armed groups in East of DRC. They take care of extraction and illegal exportation of rare minerals. Profits are shared 60% to Kabila’ Family 40% to armed groups. The armed groups are called to defend East DRC territory against Uganda and Rwanda backed rebellions on the behalf of Kinshasa Gouvernment. A request done on 2002 by Kinshasa (during the Secondo Pan African war) in order to balance the piteous state of the National Army: “Forces Amees de la Republique Democratique du Congo – FARDC”, partially unpaid, not well equipped, under corrupt and criminal Generals and Colonels control.

From 2002 to 2009 Kabila Family have created a complicate and international Mafia networks over DRC war zone minerals. This network involve several actors in DRC, Great Lakes Region, US and Europe. The meanly armed group that benefits from this unusually alliance is “Force Democratique pour la Liberation du Rwanda – FDLR” an armed group created in East DRC by French on 2000. FDLR are formed by former President Habyarimana Army and genocide militias Interhamwe, responsible of 1 m of death in Rwanda 1994. FDLR objective since 2000 is to reconquer Rwanda and impose again the racial Nazis government HutuPower destroyed by Rwanda People Front led by Paul Kagame, present Rwanda’s President. FDLR still now are in favor of total genocide of Tutsi minority in order to reinforce “order and democracy” under exclusive control of HutuPower politicians.

East DRC illegal mineral market has permit to FDLR to survive for 17 years, control vast areas in North and South Kivu provinces and buy huge quantity of army. Rwandan terrorist forces are estimated on 12,000 men (1,200 men according U.N. 4,500 men according to Kigali government). Most of militiamen are recruited from east Congo young jobless without any kind of job alternative even in the informal sector. New recruits are coming now from Nazi Burundian militias Imbonerakure. From 2002 FDLR has try, without succeed, to invade Rwanda 8 times, the last on April 2014: Operation Umudendezo.

UN Peacekeepers mission in DRC: MONUSCO on 2012 has sign a secret military alliance with FDLR Rwandan terrorists in order to fight Banyarwanda Congolese rebellion movement M23 backed by Rwanda and Uganda. FDLR Military Command is located in Goma (North Kivu province capital) at 02 km far from MONUSCO headquarter. Despite the DRC Army 2015 military campaign against them, in the recent months FLDR leaders have been notice dinner in VIP restaurant and hotels in Goma with DRC Generals, French military advisors and UN Military High Command. It’s DRC Eastern population common behavior that 2015 FARDC offensive was just a simple fiction movie offered to Western Medias. MONUSCO has been recently accused by Lubero and Butembo Civil Society to have intentionally not stop the September 2016 ethnic cleaning in North Kivu province. Ufficially these crimes are committed by an Islamic Ugandan group “ADF” (destroyed two year ago). In reality the authors are Rwandan terrorists FDLR.

From July 2013 FDLR’s Militias are assisting and protecting Burundian HutuPower regime of former President Pierre Nkurunziza, illegally on power since July 2015. Burundian regime with FLDR active support is responsible of thousands of extra judiciary execution, mass murders, mass graves, illegal arrests mainly addressed to Tutsi minority. 300,000 Burundians are refugees in neighbor Countries and all opposition party and civil society leaders have been murder or forced to exile. On September 2016 UN Human Rights Department has affirmed that there is a real risk of genocide in Burundi if Nkurunziza regime will not be removed from power. At the contrary Burundian Civil Society affirm that a silent genocide is a Country reality since October 2015. According Burundian human rights activists and journalist this silent but efficacy genocide can be transformed in open genocide Rwanda 1994 style according to Nkurunziza political conveniences meantime Burundian population has fall dawn in an emotional fatalism.

Illegal mineral traffic has direct and dramatic impact on East DRC population. An estimated 75,000 peoples are in slavery, forced to work on illegal mines controlled by FDRC and other armed groups. 28,000 of them are suspected to be children from 06 up to 16 years old. Thousands of children are forced into the ranks of armed groups that control mining zones. The IDPs (Internal Displaced People) are around 2 millions. All runaway from death and violence spread by FDLR and several armed groups.

DRC Eastern Congo population has Zero hope to be liberated by National Army. At least 98% of FARDC Generals have strong economic interests in illegal mineral exportation and they are not crazy to attack and destroy precious business partners even if are considered internationally as terrorist organizations. The villagers are force in to slavery by guns and debt bondage: money borrow by Congolese businessmen linked to armed groups to pay school fees, medical cares or just to buy food for the family. Bogus accounting and abusive interest rates prevent the villagers from repaying the debts fall down in the slavery working free in illegal mines.

DRC illegal mine exploitation is the first case for sexual abuse too. Militias abduct women and girls from villages, transforming them in sexual slave. Rebels contract forced marriage with hundreds of underage girls. Congolese human rights activists affirm that Militias and DRC regular army are responsible of sexual rapes in East Province the highest in the world: 02 rapes every minute…

Dood-Frank Act has make very difficult the illegal mineral export from East DRC. In order to have sufficient mineral provision US Enterprises were forced to accept very expensive triangulations assured by China, Uganda and Rwanda. From 2011 up to 2015 East DRC armed group autonomy capacity to buy new army and munition dropped to 35% forcing them to receive army from Congo and French governments in exchange of military services against Banyarwanda population and neighbor Rwanda. Since 2015 FDLR are the real responsible of ethnic cleaning against Banande tribe in Beni, Butembo and Lubero district, North Kivu province. Ethnic cleaning that is very near to genocide, ordered by President Kabila in order to destroy the strong economic Banande community in East of the Country.

President Donald Trump has now eliminate this international legal barrier with evident risks to boom regional conflicts, ethnic cleaning and genocide. Mr. Trump affirm that Dood-Frank Act has never worked. At the contrary has condemned US Corporation to be less competitive on international markets. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, institution created by Dood-Frank Act to oversee consumer products origins and regulate import activities done by US Corporation, will be shut-down.

According Mr. Trump Dood-Frank Act abrogation is a due act in favor of American people, low and middle-income investors. In reality the President directives to dismantled the law will profit big US Corporation and Wall Street. Dood-Frank Act is not regulating war zone minerals only. It’s regulating US Mad Financial System too.

Despite the electoral campaign promise to be against Wall Street, Donald Trump has filled his administration with billionaires and bankers. Now he’s focus to make more easily and out of control Wall Street business. Trump decision against Dood-Frank act include a systematic dislmantling of Gouverment control over private banks. Justice Department Office will have no more rights to question about bankruptcy or illegal financial speculation very harmful for US common citizen live and economy.

Banks, financial firms and Corporations are exulting about President Trump decision. Dood-Frank Act has been “responsible” for 18 billion profit losses from 2011 to 2016. US Bank and Corporation lobbyists have several times pushed Obama Administration to revise the law without succeed. Now the man who want make America great again has listen their prays and act as consequence for the good and prosperity of America people…

Dood –Frank Act dismantle will be now discuss by Congress. Republican Representative Jeb Hesarling, chairman of House Financial Services Committee has declared that will support Trump proposing to Congress his own Dood-Frank Act abrogation project. Tea Party leaders have assured their votes. Only Democrats wowed to fight Trump’s plans. Anyway American human rights activists alarm that US Corporations and private Banks are already pressing over several Democratic Congressmen in order to support Trump initiative.

Dramatic consequences are forecast for DRC, Burundi, Rwanda and Great Lakes Region in general. Dood-Fank Act abrogation will free war zone minerals international market allowing 41 armed groups and the manly terrorist organization in the region (FDLR) to increase their power over East DRC natural resources causing more human suffering to many innocent, women and children in Congo and surrounding Countries. Very soon illicit mining of tin, tantalum, tugsten and cobalt, (key raw material for the production of smart phones and other high tech devises), will be free of any international control and regulation. According to an ENOUGH PROJECT recent report insurgents forces in collaboration of DRC national army and Kinshasa regime have in their hand 65% of rare minerals market in East Provinces.

President Trump decision to dismantle Dood-Frank Act is a clear sign that the controversy US Head of State want build strong alliances with Wall Street and US Corporation in order to counter balance the strong popular opposition that is growing to political levels never see since President Nixon time. The decision is anyway contradictory and counterproductive to regional US ally. If Dood-Frank Act will be abrogated Uganda and Rwanda will loose the present position of international mediators for gold and coltan originated in East DRC.

Uganda is controlling the majority of DRC gold smuggler and Rwanda DRC coltan smuggler. Both governments have overestimated the production of gold mine in Karamoja and mineral mines Rwanda DRC border in order to legally wash illegal gold and coltan coming from Congo. Ugandan and Rwandan overestimated actions has started on 2011 with full consensus of US and EU Corporations and silent complicity of Washington and Bruxelles.

Without the Dood-Frank Act the dictatorial regime of Kinshasa and Rwandan terrorist group FLDR will be free to sell rare minerals to US Corporations, establishing legal export mine enterprises owned by Congolese businessmen under full control of Kabila Family and Rwandan terrorists. Regional economic experts forecast an huge increment of Bujumbura (Burundi) illegal gold market’ affair under control of Indians and Israelis businessman associated to the HutuPower dictator Pierre Nkurunziza. This will allow the World Lord Nkurunziza to have precious and vital forex currency income to counterbalance the huge financial loss due by US and EU economic bans and restriction over humanitarian aid. Same negative effects will be registered on favor of Kabila regime that has annulled presidential election on November 2016 and is plaining to transform Kabila mandate in a Live Precedency against the popular willing.

If Dood-Frank Act abrogation decided by Mr. Trump will increase US Banks and Corporations support will make fragile US geostrategic plans in Great Lakes Region. Trump as make clear his opposition to President Joseph Kabila and former Burundian president. According to him both are cruel dictators to be overthrow away. US foreign diplomacy is very active since the last two year of Obama Administration in order to create a regime change both in Burundi and DRC. US is on front line against the two regime, promoting international financial bans in order to avoid Kinshasa and Bujumbura dictatorial regimes to have forex currency reserves to help them to remain on power. With an indirect gift of 400 m. USD par year Congo and Burundi forex currency reserves will be easily recreated. Good business for International Army Industry, a nightmare for Great Lakes Region population.

Trump decision over Dood-Frank Act will make more fragile Uganda and Rwanda regional control. It will make higher the risk of military invasion and second genocide in Rwanda, complicating the Liberation war to overthrow Nkurunziza regime and avoid the first genocide in Burundi history. Ugandan military experts under anonymity protection thinks that Dood-Frank Act dismantle will not be a problem for US geostrategic goals in Great Lakes Regions. Most of them are convinced that Trump Administration will opt for a regional war with the consensus of French, Belgium, Canada, UN and UE to overthrow Kabila and Nkurunziza regimes.

A regional war done to avoid genocide risks but in reality to preserve Western exploitation rights over natural resources. Some indicators are already present. Congolese Tutsi rebel movement M23 (Mouvement du 23 Mars) militias protected in Uganda has disappears from the UPDF (Ugandan Army) military bases where was host. M23 General Sultani Makenga has disappear too. Popular rumors tell that M23 forces have entered in East DRC in military standby.

Rare Minerals and Human Blood is a tragically binomial destined to be repeat again in the Great Lake Region? It’s too early to do forecast on this direction but two fact are already sure. East DRC and Burundi populations will continue to suffer thank to economic international conveniences. Any international experimentation of Fair Trade (like FairPhone) will be definitely destroy. Why to buy IT devices and smart phones very expensive because made with coltan under strict mine regulation that avoid slavery and child exploitation instead to have easy good price smart phone made with coltan directly coming from area under terrorists and armed groups control? Under Trump Administration this Big Corporation dream has become true.

Fulvio Beltrami
Free Journalist @FulvioBeltrami



2017: African Voices Goals

31 Dic

African Voices reached the sixth year of life and I am happy with the development, and successful although slow, which has had and is continuing to get See this page is followed by every corner of the world and from many Africans, makes me proud.
I never wanted to invest on the development of the page, but I think that in 2017 will be an expense that I will face, for what are my ideas for sharing the news.

Well, at least six months that I’m getting ready, knowing, getting relationships to give more information on the active black people, not only in Africa but around the world, searching for old African communities living in the world and the diaspora, also passing through the human rights and the oppression of peoples and minorities.

So, much more work waiting me and the staff that are working directly without receiving anything in exchange, people and activists as Huno Djibouti, Djibouti and the Horn of Africa; Henry Mworia for Kenya; Adrian Arena for Afro Mexicans, Fulvio Beltrami for Burundi and the Great Lakes area and Cornelia Toelgyes for sub-Saharan Africa and human rights, has always been friendly and administrator of the group for the  Per la Liberazione dei Prigionieri del Sinai. But also many others that revolve around African Voices that are a source of inspiration on the most difficult areas of Africa.

A main goal of African Voices for 2017 is to help small and medium NGO in Africa, those who can not enjoy the support of European governments or the EU, but with great sacrifice on the field and thanks to the good will of volunteers, seek funds and charities increasingly rare and hard to find.

To get this goal, I started a few months working with a multinational leader in the Cashback system called Lyoness and is present in 48 countries worldwide with its seat in Austria, Graz.
Lyoness is an interesting formula and useful to all those who shop in the hundreds of thousands of companies of all kinds, affiliates. The user who uses this shopping system, earn an average percentage directly and immediately its current account and African Voices, in this case, cashes 0.5% for each of your spending. Percentage that, African Voices, donates to non-profit organization without asking for donations that can often become heavy for the user that instead, doing shopping, gains and carries a minimum cash of 0.5% to African Voices that devolve to non-profit organization in Africa.I find this a nice system, useful, brilliant, that will satisfy everyone. If you are interested in attending, you can write to African Voices admin email africanvoiceseditor@gmail.com

Another goal we set ourselves is to find jobs for Africans in Africa who need to work, and on this, I need your help.

I will not take the place of job search enterprises, they do a different job from what we can do ourselves to African Voices.

We can turn to small companies, private individuals seeking workers in all sectors, seriously. Receiving requests on africanvoiceseditor@gmail.com with the subject: Work, indicating the country and the state, we can publish, and in this way, help the recruitment since many are the people who are following African Voices especially through Facebook, but the our publications are also seen on other social as Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, through our blog, followed by tens of thousands of readers, and will activate, in 2017, our YouTube channel with the weekly press and the section dedicated to the job search.

That’s all, African voices in the world, sure to make a beautiful journey together in 2017.

Good luck to all of you and Happy New Year.

Marco Pugliese
Admin, African Voices.

Obiettivi di African Voices, nel 2017

31 Dic

African Voices è arrivato al suo sesto anno di vita ed io sono contento dello sviluppo e del successo, seppure lento, che ha avuto e sta continuando ad ottenere. Vedere che questa pagina è seguita da ogni angolo del mondo e da molti africani, mi rende orgoglioso.

Io non ho mai voluto investire sullo sviluppo della pagina, ma credo che nel 2017 sarà una spesa che dovrò affrontare, per quello che sono le mie idee di condivisione delle notizie.

Infatti, sono almeno 6 mesi che mi sto preparando, conoscendo, ottenendo rapporti interpersonali per dare un’informazione più attiva sul popolo nero, non solo in Africa, ma in tutto il mondo, ricercando vecchie comunità Afro che vivono nel mondo e della diaspora, passando anche attraverso i diritti umani e le oppressioni dei popoli e delle minoranze.

Insomma, molto altro lavoro attende me e i collaboratori che direttamente stanno lavorando senza percepire nulla in cambio, persone e attivisti come Huno Djibouti per Djibouti e il Corno d’Africa; Henry Mworia per i Kenya; Adrian Arena per gli Afro Messicani, Fulvio Beltrami per il Burundi e l’area dei Grandi Laghi e Cornelia Toelgyes per l’Africa sub sahariana e i diritti umani, amica da sempre e amministratrice del gruppo Per la Liberazione dei Prigionieri del Sinai. Ma anche molti altri che girano attorno ad African Voices che sono fonte di ispirazione sulle aree più difficili dell’Africa.

Uno degli obiettivi principali di African Voices per il 2017 è quello di aiutare le piccole e medie ONLUS in Africa, quelle che non possono godere degli aiuti dei governi europei o della UE, ma con grandi sacrifici sul campo e grazie alla buona volontà di volontari, ricercano fondi e beneficenza sempre più rari e difficili da reperire.

Per ottenere questo obiettivo, ho cominciato da alcuni mesi a collaborare con una multinazionale leader nel sistema del Cashback che si chiama Lyoness ed è presente in 48 Paesi nel mondo con la sua sede in Austria, a Graz.
Lyoness è una formula interessante e utile a tutti coloro che fanno shopping nelle centinaia di migliaia di aziende di ogni genere, affiliate. L’utente che usa questo sistema di shopping, guadagna una percentuale media e immediata direttamente sul suo conto corrente e African Voices, in questo caso, incassa lo 0,5 % ad ogni vostro acquisto. Percentuale che, African Voices, devolve alle onlus chiedere donazioni che spesso possono diventare pesanti per l’utente che invece,  facendo shopping, guadagna e porta un incasso minimo dello 0,5% a African Voices che devolve alle onlus in Africa. Trovo in questo, un sistema bello, utile, geniale, che accontenta tutti. Se sei interessato a partecipare, puoi scrivere ad African Voices admin alla email africanvoiceseditor@gmail.com

Altro obiettivo che ci poniamo è quello di trovare lavoro agli africani in Africa che hanno necessità di lavorare e su questo, io ho bisogno del vostro aiuto.

Non voglio prendere il posto delle aziende di ricerca lavoro, loro fanno un lavoro diverso da quello che possiamo fare noi di African Voices.

Noi possiamo rivolgerci a piccole aziende, privati che cercano lavoratori in ogni settore, serio. Ricevendo le richieste su africanvoiceseditor@gmail.com con oggetto Lavoro indicando il paese e lo Stato, noi possiamo pubblicare e in questo modo, aiutare la ricerca di personale visto che molte sono le persone che stanno seguendo African Voices sopratutto attraverso Ffacebook, ma le nostre pubblicazioni sono viste anche su altri social come Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, attraverso il nostro blog seguito da decine di migliaia di lettori e attiveremo, nel 2017, il nostro canale YouTube con la rassegna stampa settimanale e la rubrica dedicata alla ricerca di lavoro.

Questo è tutto, african voices nel mondo, sicuri di fare un bel cammino insieme, nel 2017.

Buona fortuna a tutti voi e buon anno.

Marco Pugliese
Amministratore African Voices.

Franco-Chinese common investments in Africa come true.

27 Nov

Tuesday, November 15 President Francois Hollande and Chinese Vice-Prime Minister Francois Hollande signed financial agreements to turn into reality the Franco-Chinese Partnership in Third Markets Declaration signed during the visit to Paris of People’s Republic of China Prime Minister State of Affairs: Li Keqiuang on July 2, 2015. The Partnership will promote co-financing and implementation of joint projects carried out through by French and Chinese transnational companies joint ventures. Projects focus on Asian countries but especially on African continent. The investment will be concentrated in various sectors from the high finance to infrastructures.

Mr. Kai has come to Paris with a strong delegation from China Communist Party Central Committee to sign the contract to create the financing structure of this unprecedented partnership between two historical enemies that for over a decade have severely clashed for the monopoly of African markets. 3,000 m euro have been deposited by the respective central banks in to the CDC International Capital saves, a French financial institution controlled by bank group Caisse des Depots. This is an initial capital destined to reach the two billion euro by 2020. To achieve this goal the governments in Paris and Beijing intend to involve in the initiative of private financial institutions in their respective countries

The economic partnership agreements for the Asian and African markets is based on three principles.

1. The dominant role of private enterprises with the support of public authorities. Companies will be the main players in commercial and industrial partnerships in third countries. They will be subject to the respect of international law, international practices and relevant commercial principles, as well as the laws and regulations of France, China and third countries. Governments will support their private companies providing guidance and coordination to create an enabling environment and conditions for business partnerships.

2. Equal partnership and win-win cooperation. France and China want to contribute to structuring projects for local economies, strengthening their “connectivity” and supporting regional integration. This targets are vital in order to create a win-win situation where benefits will be shared with third Countries in order to avoid popular unrests and develop national economies to create more and better market opportunities for France and China enterprises.

3. Complementarity, mutual benefits, openness and inclusiveness. France and China will engage in partnerships based on their productive, technical and / or financial complementarities. They will encourage their companies to go beyond the traditional subcontracting schemes to give way to new formulas for co-production, co-production and co-financing. In addition to the private sectors, projects in third markets may be carried out by public and semi-public financial institutions and companies. Open to other countries and international and regional organizations, these partnerships could be sought potentially in all regions of the world. Nevertheless, priority will be given to Asia and Africa.

IV. France and China partnership intend to cooperate in the following areas:

1. In the fields of infrastructure and energy, promote environmentally friendly industrial partnerships between Chinese and French companies in third markets. French and Chinese companies will be encouraged to support the development of regional interconnections and the strengthening of the private sector in Europe, Africa and Asia. With regard to cooperation in the field of civil nuclear energy, these fall within the scope of the joint declaration on nuclear energy adopted on 30 June 2015.

2. Support the entry into third country markets of civil aircraft manufactured jointly by France and China.

3. In the field of transport, make the most of the respective strengths in order to strengthen co-operation in the field of high-rail and urban railway, study and discuss regions and potential co-operation. China has already lunch a serial of railway projects that will link several African Countries, increasing the regional economic integration. The railway Ethiopia – Djibouti will permit to Addis Ababa to have an access to the sea, lost after Eritrea secession. This will boom Ethiopian economy and will reduce the present border conflict dangerous situation with Eritrea that has create a war and several minor border military confrontation in the recent past. Another inter regional railways project is focus to link several East African Countries: Uganda, South Sudan, Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania. The main objective is to assure a rapid and cheapest transport of goods linked to East Africa Community economic integration project that will support the political and social regional integration. Chinese East Africa railway network may have positive impact on regional peace. Through the market link increment several regional underground conflict may be mitigate by common economic interests between East Africa Countries. At the moment is not clear if French companies will joint these mega railways projects or will limit to participate only to new railways project in the Continent.

4. In the agricultural sector, France and China desire to make full use of the respective industrial and technical strengths to intensify bilateral cooperation in favor of food security, food safety and agricultural training with a sustainable integrating economic development approach. They hope to increase third Countries environmental performance and common wealth. Specific sectors such as animal husbandry, crop production, and issues such as agro-ecology, agricultural mechanization, rural energy can be the subject of enhanced cooperation. Paris and Beijing are intentioned to straight knowledge cooperation in agricultural with training and scientific research in order to assist developing Countries in raising the level of agricultural production and achieving the sustainable development of agriculture and agri-food industry.

In this sector the two international partners have at the moment different approach. France utilize agricultural investment in Africa to improve French companies expansion on international markets exporting African products with the advantage of free trade agreements between Africa and Europe. These agreements are mainly facilitate French companies that can export in European markets agricultural raw products or agro alimentary products without pay custom taxes. This is artificially increasing French companies competitive advantage respect European agriculture companies that are concentrate their business in Europe. China is more focus to create a strong agricultural market in Africa with the hope to monopolize it for further huge profits. The integration between these two fundamental different business approach will be the mainly problem to resolve in order to assure win-win opportunities in the sector.

5. In the health field, France and China will fight together against emerging infectious diseases and major epidemics. French and Chinese pharmaceutical industry will actively participate in the analysis of epidemics and the sharing of information. Strengthening collaboration in these areas will have a positive impact on the third Countries only if inclusive and efficient public health systems will be assured to the population by African governments. If not French and Chinese health investments will be profit to private hospital industries in East Africa monopolized by Indian corporations.

6. In the area of combating climate change, France and China wish to explore the possibility of establishing several projects in third Countries, in particular in developing countries, in the field of renewable energies. Energy efficiency, prevention, alert and disaster reduction will be the core of the intervention. France and China welcome and support efforts to accelerate the development of renewable energy in Africa and developing countries in the run-up to COP21 and COP22.

7. The finance and insurance sectors may facilitate the establishment of partnerships between French and Chinese companies in third countries, in particular: encouraging partnerships between Chinese and French financial institutions in accordance with market principles and multilateral practices; establish mechanisms for regular dialogue and information sharing among these institutions; actively develop cooperation modalities such as co-financing, parallel loans, equity investments, risk-sharing and technical assistance; develop the use of innovative financing instruments involving public and private funds in the framework of cooperation projects. The common objective is to foster the creation of a fair and open governance framework and business climate for the investment projects concerned. France and China intend to straight financial cooperation with third-party institutions in order to diversify sources of financing and provide necessary financing facilities for common industrial projects. Financial and insurance cooperation may stop the development of finance and insurance African companies now days mainly controlled by Islamic institution in North Africa, Nigeria financing holding in West Africa and Kenyan and South African bank system in East and South Africa. African financial holding lobbies may force African governments to impose nationalistic measures to protect local finance environment under menace by French and Chinese financial holdings.

Both international partner underline the importance of the Franco-Chinese High-Level Economic and Financial Dialogue and other mechanisms of dialogue and cooperation between France and China at the multilateral and bilateral level. Their interactions and coordination with international organizations, including the UN, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the regional multilateral development banks, in particular the new Asian Investment Bank (AIIB), should be enhanced and enhanced. in order to associate them with cooperation projects in third markets. French and Chinese companies will be encouraged to actively discuss opportunities to jointly response to international calls for tenders.

The Franco Chinese economic alliance if will be consolidated, is destinate to become one of the key players for productive investments in Africa. An alliance that will force Paris and Beijing to review their foreign policies on the Continent. They will be discussed all the antagonistic or unclear positions regarding relations with African countries. The two world powers will have to find compromises and common policies towards issues such Zimbabwe and Burundi. Two Countries where France and China foreign policies are currently deep different.

For France, the Franco Chinese Partnership in Third Markets implementation is a way out of the political and military logic of confrontation with the Red Dragon. A logic which is gradually moving away from trade wars and military conflicts virtually unsustainable for Parsi. For China, this alliance represents a rare opportunity to break the western front against the Chinese expansion in Africa. It’s an unexpected opportunity to access to advanced technologies. This economic agreement will permit China to slow down its very expensive military engagement in Africa. Military efforts already evident with the military cooperation agreements with Djibouti that will permit China to open its first military base in Africa. Chinese military engagement in Africa is underlined too by the first Chinese military adventure in South Sudan (2014) that is turning into a resounding failure inserted into the failure of the peacekeeping operation of the United Nations.

The Paris Beijing Financial economic axis represents a break on the policy of secret wars promoted in the last twenty years by the Bush, Clinton, Obama administrations to contain China’s advanced in Africa. Policy that will likely be maintained by the newly elected president Donald Trump. At the moment, no official reaction from the White House has been reported. The American Berlusconi is engaged in the creation of the presidential team.

The Paris Beijing axis is also a France obvious lack of confidence on European Union foreign policy of the. A foreign policy that has never managed to become common but always entrusted to guide European Power interests: Great Britain, France, Germany. With BREXIT earthquake (very favorable for Africa) and the end of the axis Berlin – Paris, France is forced to support alone the necessity to continue French African colonies domination. Colonies increasingly rebellious.

Africa is vital to prevent the French economic collapse. In face of the European Union economic treaties – Africa failure Paris seem determinate to straight the alliance with Red Dragon in order to don’t lose Africa natural resources forever. An alliance that will bring to France concrete benefits in the medium term but will increase China’s power in the world. A long-term alliance that could benefit the Asian power only.

The Paris Beijing axis can represent certain advantages for African countries. First of all the reduction of instability and conflicts created by Western powers for geopolitical domination reasons, the downsizing of the French colonial role in Africa and the possibility of access to alternative investment fonts to World Bank and IMF. These benefits will only last a few decades if the African Union will not be able to exploit foreign partners to start their own industrial revolution, strengthen the continental union process and stood on international arena as the fourth independent political and economic center. Failure to reach these target will put Africa at risk to be crushed by the imperialist logic of old and new colonial powers.

Fulvio Beltrami
Journalist, Uganda

Maasai and other indigenous people demand for direct access to climate finance

17 Nov

Indigenous communities, through their representatives, put forth their case, during the ongoing climate negotiations (COP22), on why they should be given direct access to the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

Among other demands such as recognition of and respect for their rights, the indigenous groups said that access to the climate finance will enable them to play a significant role in management of natural resources and mitigation and adaptation of climate change.

Grace Balawang of Tebtebba, an indigenous peoples’ organization based in Philippines said “indigenous people have been in direct contact with forests for a long time, have built indigenous knowledge system over the period and should therefore be supported to continue applying indigenous knowledge to protect the forests.”

Tarcila Rivera Zea of CHIRAPAQ, Peru added that despite the indigenous peoples’ wealth of knowledge, they have been hard hit by the impacts of climate change.

We are the ones that suffer the consequences of climate change when droughts, floods, landslides and typhoons occur.” Ms. Tarcila said. Through slides, she showed images of indigenous communities hit by drought and landslides.

Some medicinal plant resources useful to the indigenous communities have been lost and there have been limited efforts to recover them.” She continued.

Ms. Tarcila believes that if indigenous people get the necessary support, they will use their indigenous knowledge to create crops that are resistant to droughts, recover species that are facing extinction especially medicinal plant species important in their culture, improve and produce more environmentally friendly technology like the energy saving stoves that emit less smoke that has been part of their culture for a while.

However, the challenge standing between the communities and the necessary climate action is lack of financial muscle.

Stanley Ole Kimaren, Executive Director of Indigenous Livelihoods Partnerships, Kenya (ILEPA), said that though pastoralist groups like the Maasai have proven that there is an indigenous science behind the enhanced livelihood systems, there has not been sufficient support towards their initiatives.

What we need is funding and capacity building support to engage more robustly in climate action and livelihood enhancement.” He said.

One of the funding sources eyed by the indigenous communities is the Green Climate Fund. However, a number of hurdles hinder their access to the fund meant for adaptation and building of climate resilience among vulnerable communities.

The GCF instruments at the moment do not recognize indigenous people who are often most affected by climate change as a special constituency. We have also been excluded and marginalized from the decision making processes.” Mr. Kimaren said.

The Green Climate Fund should recognize the rights of indigenous people and address the issue of direct access or a dedicated financial arrangement for the indigenous people,” He continued.

The Global Climate Fund was established in 2010 by 194 countries party to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to assist developing countries to limit or reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

We ask the 22nd Conference of Parties (COP22) to provide a direct observer seat to the indigenous people to participate in the GCF discussions.”

There are approximately 370 million indigenous people in the world, belonging to 5,000 different groups, in 90 countries worldwide. They are often seen as the primary stewards of the planet’s natural resources. Their ways of life have contributed to the protection of the natural environment on which they depend on.  

Article by Jonathan Odongo
Founder and Executive Director,
Kenya Environmental Education Network

Panelists: Indigenous Peoples and Green Climate Fund. Photo/COURTESY Jonathan Odongo