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Franco-Chinese common investments in Africa come true.

27 Nov

Tuesday, November 15 President Francois Hollande and Chinese Vice-Prime Minister Francois Hollande signed financial agreements to turn into reality the Franco-Chinese Partnership in Third Markets Declaration signed during the visit to Paris of People’s Republic of China Prime Minister State of Affairs: Li Keqiuang on July 2, 2015. The Partnership will promote co-financing and implementation of joint projects carried out through by French and Chinese transnational companies joint ventures. Projects focus on Asian countries but especially on African continent. The investment will be concentrated in various sectors from the high finance to infrastructures.

Mr. Kai has come to Paris with a strong delegation from China Communist Party Central Committee to sign the contract to create the financing structure of this unprecedented partnership between two historical enemies that for over a decade have severely clashed for the monopoly of African markets. 3,000 m euro have been deposited by the respective central banks in to the CDC International Capital saves, a French financial institution controlled by bank group Caisse des Depots. This is an initial capital destined to reach the two billion euro by 2020. To achieve this goal the governments in Paris and Beijing intend to involve in the initiative of private financial institutions in their respective countries

The economic partnership agreements for the Asian and African markets is based on three principles.

1. The dominant role of private enterprises with the support of public authorities. Companies will be the main players in commercial and industrial partnerships in third countries. They will be subject to the respect of international law, international practices and relevant commercial principles, as well as the laws and regulations of France, China and third countries. Governments will support their private companies providing guidance and coordination to create an enabling environment and conditions for business partnerships.

2. Equal partnership and win-win cooperation. France and China want to contribute to structuring projects for local economies, strengthening their “connectivity” and supporting regional integration. This targets are vital in order to create a win-win situation where benefits will be shared with third Countries in order to avoid popular unrests and develop national economies to create more and better market opportunities for France and China enterprises.

3. Complementarity, mutual benefits, openness and inclusiveness. France and China will engage in partnerships based on their productive, technical and / or financial complementarities. They will encourage their companies to go beyond the traditional subcontracting schemes to give way to new formulas for co-production, co-production and co-financing. In addition to the private sectors, projects in third markets may be carried out by public and semi-public financial institutions and companies. Open to other countries and international and regional organizations, these partnerships could be sought potentially in all regions of the world. Nevertheless, priority will be given to Asia and Africa.

IV. France and China partnership intend to cooperate in the following areas:

1. In the fields of infrastructure and energy, promote environmentally friendly industrial partnerships between Chinese and French companies in third markets. French and Chinese companies will be encouraged to support the development of regional interconnections and the strengthening of the private sector in Europe, Africa and Asia. With regard to cooperation in the field of civil nuclear energy, these fall within the scope of the joint declaration on nuclear energy adopted on 30 June 2015.

2. Support the entry into third country markets of civil aircraft manufactured jointly by France and China.

3. In the field of transport, make the most of the respective strengths in order to strengthen co-operation in the field of high-rail and urban railway, study and discuss regions and potential co-operation. China has already lunch a serial of railway projects that will link several African Countries, increasing the regional economic integration. The railway Ethiopia – Djibouti will permit to Addis Ababa to have an access to the sea, lost after Eritrea secession. This will boom Ethiopian economy and will reduce the present border conflict dangerous situation with Eritrea that has create a war and several minor border military confrontation in the recent past. Another inter regional railways project is focus to link several East African Countries: Uganda, South Sudan, Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania. The main objective is to assure a rapid and cheapest transport of goods linked to East Africa Community economic integration project that will support the political and social regional integration. Chinese East Africa railway network may have positive impact on regional peace. Through the market link increment several regional underground conflict may be mitigate by common economic interests between East Africa Countries. At the moment is not clear if French companies will joint these mega railways projects or will limit to participate only to new railways project in the Continent.

4. In the agricultural sector, France and China desire to make full use of the respective industrial and technical strengths to intensify bilateral cooperation in favor of food security, food safety and agricultural training with a sustainable integrating economic development approach. They hope to increase third Countries environmental performance and common wealth. Specific sectors such as animal husbandry, crop production, and issues such as agro-ecology, agricultural mechanization, rural energy can be the subject of enhanced cooperation. Paris and Beijing are intentioned to straight knowledge cooperation in agricultural with training and scientific research in order to assist developing Countries in raising the level of agricultural production and achieving the sustainable development of agriculture and agri-food industry.

In this sector the two international partners have at the moment different approach. France utilize agricultural investment in Africa to improve French companies expansion on international markets exporting African products with the advantage of free trade agreements between Africa and Europe. These agreements are mainly facilitate French companies that can export in European markets agricultural raw products or agro alimentary products without pay custom taxes. This is artificially increasing French companies competitive advantage respect European agriculture companies that are concentrate their business in Europe. China is more focus to create a strong agricultural market in Africa with the hope to monopolize it for further huge profits. The integration between these two fundamental different business approach will be the mainly problem to resolve in order to assure win-win opportunities in the sector.

5. In the health field, France and China will fight together against emerging infectious diseases and major epidemics. French and Chinese pharmaceutical industry will actively participate in the analysis of epidemics and the sharing of information. Strengthening collaboration in these areas will have a positive impact on the third Countries only if inclusive and efficient public health systems will be assured to the population by African governments. If not French and Chinese health investments will be profit to private hospital industries in East Africa monopolized by Indian corporations.

6. In the area of combating climate change, France and China wish to explore the possibility of establishing several projects in third Countries, in particular in developing countries, in the field of renewable energies. Energy efficiency, prevention, alert and disaster reduction will be the core of the intervention. France and China welcome and support efforts to accelerate the development of renewable energy in Africa and developing countries in the run-up to COP21 and COP22.

7. The finance and insurance sectors may facilitate the establishment of partnerships between French and Chinese companies in third countries, in particular: encouraging partnerships between Chinese and French financial institutions in accordance with market principles and multilateral practices; establish mechanisms for regular dialogue and information sharing among these institutions; actively develop cooperation modalities such as co-financing, parallel loans, equity investments, risk-sharing and technical assistance; develop the use of innovative financing instruments involving public and private funds in the framework of cooperation projects. The common objective is to foster the creation of a fair and open governance framework and business climate for the investment projects concerned. France and China intend to straight financial cooperation with third-party institutions in order to diversify sources of financing and provide necessary financing facilities for common industrial projects. Financial and insurance cooperation may stop the development of finance and insurance African companies now days mainly controlled by Islamic institution in North Africa, Nigeria financing holding in West Africa and Kenyan and South African bank system in East and South Africa. African financial holding lobbies may force African governments to impose nationalistic measures to protect local finance environment under menace by French and Chinese financial holdings.

Both international partner underline the importance of the Franco-Chinese High-Level Economic and Financial Dialogue and other mechanisms of dialogue and cooperation between France and China at the multilateral and bilateral level. Their interactions and coordination with international organizations, including the UN, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the regional multilateral development banks, in particular the new Asian Investment Bank (AIIB), should be enhanced and enhanced. in order to associate them with cooperation projects in third markets. French and Chinese companies will be encouraged to actively discuss opportunities to jointly response to international calls for tenders.

The Franco Chinese economic alliance if will be consolidated, is destinate to become one of the key players for productive investments in Africa. An alliance that will force Paris and Beijing to review their foreign policies on the Continent. They will be discussed all the antagonistic or unclear positions regarding relations with African countries. The two world powers will have to find compromises and common policies towards issues such Zimbabwe and Burundi. Two Countries where France and China foreign policies are currently deep different.

For France, the Franco Chinese Partnership in Third Markets implementation is a way out of the political and military logic of confrontation with the Red Dragon. A logic which is gradually moving away from trade wars and military conflicts virtually unsustainable for Parsi. For China, this alliance represents a rare opportunity to break the western front against the Chinese expansion in Africa. It’s an unexpected opportunity to access to advanced technologies. This economic agreement will permit China to slow down its very expensive military engagement in Africa. Military efforts already evident with the military cooperation agreements with Djibouti that will permit China to open its first military base in Africa. Chinese military engagement in Africa is underlined too by the first Chinese military adventure in South Sudan (2014) that is turning into a resounding failure inserted into the failure of the peacekeeping operation of the United Nations.

The Paris Beijing Financial economic axis represents a break on the policy of secret wars promoted in the last twenty years by the Bush, Clinton, Obama administrations to contain China’s advanced in Africa. Policy that will likely be maintained by the newly elected president Donald Trump. At the moment, no official reaction from the White House has been reported. The American Berlusconi is engaged in the creation of the presidential team.

The Paris Beijing axis is also a France obvious lack of confidence on European Union foreign policy of the. A foreign policy that has never managed to become common but always entrusted to guide European Power interests: Great Britain, France, Germany. With BREXIT earthquake (very favorable for Africa) and the end of the axis Berlin – Paris, France is forced to support alone the necessity to continue French African colonies domination. Colonies increasingly rebellious.

Africa is vital to prevent the French economic collapse. In face of the European Union economic treaties – Africa failure Paris seem determinate to straight the alliance with Red Dragon in order to don’t lose Africa natural resources forever. An alliance that will bring to France concrete benefits in the medium term but will increase China’s power in the world. A long-term alliance that could benefit the Asian power only.

The Paris Beijing axis can represent certain advantages for African countries. First of all the reduction of instability and conflicts created by Western powers for geopolitical domination reasons, the downsizing of the French colonial role in Africa and the possibility of access to alternative investment fonts to World Bank and IMF. These benefits will only last a few decades if the African Union will not be able to exploit foreign partners to start their own industrial revolution, strengthen the continental union process and stood on international arena as the fourth independent political and economic center. Failure to reach these target will put Africa at risk to be crushed by the imperialist logic of old and new colonial powers.

Fulvio Beltrami
Journalist, Uganda


Terrorist attack in Paris. The direct consequence of the colonial policy.

15 Nov

The night of November 14 will be remembered as the nightmare of Paris. Simultaneous attacks at various strategic points of the French capital have cost the loss of 128 people, according to the information provided, unfortunately still incomplete. The terrorists have chosen places famous for its nightlife, tourist places extremely crowded. They chose the Friday night where people come out at the end of a working week for fun and relaxation. Even the 128 victims were out to have fun but never returned home. They are now in the morgue waiting to be recognized by their family. Even President Francois Hollande has escaped death and taken away immediately. The entire nation is in shock. The French government has proven to be vulnerable to terrorist attacks. The same vulnerability that French experts have always criticized to Kenyan government unable to defend his citizen from the attacks of the Somali Islamist group Al-Shabaab …

The terrorists could choose bomb blasts that make many more casualties. Instead they chose to enjoy the French to a terrific urban warfare, the same war that has been experimented for years in Syria, Libya, Mali, Central African Republic, all countries in which the French interferences are obvious. They forced the west colonial power to declare a state of national emergency, closing borders, suspend all flights. Extreme measures that not even the United States took after the attack of September 11th. Measures that reveal the extreme vulnerability of France. In the coming days we will witness the usual theatre, a real insult to the victims and their families. Experts will explain to us the danger of Islam. Honest Muslims will be forced to differentiate themselves from the terrorism and ISIL DAESH. Yet another humiliation for them as it should now be clear to every intelligent persone that ISIL or Al-Qaeda have nothing to do with the Islamic religion. Right parties will take advantage to increase Islamophobia and the French government will be sworn to increase efforts in the war against terrorism, perhaps trying to destroy the Assad regime in Syria, historic bulwark against terrorism in the region …

Will see a thousand reconstructions of Parish attacks and thousand of conspiracy theories appear like mushrooms adding confusion to the confusion and turning the truth in an interpretation. No one and I mean no one, however, will point to the French people that the attack in Paris is the direct consequence of the imperial policy of their government. A policy in which 128 victims of Paris are multiplied by thousand. Since the fall of Berlin Wall, France has embarked on an aggressive and criminal foreign policy aimed at defending the French economy that for at least 48 per cent is based on the robbery of its African colonies. Given the state of servitude in which the French-speaking African countries pay against France the term “former colonies” is an unbearable euphemism and its use a mystification of reality. In 1994 Paris helped organize and carry out the genocide in Rwanda.When events took an unexpected turn, the victory of the Rwandan Patriotic Front, Paris even sent his soldiers. The operation Tourqoise, disguised as humanitarian operation, had the task of saving Rwandan genocidal army, to reorganize it in near Zaire (now DRC) and launch the reconquers Rwanda.

This bailout set the stage for the first pan African war in DR Congo. From the bloody Sept. 12, 1996 when the Rwandan and Ugandan troops invaded Zaire to end the genocidal Rwandan forces backed by France, the richest country in the world inhabited by good people are no longer in peace. We condemned 52 million people to live in an eternal nightmare of low intensity wars, poverty, corruption, dictatorships, and systematic violation of human rights. The Central African Republic was under threat from France in 2003 to put in power the “friend” government led by General Francois Bozize.

After few years also Bozize became unreliable for Paris and in 2012 France supported the rebel coalition called Seleka to contrast it to the government Bozize. This is a bunch of Islamic extremists who demonstrated their inability to govern the country with President Michel Djotodia. Again the French strategists were forced to find other workforce: the Christian extremists Anti Balaka who made a terrible ethnic cleansing of the Muslim minority in the country. Now the Central African Republic is led by a puppet government headed by a president never elected: Charterine Samba-Panza and a chaos of death everlasting. All serious responsibility carefully hidden by the French Government.

In Mali France has funded the Islamic rebels in the north to break down another African president no longer to their liking, plunging the country into a civil war that has lasted since 2012. In Côte d’Ivoire they have even implemented a direct coup against a president who had really won the election: Laurent Gagbo replacing them with their man, Alassane Ouattara. Officially a respected former IMF officer. Actually a warlord leader of the “New Forces” with too many crimes against humanity carefully hidden by him and his Parisians accomplices. French did not appreciate Burkina Faso democratic revolution that brought down the regime of their friend Campaoré that gave to Paris a gift thirty years before: to assassinate of Thomas Sankara. Fortunately the coup organized by France in Burkina Faso last September has failed and the democratic process in the African country continues despite Paris.

To the east of Congo, Goma, capital of North Kivu, from 2013 French military instructors are training Rwandan terrorist group FDLR, what has now come to power in Burundi. France, through FDLR attempts from twenty years to regain Rwanda. They never forgave two things to Paul Kagame: to finishing the French rule in the region and to have rebuilt Rwanda. The list of crimes committed in Africa by the French government is so long it would take to write an essay. Its multinational corporations control entire African countries as the nuclear multinational AREVA that is the real government in Niger. French intelligence in 2014 have provided weapons to the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram to weaken Nigeria, regional economic power. The Raffalle combat fly helped to bring down the regime of Gaddafi in Libya, giving to Libyan people a mediaeval era of violence and Islamic extremism.

France, based on ideals of French revolution, betrayed already in the Napoleonic era, hides an imperialism based on the concept of superiority and the deep contempt for “indigenous” population and human life value. The history of French colonialism is not a civilization mission to distant primitive peoples, as the official history teaches. It is a story of murder, genocide, and slavery. The least known but most hiding example was the fate of Haiti. When the Caraiban isle won its independence France demanded 150 million francs for lost of salve and land. They also demanded this money because they claimed they trained the Haitians via slavery. When French understood Haiti inability to pay the absurd debt this was reduced to 90 milions francs to be piad over a period of 30 years. Haiti refused to pay its oppressor so French asked to U.S. to invade Haiti in 1915 and enforced this debts. Haiti never recovered from this crime against humanity.

In Syria, the goal is the same. The regime of Bashar Al-Assad has always served as a brake on Islamic extremism in the region but for five years, France is at the forefront to foment its collapse. The initial Syrian opposition was soon replaced by a myriad of Islamic terrorist groups up to the present day where the ranks of the rebels count 72 per cent of foreign mercenaries transforming Sirian liberation war in a war of foreign invasion . Despite the example of what happened in Libya after the fall of Gaddafi, French is at the forefront of continuing to supply the Syrian conflict without even thinking what it will be Syria and the entire Middle East after the fall of Assad .

Jihadists who join the French ISIL – DAESH belong to the urban underclass of North African origin to which every French government prevented always work and dignity. Various surveys have shown that these desperate young people are encouraged by the French secret service to join the ISIL. An estimated 1,500 young French people of North African origin have joined the DAESH after a period of three months of military training in Turkey. It’s well documented too the triangulations of weapons to the Syrian rebels who, unlucky, are mostly Muslim extremists.

The terrorist attack in Paris is a direct result of this foreign policy of death and destruction. A policy which Westerners refuse to recognize it as such, but that Africans and Arabs pay every single day the heavy toll. The attack in Paris demonstrated the unrealistic belief of the French Government to be able to dispense terror in the world in order to maintain political and economic supremacy without paying the consequences. The French government has not understood clearly that you can not export wars, violence, death and destruction throughout the world and hope that your country will remain immune from the blind violence and the spirit of revenge.

The French policy in the Middle East has contributed to the expansion of terrorism and the attack of Paris is its direct consequence. France knew yesterday that we live in Syria for five years. “Says the Syrian President in a statement to the news agency Sana. “Our choices of war we are presenting the account of years of violence and destruction. What we see happening in Europe for years is happening in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Syria. Rights, democracy and freedom are the only way to break the circle of violence and terror” This is the thought of the founder of Italian humanitarian agency Emergency, Mr. Gino Strada published on Facebook.

Paris terrorist attack is also the result of a schizophrenic policy of the French government with regard to Islam (the second religion in the country) and the Muslim community in France. Most French citizens of North African origin are standard “D” suspected of being all potential terrorists. Three thousand French citizens are in prison because of these suspicions. Fifty refugees of Arab origin are under house arrest for more than seven years without French justice has ever begun serious inquiries to see if they really are terrorists or if they are innocent. Pathetic to remember that that this is against the most basic civil rights. Often the suspects are under arrest by anonymous complaints how illustrates a report submitted a week on TV5 Monde: “Persecuted for their faith.”

Simultaneously with this blind repression we are witnessing of an incomprehensible tolerance of radical Islam in France. In the last three years French government has allowed the installation in France of 5000 Imam from Qatar and Saudi Arabia, countries well known to fund international terrorism. Thanks to Saudis funds these Imams in France have create several terrorism centres subjecting their extremist ideologies the poor and marginalized Nord African communities. This religious extremism are gradually replacing the true Islam making vain efforts of religious leaders who intend to teach young people the true Islamic values which Hassen Chalghoumi. Tunisian-born is the president of the cultural association of Muslims: Drancy and he promotes among other activities dialogue between Muslims and Jews.

To win the terrorism and barbarity we must turn the page and stop the ideology of absolute domination of the West. United States, France, Germany and other Western powers must realize that it is more humane, intelligent and economic became partner with the emerging powers and other countries to ensure peace, stability and coexistence in the world. We need to stop the hateful propaganda against Islam by associating it to terrorism that is alien to the Muslim religion. A terrorism that we have invented, when Americans warlords decided to create Al Qaeda to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan in the eighties. Even ISIL DAESH was created by us. Before this group was identified as a good weapon against the Assad regime, it was almost insignificant. Now holds a caliphate in Syria and Iraq becoming a threat to Africa and Europe. It is a urgent rethinking Western policy in the Middle East.

We need a different attitude to see the containment of the Israeli aggressive policy and recognized the need to dissociate ourself from the Arab monarchies main financiers of international terrorism promoting a process of democratization in the Arabian Peninsula. This attitude is not desirable but essential step to ensure security in Europe. Ultimately it is necessary to overcome Western ambiguity in relations with the Muslim world and Africa in general. An ambiguity that is the real cause of these tragedies. Send the aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle” in the Middle East to fight the Islamic State will serve to worsen the situation. The warship will leave French ports on November 18 and they are serious doubts that it will not be used against DAESH terrorists but against the Assad regime, with serious risk for world peace since the Russian military presence in Syria.

A different approach towards the Western world is required as the war on terror can not be won by a simple and tragic reason: Islamic terrorism is still considered by some western powers as the best weapon to destabilize countries “enemies” that these are Syria or Nigeria, it does not matter. But this weapon is uncontrollable, as the atomic bomb. The terrorist kill the enemy but also their  friends. They agrees to do the dirty work for us, but they developed own political agenda that inevitably leads to rebel against their godparents. For two years several Western experts warn of the danger sendig mercenaries to swell the ranks of the ISIL against Assad. For two years these experts, branded by Cassandre cursed, they said: “attention than them formed on the battlefields of the Middle East, will come back to us to sow death” Governments laughed at them. Now they are forced to impose a state of emergency in their national territory ..

Unfortunately, this change cannot be seen in the short term. It can be glimpsed only a spiral of violence where every terrorist attack will be revenged by drone attacks and the criminalization of Islam. French victims will be avenged by killing other Arab victims. Both civilians, both innocents. Western governments push us to the intellectual and moral barbarism, until create a public outrage on the victims western and a terrifying and brutal indifference to the thousands of Arab and African victims of an imperial policy of Western governments that they smell little of democracy in this historical period.

Islam is the enemy number one for the West white propaganda machine is repeating to us. Yet this demonized religion never accepted or justified horrible acts such as those committed daily by ISIL DAESH, our creature (I repeat) that surpassed for savagery and barbarism even Al-Qaeda. Few remind us that 95% of the victims of Islamic terrorists “These victims are Muslims who oppose the terrorism madness often paying with their lives.” As noted in our sleeping consciences Soufiane Malouni Arab activist who lives in Rome.

By contrast, Western governments stop your eyes on the propaganda of racial and religious hatred that various media and associations of ultra right spread with the target to exacerbate the situation. A crude propaganda, zany, identical to that of Radio Mille Collines or the newspaper Kangura during the genocide in Rwanda in 1994. And what about the director of Italian news agency ANSA that appeals to Western values? But which values is talking about? Democracy, justice, human rights? Since long time ago these values are ignored because the dominant Western value is only one: the god of money. That God that leads us to consider Saudi Arabia as our best ally and to offer the annual presidency of the Commission for Human Rights of the United Nations. A country ruled by a brutal and medieval dynasty where women are stoned and gay beheaded in the public square. A state terrorist hotbed of the worst Islamist groups, including ISIL.

The director of ANSA perhaps believes that the West and the white man were invented. Our lineage descends from the human race has only one origin: Africa. Our culture is contaminated mostly by Islam that during the Middle Ages gave Europe the best existing civilization. Our own Catholic religion is not a European religion. We believed in gods: Zeus, Jupiter, Odin. The Catholic religion has the same Abrahamic origin of Islamic and Jewish. Three religions born in the Middle East, not in Europe.

The terrorist attack in Paris again showed our vile hypocrisy. An hour after the attack President Obama declared his solidarity and condemned the act. The same president who took eight months to condemn the genocidal plans in place in Burundi. Eight months in which thousands of civilians were massacred in Burundi brutally under the indifference of the international community. It took the clear intentions of genocide pronounced by the regime to understand the danger. When the ISIL has shot down the Russian aircraft in the Sinai Western media were quiet and Western governments perhaps complacent. Palestinian victims have become a nuisance to be avoided as Syrian ones. This is the Western culture to accept? A culture that creates racial differences even over the victims, ethnic hatred and promises of more violence? If this is the Western culture all this nus be abjured with clear determination.

Unfortunately there will be no change on the horizon. We will see more deaths in the West because we are not capable of understanding the evil we have generated and how to stop it. An inability that devours us from the inside along with our decadent society starts at sunset. While the 128 victims will be buried in the cemeteries of Paris is still alive insult paradox of their president in a photo taken last May to wield the scimitar of conquest in Saudi Arabia, the state par excellence sponsors of international terrorism. During his visit the French military industry concluded good business. Seems so…

Fulvio Beltrami
Freelance journalist
Kampala, Uganda


7 Mag

In the Arab Spring in Libya, deftly shifting from the Western powers, and the successive of the regime , France has played a leading role , despite the fact that, deceased Colonel Gaddafi in 2007 had financed the election campaign of former President Nicolas Sarkozy with various tens of millions of U.S. dollars. Thanksgiving received was his macabre murder , depriving him of a fair trial for crimes committed during his dictatorship , one of the worst crimes done to the Libyan people that has been deprived of justice against the dictatorship suffered for more than 30 years.

The prominent role played by France was decided by the former President Sarkozy laid the European power to drive the “revolution”, very careful to don’t support romantic figures aspiring to democracy or worst to socialism, but realistic warlords, no mattered whether suspected of having links with Al- Qaeda.

The goal was to create a ” friendly government ” capable of adequately thank France, assuring the best contracts for the reconstruction of the country and the exploitation of Libyan oil windfall at the expense of Great Britain , Italy and the United States.

Paris men were Prime Minister Ali Zeidan and Ziad Takieddine , a Franco – Libyan nationality holder of a real estate portfolio valued at over € 40 million and practice of French armaments needs which had caused several contracts millionaires with Saudi Arabia , Libya , Pakistan and Syria , when the name of President Assad was still in the list of the Good Guys .

Since March last year, the two Paris men no longer exist. Ali Zeidan has been dismissed by the Prime Minister Tuesday, March 11, 2014 . Ziad Takieddine was hopelessly involved in old corruption scandals between France and the former Gaddafi regime . Become a person too famous in the French press , Takieddine has fall in disgrace after recent judicial inquiry given ordered by the Judiciary in Paris. Everyone at the Paris, including President Francois Hollande agree : Takieddine is a character burned .

Now France is forced to look for new men in a political landscape increasingly chaotic and uncertain. “Libya, continues to move on the razor’s edge, at the mercy of instability that threatens to become chronic if you can not find the momentum needed to restore the rule of law,” observes Italian journalist Andrea Ranelletti in a recent article about the situation in Libya published in the Italian newspaper online L’Indro.

Libyan instability is based on the chaos. Kidnappings and assassinations have become the rule protected by impunity thanks to weak and powerless institutions. The rivalry between the various political and sectarian clan are adjusted by gunfire and the creation of new rebel groups. Their first target are the oil fields.

Within this scenario, it is installed the powerful North Africa jihadist network known as Al-Qaeda Maghreb which currently controls the flow of illegal immigrants, weapons, drugs, contraband goods that pass daily along the border of Libya with destination Middle East and Europe. If these terrorist groups are useful for passing part of the military arsenal of weapons sold by the French multinationals to “Syrian revolutionaries” (read terrorists of Al-Qaeda operating in Syria), are certainly not the ideal partner for the “clean” French industries.

The jihadist network looks is consolidating its presence each day as remark the journalist Eli Lake. “Since the attack of September 11 against the American Consulate in Benghazi, jihadist groups linked to regional Al-Qaeda have taken territory in Libya. Famous terrorist leaders as Tantoush are managing operational bases in Libya, one just 27 km from the capital, showing how the security situation in the country has deteriorated. ” Eli Lake said.

In this situation, full of chaos where even the Pyongyang regime quietly sends tankers flying the North Korean flag for Libyan to collect the precious Libyan oil, West Chancelleries can no longer recognize the “friends” from the “enemies” perhaps coming to regret the old dictator he had one big advantage: to be the only party in Libya.

This confusion , which is likely to reduce to ashes many West geo- strategic plans , reigns supreme inside of French Government’s cell of African Affairs , commonly known as : France Afrique , still in search of its new mens, difficult to detect.

It has long been thought to rely on Aldroe Hassan , Deputy Minister of Industry prematurely considered a Paris man. Unfortunately his assassination in January ended any possibility of strengthening the fruitful collaboration. Remains unresolved the Herculean task of identifying the Good Guys .

The thankless task seems to have been entrusted to General Gerald Longuet, former French Minister of Defense in the Sarkozy government that last April has traveled to Libya engaged to visit Tripoli and Misrata, officially to discuss about security , military formation of the new Libyan army and renew previous agreements on border security and migration policies .

Given the facts that the government can’t even dream to undertake serious discussions on security , border control and immigration policies , having no control of the country and that the Libyan army exists only on paper , which were the real subjects covered by Monsieur Longuet in Tripoli and especially in Misrata , the independent rebel’s kingdom?

According to some leaks , also reported from the site of the African Information : Slate Afrique, Mr. Longuet in Tripoli would be entertained privately with Defense Minister Abdallah Al- Thani to see if his Libyan counterpart is the right man.

As scrupulous servant of the Republic as he is, Longuet has evidently look for the right man even among the rebels in Misrata , city martyr of the revolution and the subject of scandalous desires of the French construction companies eager to participate in the reconstruction of this important and historic city of Libya. In Misrata Longuet met with the rebellion leader that he has decorated the French envoy with a beautiful medal in sign of the people of Misrata’s recognition for the French support during the “revolution” .

Detractors of Longuet judge his Libyan tour as unsuccessful. On the contrary, it seems that some seeds have been sown and the French General has brought home a name whispered in his ear infidel Hollande: Mohamed Benjelloun

A Moroccan businessman with Switzerland citizenship that since 2013 has emerged as the main contractor in Libya and the Middle East. The General Longuet suggested President Holland to organize a meeting between Benjelloun and French captains of industry, very demoralized at the moment on the Libyan issue , reminding that the candidate Benjelloun canbecome a “friend of France “. Benjelloun in the past has been a true friend of Gaddafi without however, compromise or remain involved in the disastrous fall of the dictator.

In addition to the economic issue the France Afrique Empire must resolve the situation of disastrous military interventions in Mali and the Central African Republic originated from the intervention in Libya , the mother of all battles of the glorious neo-colonial French army, who suffers from a visible presence in the bulky special units of the ultra- right faction suspect of supporting in the Central African the Christian militias ethnic cleansing against the Muslim community. The risk that the Libyan situation is reproduced faithfully in Mali and the Central African Republic is now very real.

If that was not enough the Libyan adventure has given to France other problems related to relations with the Arab tribes guerrillas used by the France Afrique to overthrow the regime of Gaddafi .

The Toubous , a nomadic ethnic group leaving in Chad , Niger, Libya and Mali , where the Chadian President Idris Deby Itno clan of Zagawa is ally is thanks to the family ties , they are claiming to France their spoils of war , through participation into profits of Libyan oil.

At the beginning of December 2013, Prime Minister Ali Zeidan , assisted by the French military advisers , had met the military leader of the Toubous , Colonel Wardougou Barca.

The latter, during the meeting , claimed a tribal representation in the Libyan government and the ability to access some of the oil revenues in the region of Fezzan , in specific: the deposits of Sebha and Koufra . The claim has not yet been heard by the government in Tripoli and recently and Colonel Barca has threatened to declare Fezzan region an independent state with the full support of some African countries, probably Chad and the Niger.

The Toureg , the main actors in the Malian conflict, a population living at the turn of Algeria , Niger, Mali and Libya , have recently claimed the Libyan nationals for 14,000 families. Remarking vacillation of Tripoli and Paris, Toureg militias have responded with a military raid in the region of Fezzan at the El Sharara oil field and with the intensification of the terrorist attacks in northern Mali against the French troops and those of the African peacekeeping mission funded by the United Nations .

As in the case of Libya, France is now in danger of losing the friends Arab tribes and the Muslim African countries neighboring Libya with a further worsening of regional instability to the detriment of French multinationals , first of all, the nuclear multinational AREVA that controls the uranium deposits in Niger and is funding the French colonial expedition in Mali where there are other uranium deposits very appetizing . The Libyan adventure is forcing President Hollande to spend several sleepless nights , because he is aware that nothing is working in the right direction , the French business world begins to get nervous and elections are approaching.

President Hollande seems to be not yet fully aware of the failure of the policy of the African cell of Paris, which he had promised to close considering an anachronistic vestige of the past. In the Great Lakes region , President Hollande is throwing his head down to a not desirable future regional conflict and a genocide , supporting the dying kleptomaniac regime in Kinshasa managed by an increasingly hallucinatory President Joseph Kabila , financing , arming and supporting the Rwandan terrorist group FDLR immersed in preparations for the invasion of Rwanda and supporting the racial regime of Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza who is preparing the first large-scale genocide in Burundi .

What can I say ? “Bon Travail, Monsieur Hollande

by Fulvio Beltrami
African Voices journalist, Kampala, Ugandaù