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Back to Africa. African Diaspora return to build a Great Continent.

29 Ago

In Italy racial and alarming propaganda made by Italian Medias and tolerated by Italian left government, is increasing political consensus and power of xenophobic and populist far rights parties. This propaganda is based on fake news that are hiding the reality. Italian Medias are trying to convince Italian public opinion that the Country is victim of unstoppable invasion from Africa. This is the fakest news of Twenty-one Century. The reality is explained only by few honest journalists working in Italian newspapers like L’Indro, Manifesto, Corriere delle Sera and Avvenire. These honest journalists (really rare in the Italian Media universe) are trying to explain to the public opinion the truth.

Africa migration to Europe is an insignificant percentage of migration phenomenon that everybody can observe in the African Continent. Economic migration inside Africa will be facilitated with the open border policy and African Passport that African Union want establish before 2030. Nowadays there are interesting experiments of free people circulation and one nationality projects in various African economic communities. The most advanced experiment is done in East African Community.

The second truth hided by Italian and European Medias is more horrible than the first. Europe is progressively refusing Visa to refugees betraying West values in defence of human rights often utilized against African Countries. Thousand of peoples from Africa and Middle East that are running away from wars often made by West Countries and thousand of African and Arabs oppressed and tortured because their political, religious ideas and their sexual orientation are receiving the without pity refuse to enter in Europe as refugee and European protection. Most of political, religion and sexual repressions are made by dictator regimes allied of Europe and USA: like South Arabia, Turkey, Egypt or Sudan. In Africa there are almost 10 million of refugees that receive more or less a good assistance by African Governments in straight collaboration with UNHCR and International NGOs.

One of the leading African countries for refugees and immigrants management is Uganda where every “foreigner” is helped to be integrated inside Ugandan social and economic contest by offering work, security and dignity. Despite this policy careful of Human Dignity that is total different of xenophobic European migration policies, few days ago, Italian newspaper La Repubblica wrote an article about Sudanese refugee emergency, which in fact denigrates Uganda, ignoring that the African country is at the forefront of world-wide reception policies and has institutionalized an open-door policy praised even by United Nations. “Uganda is collapsing: this is where one million South Sudanese find shelter“. An article that propose the classic clichés of poor African countries in desperate need of help, perhaps written to attract funds for the humane humanitarian business invented by the West

The example of La Repubblica is not unfortunately an isolated case. From several months, Italian newspapers open on the front page with xenophobic titles against immigrants. “Immigration, a third of Italy in foreign hands“. “Immigrants at Lido Station. Discomfort and harassment“. ” Islamic contagion infects Europe. Under attack Finland and Germany “. “Soldiers encircled by the migrants gang “. Often these are fake news or news that are deliberately distorted to create a climate of fear and terror. The Catholic priest Mussie Zerai of Eritrean origin and candidate for the Peace Nobel Prize was investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office of Trapani with allegations to promote illegal immigration. In reality Father Zerai helps immigrants already in Italy to reunite with their family or to find a job, giving them dignity.

Inside of this disinformation made by Italian Medias is start to be clear the intention of somebody to create psychological terrorism addressed to Italian public opinion. Some Italian Medias linked to Far Rights Parties and populist movements are spreading racial hate against Muslims and Africans. This may put at serious risk thousand of migrants lives. With deep sadness we are understanding that often Italian Medias are hiding the truth about migrants phenomenon. One of this hidden truth is concerning the return migration from Europe to Africa, started on 2014.

African Diaspora in Europe is starting to came back to Africa after long time spend in European Countries. This willing to came back is not motivated by personal failure or the incapacity to be integrated in Western societies. At the contrary who is coming back are African migrants that are well integrated into European middle class. The migrants that arrived in Europe on Sixty and Eighty running away from wars, coup d’état and dictatorial regimes in Africa made by the Western confrontation against Communism and the Western necessity to control African natural resources at any cost.

African Diaspora that is coming back is composed by university professors, bank and industry managers, rich businessman that have in Europe a good life thanks to their sacrifice, intelligence and honest hard work. 15% of bank worker originally from Algeria leaving in France are return to their Country in order to open financial consultancy agencies and to contribute to the progressive free market liberalisation. 6% of well paid Nigerians and Kenyans engineering leaving in U.K. are coming back to Nigeria and Kenya in order to manage high level construction works and build the necessary public infrastructures to start the Industrial Revolution.

U.K. newspaper The Guardian (far away thousands of miles from the gossip and racist information of several Italian newspapers) as recently published a journalist inquire about the return of Ethiopian Diaspora. Young Ethiopians leaving or born in U.K. are coming back to Ethiopia attracted by the economic boom of their Country able to assure a 10% annual economic growing. These young Ethiopians have University Degrees and good works in U.K. They are coming back to their native Country attracted by better opportunity of job and professional career meanly after Brexit political and economic earthquake. Is a radical one way return. Many of them sell their house in U.K. in order to have enough money to assure a good start up in Ethiopia.

More complete and rich study has been done by Inspira Afrika magazine in collaboration with Avako Group and Africa France. The study is focused on Francophone African migrants in France that are return back to their Mother Lands. 38% of them have top level management jobs in important private and public French enterprises. 19% of them are VIP managers in French banks and financial consultancy agencies. 21% are VIP manager in marketing and PR relation agencies and 13% VIP manager in Telecom companies. The study reveals that 63% of these African super managers that are returning back wants participate to the African economic miracle. 49% are attracted by better paid job opportunities. In France 58% of VIP African managers that are coming back home are women.

African Diaspora return home is verifying in African Countries still in balance between war and peace too, like Somalia. Thousand of Somali refugees in Europe, USA and Canada are return home despite that Somali Central Government is steal weak and Salafist terrorist group Al Shabaab not yet totally defeated by the brave Burundian and Ugandan troops that are the Elite corps of African Union Peace Mission AMISOM. These brave African soldiers have succeed where Western armies have failed during UNISOM time with full respect of Human Rights and full civilians protection.

Somali Diaspora return is motivated by Patriotic feelings and economic opportunism. Once AMISOM will defeat totally Al Shabaab, all Somalia will be rebuild and Somali economy will start from zero. Somali Diaspora wants full participate at political, social and economic levels to their Country Renaissance.

The return migration is reaching interesting dimensions. For every 100 new arrivals in Europe 20 African old migrants well integrated in European societies are return home. According the experts this percentage is designated to increase in the following years. It’s easy to understand why. The old Europe is collapsing at economic level and good job opportunities are decreasing not only for migrants but for European citizen too.

Xenophobe, fascist and racist parties are increasing their power in Italy, French, Belgium, Holland, Ostrich and Germany. Anti migration policies are promoted by Leftists governments, firs the Italian one. These policies are creating a racial hate feeling and risks of safety for thousand of honest migrants that are sharing Europeans values but are rejected because are Nigger or Muslims. They are accused to be criminals, to support illegal migrations or, even worst, to be terrorists.

The return home to Africa is the first signal of what the future is reserving to the Old Europe victim of racism and of the decline of West Empire. Meantime Italian Medias are diffusing fake news of invasion from Africa asserting that Africans illegal migrants are making at risk Italian society and democracy, the recent illegal migration from Africa is originated in African Countries where Western economic lobbies are denying democracy, economic and financial independence with sadism obligations like the French monetary system FCFA. A big strategy in order to maintain the control over natural resources with the complicity of some corrupts African governments.

In all African Countries where exist a full economic and financial independence and the development is linked to nationalist policies and to the collaboration with foreign Power less savages and more oriented to the Winn Winn policy, like China, the migration to Europe has drastically decrease since 5 years ago. Why migrate in the Old Europe when development, job opportunities, and the possibility to improve the life standard are in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ghana, Congo Brazzaville, Algeria, Mozambique, Angola, South Africa?

The Old Europe is becoming more and more racist, populist and fascist. European Union is near to the economic and political disintegration. Europe is not more an attractive destination. In the following years the migration from Europe to Africa will increase. African workers, managers, professors, doctors and scientists, will came back in their Countries bringing with them technological knowledge and new ideas to support human rights and democracy. They will bring with them also a critical vision about Whites that are still thinking to control natural resources worldwide instead to ask aid and collaboration in order to avoid economic destruction and society collapsing in Europe and USA nowadays divided by racial issues that are compromising the big democracy of North America.

This critical vision about White Universe will be linked to bad memories of credulities and unjust treatments designated to thousand of migrants only because are Black or Muslims. This feelings risk to be linked to the surprise that Africa and China are preparing to West. A progressively decrease over minerals, gas and oil exportation in Europe and USA. These strategic natural resources will be needed to support the African Industry linked to BRICS Countries and China.

Some European governments and experts more focused over economic relation with Africa are already understanding this trend that will rewrite the worldwide power equilibrium in favor of the South of the Planet. These attentive politicians and observers they know that Western modern armies and nuclear arsenals are useless tools of coercions. Iran and North Korea are already showing that EU and USA cannot afford global wars that have great probabilities to end like the disastrous military adventures in Afghanistan and Iraq. The capacity to create civil wars and chaos like in Libya are progressively limited. Even African dictators are less and less willing to collaborate with Western countries in Africa natural resources rape, preferring new partners from Russia or China.

The most careful European politicians and observers are analyzing a more dangerous risk in the immediate future. For a decade Western governments have supported and encouraged thousand of their poor citizen from Maghreb origins to join the so called “Islamic” terrorist groups in order to win the war in Syria, Iraq and in several African Countries like Nigeria or Mali. All this to increase the Western control over Middle East and Africa oil and minerals.

Unlucky DAESH and other Saudi Arabia financed terrorist groups are near to be defeated in Middle East thanks to the courage and the sacrifice of Russian, Iranian, Kurdistan, Syrian, Lebanese soldiers and Hezbollah militia. European mercenaries defeated and humiliated are returning back to Europe full of hate against the Western governments that have send them to fight in Syria and Iraq just to consolidate minerals and oil Western control. This hate will generate a terror and dead seasons without precedents in Europe history as the recent terrorist escalation in Spain clearly shows.

Soon other European mercenary send to fight alongside Al Qaeda Magreb, Boko Haram and Al Shabaab will return in Europe defeated by courageous African armies and by the sacrifice of brave Africans soldiers and civilians. Their return to Europe will increase death and terror. More than before Europe and USA they need external aid. It’s essential for the survive of their civilizations and the worldwide peace that West will renounce to all aggressive and primitive feeling of supremacy in order to create strong collaboration with all former colonies. Africa can help West to came out from its own made nightmare but there is need of a radical mentality change. A radical change that is possible because African peoples surely will be willing to forget the past mistakes and injustices in order to create a better world for everybody.

by Fulvio Beltrami
Freelance Journalist


Erdogan‬ and ‪Afewerki‬ dictators united by wickedness.

20 Lug

Joined from busines, they are ruthless dictators, oppress the people, kill deserters and coup leaders, jailed political opponents, journalists critical of the government, torture, close the newspapers and TV who do not think like them. They abuse their power. One is protected by ‪‎US‬ and Europe‬, the other is protected by the European Union and the ‪‎African Union‬.

Erdogan‬ and ‪Afewerki‬… shame on you!!!

It is not terrorism. The war came to Europe

14 Nov

African Voices is on the side of the French people, but not the French government. We do not support the aggressive policy of this term of the French, but even of the previous one and neither of those before.

Let us briefly analyze what happened:
France uses force across the African strip from Senegal to Sudan, Ivory Coast, Mali, Mauritania … and in North Africa as in Libya, that if today is a pile of rubble is mainly thanks to them.

In the Middle East, France is in Syria for a long time, unofficially. There, as in Iraq and Afghanistan have (with others including Italy) devastated countries, causing millions of civilian casualties, but this is called war, while the last night in Paris would be called terrorism. le’ts call it with the real name. thit is war on both sides plain and simple. The pain of today, of the French people and of the world is the same pain that millions of people continue to suffer… civilians that under the bombs of the planes that hit the barracks and military targets, but also schools, universities and hospitals…

Today many will put their on their facebook boards the French flag and iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower because the shape resembles the symbol of peace, good.

But if the civilian victims of France and of the coalition forces in the Middle East and Africa are millions, and the victims of their rapes and their pedophilia, are silenced, why we never see symbols of peace and compassion for these people ? No military or militia, but peoples.
Where is the “civil society” if there ever was one. May be out of context for us when the war hits our home or when it hits elsewhere, far away,this does not concern us?

I hope that Europe and the US in it’s very very large form may sit at a table with those who have always attacked and that a rise up from their seats sort out this kind of situation.. because only the peaceful solution for all parties..can allow a long lasting peace.
Otherwise, does no need to be a genius to understand that violence breeds violence in an escalation that began 30 years ago and that the vortex would be terrible for everyone, no ethnic groups and no race.

written by Editor
African Voices

translation by Giancarlo Sankara Calabria

Africa to Africans. Would be right.

22 Apr
I’m coming late, I know.

I often, maybe it’s age, or maybe it’s the inability to rationalize immediately, to get them through stunning when you suffer a trauma
as after a fall from a bike, after a tumble during which the whole world is swirling around, when you stop and you sit to consider that, despite the scratches, pain and shame, are you there yet.

I’m coming late and has already been said so much, even too much, to the point of not knowing whether to say again: why, then.

But I can not hold it in and I can not suppress it and put it to rest.
I saw a picture yesterday, a little girl with cute dresses, green pants and a blouse with fantasy flowers on red: almost went to a party or in a place where it’s kind present themselves well.

She floated expanse, seemed asleep. She could have five years old.

No, I really just can not take it off, eyes, stomach.

The sea rocked her, stepfather, murderess innocent. Actually held her, almost in exposition, to show what we were capable of. All.

The sea is cold and when it is dark black with fear, because envelops you and goes everywhere.

What is now specify that the child was African, with dark skin?

Or the fear is different for a little girl with pink skin and delicate, when only hear cries of despair and does not find the arms of his mother to lift it and save it?

What is the consideration that my children were born in Africa, to establish that my dismay at this indifference of the world is enormous and my involvement is conditioned?

Deliberately I avoid reading newspapers items .
Often the hyperrealism of pain he functions as an anesthetic for overexposure.

I avoid to consider the comments of those who greeted with derision violent and vulgar tragedy “of the sea“, not because they are odious, but it is not the fault of scavengers if someone dies.

It does not quite stand the hypocrisy of those who clings in deviant analysis: the Libyan crisis; of those seeking palliative solutions, to those who can not see the real problem, of those who imagine ephemeral interventions and facade: the blockade, the sinking of the boats ……….

Triton, Mare Nostrum, you see that Italy’s problem is its dependence on the “griffe” and by the designers of the definitions.

The only real solution, which everyone knows, but no one mentions is the return of Africa to Africans.

The only effective deterrent to not push millions of children, women and men to abandon their homes, their land and their roots is to return their water, traditional plantations, oil, gas, diamonds, minerals and precious metals for high technologies.
To be able to live of their work, their resources, without having to run away.

The wars? Are the tool that was introduced on purpose to destabilize any attempt to be normal. Here, for the sake of compensation, we should take action to disarm the violent and bloodthirsty mercenaries, to create conditions of stability and security.
This should take care everyone, not just the Europeans.

How much would all this corporations, arms manufacturers, the world economy?
I do not know.

But it would be right.