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Libya. Five years of Western Chaos

4 Nov

The Arab Spring in Tunisia and Egypt affected Libya internal stability. Protest against Colonel Muammar Gaddafi regime erupted on February 2011, brutally crushed by the army. The force used by Gaddafi and Western interferences will soon create a dramatic civil war ended on October 20, 2011 when Libyan leader was caught and shot dead by Libyan National Transitional Council militia with the active support of French Intelligence services.

Nowadays Libya, former developed African Country and leader of Pan African Movement, is a country torn apart and divided, with to governments fighting between them and claiming the control of the Nation. The real Libya’s owner are local militias (ISIL DAESH included) that have power of live and death over the population of the areas they control. Economy is collapsed. GDP shrank by 10.2% in 2015 adding to the 24% collapse in 2014. Production of crude oil fell to the lowest level on record since the 1970s: around 0,4 million barrels par day. Western Power (Italy included) are nowadays engaged with air bombardment and military interferences in order to support Libyan factions. A Somali scenario repeated with incredible stupidity wisped the dramatic western mistakes that transformed Somali civil war erupted on 1991 in an eternal conflict with terrorist international complications.

As we assist in Somalia on 1993, Libyan local militias strategies and objectives are became oppose to the ones promoted by Western powers, transforming Libya in an African Syria. A battlefield between different imperialist and regional powers. A war without end that has full involved US. Libya should be added to disastrous adventure in Iraq and Afghanistan. In all these countries the Pax Americans has not established and the masses pay the heavy bill of American failure. Libyan situation is so negative for US foreign policy that President Barak Obama has considered 2011 Western intervention the worst mistake ever made by his Administration. U.S., France and Britain destroyed the old state apparatus in Libya creating a dangerous empty space fulfilled by Al-Qaeda and DAESH militias. What Obama did not take into account was the situation impossible to manage created by the role plaid by tribal rivalries that were temporally balance during Gaddafi’s rule.

Different actors are inside to Libyan drama. U.S., France, Britain, Italy, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, Turkey. All attracted by the strategic position of this North African country with its shores on the Mediterranean Sea very close to Europe. A North African country really reach: 38% of African continent’s oli and 11% of European consumption. The government of Tripoli is supported by Qatar and Turkey. The Tobruk government, recognized by U.N and E.U, is supported by Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Arab Emirates. DAESH forces still control Derna and Sierte surrounding areas. International alarms grown after the serious influence of Islamic State in Libya. In order to resolve the problem U.N. and Western Powers pushed for a national unity government against terrorism treat. The Government of National Agreement (GNA) under Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj control was created on March 30 of this year. A really weak government that has increase the conflict in the country. GNA was immediately boycotted by several former ministers, tribes and clans. Al-Serraj has been transformed in the most weak African Prime minister from the very first day of his election. Living condition of Libyan population dropped dramatically fulfill the ranges of local militias and terrorists groups. Al-Serraj’s government is still alive only thank to West support. In reality Al-Serraj has no real power but a virtual surrogate of it.

On August 2016 a new chapter in Libyan civil war has opened with US involvement. Bombing Sirte was an American decision that has make worst the situation. 330 US Air-Forces strike have not facilitated Sirte fall. Al-Baghdadi militia are still able to offer a fierce resistance. Sirte was Gaddagi’s hometown very well protected. To assure the conquer of Sirte there are need of ground troops. There is no national army in Libya so the ground troops must come from African countries or Western Powers. African Union, Arab Liguea, U.N. Europe and U.S. are showing the total absence of direct military intervention willing. They prefer to support the different Libyans militias in a never ending proxy war. The eternal battle for Sirte has weakest Al-Serraj government meantime other players are taking advantage of the situation.

Tobruk strongman General Khalifa Haftar, control Sidra and Ras lanuf oil terminals recently conquer. Haftar General is supported ny Egypt and France. French special forces are military active in Cyrenaica, regione lagerly controlled by Haftar General. Several Africans analysts consider unlikely that in the current situation Haftar will be able to restart oil production. Anyway Sidra and Ras Ianuf oil terminals and refineries are powerful weapons in his and that increase his influence over future negations about power division in Libya. GNA government has just miraculously survive to Khalifa al-Ghwell militias coupt attempt in Tripoli. Al-Ghwell strike was so determinate to force Prime Minister Al-Serray to hiding to a secret location in Tunisia. Western power have take for granted that Al-Serray is at the end of his days. Now are forced to increase their military presence in the region under usual justification of fighting Islamic terrorism.

France is one of the most active powers in this scenario. Last July, the GNA issued a protest where considering the French presence in Libya’s eastern region as a breach of international norms and sovereignty. France ignored that protest and increased its presence, a fact exposed by the crash of an airplane in Malta last Monday. At least three passengers were members of French intelligence heading for Libya.”, explain Roberto Sarti, a marxist Italian activist and expert over Libya issues.

Italy, the former colonial power, is trying not to be excluded from the division of the booty. In September they sent 300 soldiers to Libya, with “humanitarian” intentions, of course. The Italians are planning to build a military hospital in Misrata, and the official task of the troops will be “to protect the premises.” In reality they are going to protect their local proxies in Misrata and in the siege of Sirte. Not everybody is happy with the Italian initiative. The Zintani Brigade (a militia that, when it changed sides, was crucial in the fall of Gaddafi) declared that it would “not stand idly by and will face any invader with all our might,” and “we call on all Libyans to stay united and prepare to fight the new Italian invasion of our land.”

As Mr. Sarti describes the situation in Libya is assuming the character of a long a protracted civil war. An Western crime make possible by the passivity of African Union to resolve Continental issues alone, imposing democracy and human rights respect in autonomy way even with the use of African military force. The only A.U. attempt to resolve African crisis is in Somalia, where African troops AMISOM are fighting Al-Shabaab and DAESH militias, under Uganda command. A fight weakened by the withdraw of Ethipian troops decided by Addis Abeba government in order to face Oromo rebellion.

Fulvio Beltrami

Freelance Journalist


African Voices after five years changes its skin and is renewed

13 Lug

After 5 and a half years of activity on Facebook, but also on Twitter and Tumblr, and after that a year ago I dared to want to open the African Voices Web TV with some African journalists, who nevertheless left behind a group with almost 3000 Africans people to grow, African Voices page and therefore the blog, like a snake, skin change.

In these years I deliberately did everything myself to broadening my experience and my knowledge on the Continent to 360 °, even knowing a lot of people including journalists, bloggers, opinion leaders, religious activists, etc … with whom I had the good fortune to communicate, find common interests and mutual respect.

African Voices has never closed a single day, and it is a commitment that I will continue. But now I will not longer alone.

Knowledge and dialogue, as I said, has led me to meet many people whom I respect deeply, women and men engaged and living the daily life in they African countries.

As admins like me, have joined people who write and publish posts directly from Egypt, Somalia, South Africa, Kenya. Africans who are very familiar with their country and are able to look objectively at the facts offering readers news in real time and real breaking news.

All those who have agreed to cooperate and others in the future will come, will write in English, Italian, Arabic, French and Portuguese and of course no reader will ever know who it is because publish in total anonymity under the AFRICAN VOICES brand.

Other active and ongoing collaborations with Fulvio Beltrami from the Great Lakes Region, Francesca Guazzo from Malawi, Valeria Alfieri from Burundi and our music expert Italo-Senegalese, Lamine Ndour.

I know and I do not pretend that African Voices is a page that can be good to everyone, but what is now important is that the reader has a better quality of information, and it can continue to be a benchmark for the most important news from all African countries in the style of our page with a louder voice by African people.

Other goals that we are pursuing are: to improve the web site, invest Blog … and other little things that we will talk next time.

Marco Pugliese

Mass murder of African migrants on Mediterranean sea. The untold trough.

2 Mag

12nd April 2015. Several international NGOs in support of migrants (between them: Oronias, Meidamiroir and Reseauinternational) have denounced that Egyptian military navy has bombarded and sunk a boat direct to European coasts with 600 Africans migrants aboard, meanly Somalis and Eritreans. Till now the number of victims is unknown. The news has been diffused by the Egiptian branch of Africa and Middle East Assistance (AMERA), a UK Charity Association founded on January 2003 to provide legal aid for refugees in countries where such services are non-existent or limited and where legal representation might assist them in actualizing their rights.

AMERA-Egypt provides legal assistance and representation for asylum-seekers in their refugee status determination process in collaboration with the UNHCR. AMERA Egypt also participates in policy development and public education initiatives on refugee protection concerns by collaborating with and providing cross-training to Egyptian lawyers, community organizations, and international organizations on issues of refugee protection under international and domestic legal standards. The news has been dismissed by Egyptian government and almost ignored by international media. It’s the first time that Egyptian military navy attack a migrants boat and the action represent a crime against humanity worst than the one done by Israel Army against the Turkish boat Marmara transporting Palestine cause’s international supporters attempting to force Gaza sea-block and bring humanitarian help to the population.

Anyway it’s not first time that Egyptian defense forces illegally kill African migrants. A long series of cold blood mass murders has been regularly done by Egyptian army since 2006 without U.N. or International Community open inquires or condemn this crime against humanity. Even the West Medias after the first news on 2008 2011 has been involved in a conspiracy silence over the Egyptian Defense use of lethal force against African migrants. The first African migrant murders by Egyptian police have been reported on international press on 2006. Most of these murders have take place on Israel borders. The two countries have signed a secret security pact where Egypt is responsible of the security on its borders with Israel. The responsibilities include the respect of Gaza economic block and avoid that illegal migrants enter in Israel trough Egyptian borders. Naturally Israel government has never ask to Egypt to kill migrants but if lethal incidents will happen during the duty to protect the borders, Israel government has never officially protest for a simple reason: African migrants fate is not Tel Aviv concern. What is important is avoid they can enter in Israel territory. Since the first international reports on 2006, 122 African have been murders by Egyptian police. These causalities seem a poor percentage of hundred of murders that gone unnoticed.

Egyptian Army is not the only lethal risk for migrants. The people-traffickers often kill their clients. On September 2014 migrant boat was deliberately sunk by people-traffickers in Mediterranean sea, killing 500. According to the account comes from the two Palestians rescued by another boat and taken to Sicily a midway of the voyage from Egypt to Sicily, near Malta the people-smugglers, who travelled in a separate boat, ordered the migrants, who came from Palestine, Syria, Sudan and Ethiopia, to switch to a smaller, less seaworthy vessel. When the migrants refused to do so the traffickers became so enraged that fire on migrants and sunk the boat. Malta’s armed forces rescued only seven survivors who were suffering from hypothermia and brought them to a hospital in Crete.

The Spanish military marine is suspect too of illegal attacks against migrant boats that try to reach Spanish coasts. On October 25 2003 a migrants motorboat has been mysteriously sank in high seas off the coast of Cadiz. The migrants’ boat past near the joint US-Spanish naval and air base of Rota, home of the US Sixth Flee and the Spanish navy. Shortly afterwards the boat disappeared beneath the waves. There were heavy suspects that Spanish military navy has attacked the migrants’ boat. What is well documented is the strange refusal from Spanish and US military navies to participate of sea rescue operations done by untrained volunteers forced to hire private tugboats. Over the next three weeks, 36 decomposing bodies were washed ashore of the beaches around the Bay of Cadiz. El Pais described the vents as the greatest recorded tragedy of “clandestine” immigrants in Spanish history. On November 12, Spain’s national lawyer, Enrique Mugica, announced that an inquiry have been launched into the horrifying events of October 25. The inquiry has soon been classified by Spanish authorities. Several other times Spanish military navy has been suspect to sink migrant’s boats without rescue the migrants.

All these lethal incidents are taking place on the middle of Mediterranean sea far from witness. Since 2010 several Sicilian fishermen have testify to found daily dead bodies on deep waters. The International Organization of Migration (IOM) informs that about 2,900 migrants have been killed on Mediterranean sea by unknown forces in 2014. This number has drastically increased the migrants causalities registered on 2013: 700 people murder. West Media silence over Egyptian systematic murders of African migrants and the unwilling International Community to open international inquires, is pushing some African political analysts to theorize macabre secret agreements between Europe and some North Africa countries like Egypt that accept to stop illegal migration to Europe with all means included mass murder well tolerate and cover by West. In change this countries receive financial aid and political support. Every news of new strange massacre on Mediterranean sea reinforces the horrendous suspect.

Italy, one of the European countries most affected by illegal migration, is not absent of responsibility. At the contrary Rome is full involved in border protection agreements that inevitably bring to atrocities and human rights violations committed by North African countries. On 2009 Italian government signed a pact with Geddafi Regime of borders security. The pact, called: “Pushed Back Pushed Around” forecast Libyan responsibility to stop illegal migration to Italian coast from Libyan ones. Doesn’t matter the way. The important was to decrease the illegal migration pressing over Italy. Libyan government has utilized heavy and unnecessary force against African migrants with several murders unnoticed. A big percentage of Africans migrants captured has been reduced in captivity and forced to became free manpower for public works, prostitution and forced service in the Libyan Army. Italian government or Italian opposition parties have never open Parliament inquire in order to stop the mass human rights violation.

At the contrary on 2009 Italian government has donated to Libyan counterpart three military patrol boat in order to increase Libyan military navy ability to intercept migrants boat on Mediterranean sea. The migrants able to avoid Libyan interception were captured by Italian military navy and forcibly forced to return back to Libya without an appropriated screen necessary to individuate refugees status and other vulnerable migrants. On the other side of Mediterranean Libyan army, informed by Italian authorities, was waiting the modern slave cargos. Italian authorities have never been concerned about illegal migrants fate in Libya.

With the collapse of Geddafi’s regime ISIL terrorists have been unofficially replace the Libyan government duty to decrease illegal migration to Europe. West Press has spread false news about ISIL strategy to encourage African migrants to invade Europe in order to create chaos. Statistics show another reality. ISIL terrorists are very concerned to intercept African migrants in order to transform them in financial sources. When it’s possible they ask money to the family in order to free the hostages. Most of the time male African migrants become slave on logistic support of ISIL war operations in Libya, and female just sold to prostitution market in Arab countries. Cynically we can observe that ISIL is doing a good service to Europe. This new terrorist network, more aggressive and better financed than Al-Qaeda, in theory represents a direct menace to European security, meanly Italian one. This doesn’t explain why the Italian government has been very active on United Nation Security Council to block the Egyptian proposal to invade Libya in order to destroy ISIL and reinforce democracy in the country. Many African observers have the impression that ISIL is not a real menace for Europe but a useful tool on fight against illegal migration.

Anti migration agreements suspects are involving Europe and Morocco. The psychopathic Morocco Army determination to intercept African migrants that try to reach European coast reinforce these suspects. Morocco Army show a total absence of human rights respect. Since 2008 Maroccan navy has been accused of killing African migrants by deliberately sinking their boats. The last documented crime has been commited on April 2008 when Maroccan Navy has sank a boat with 70 African immigrants aboard as reported by The Guadian The immigrants, mostly from Nigeria and Mali, had paid traffickers €100 (£79) each to reach Spain. Their boat was intercepted by a Moroccan naval patrol launch on April 28. Like over Egypt and Libya human right violations the Western Media have stopped to report the ones done by Morocco. A deep and maybe criminal silence is cover all these mass murders of humans been.

If anti migration agreements really exist unlucky they are for the moment protected by absence of concrete probes. Anyway it’s strange that European Union doesn’t react with the same aggressive attitude adopted against migrants with the Western Mafia’s network that organize this modern slave market. Mafia’s boss involved in human traffic are all well known by European polices from Italy to UK. There is not any plausible explanation than can justify why this human traffickers are free and their goods (African migrants) are dying on Mediterranean sea… It’s time for United Nation to open an independent inquire in order to verify if a genocide network has been created by European Union and North Africa countries against migrants. If this kind of network really exist should be considered as crime against humanity and the responsible persecuted despite if they are terrorist, traffickers, regular armies or the self proclaimed West Democratic Governments.


Fulvio Beltrami
Kampala, Uganda