Donald Trump dismantle Dood-Frank Act. The best gift to FDLR terrorist, Kabila and Nkurunziza.

13 Feb

Friday February 03, 2017 US President Donald Trump signed two Presidential directives in order to dismantle the Dood-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, commonly referred as Dood-Frank Act. The Federal Law was signed by President Barak Obama on July 21, 2010 in order to regulate the US financial market gone crazy thanks to a pirate worldwide financial speculation system and bad loans out of control. Dood-Frank Act is regulating US private banks national and worldwide operations. It’s regulating US mineral market too in order to avoid US Enterprises to buy mineral from war zones like Democratic Republic of Congo – DRC. The law has been fought back for long time by US financial institutes and Corporation like Morgan, HP, Compaq, and other IT Company linked to the New Economy. Under Dood-Frank Act implementation Coltan illegal exportation business from DRC war area dropped from 380 m. USD to 185 m. USD par year.

Coltan, gold and other rare minerals are present in huge quantities in East Provinces of DRC: North and South Kivu. These rare minerals are under control of President Kabila’s Family and several armed group, national ones (regrouped under the name Mai Mai) and foreign. DRC rare minerals exploitation has been possible thanks unofficial alliance between Kabila Family, armed group, US and EU enterprises interested to have the control over these minerals considered vital raw material for IT Industry. DRC rare minerals are utilized in several industry sector: from smart phones to advanced High Tech instruments utilized by NASA, EU, China and Russia Astronautic Industries. DRC host 75% of rare mineral’s world reserves.

The Mafia unwritten agreement is simple and functional. Kinshasa Government avoid any military operation against armed groups in East of DRC. They take care of extraction and illegal exportation of rare minerals. Profits are shared 60% to Kabila’ Family 40% to armed groups. The armed groups are called to defend East DRC territory against Uganda and Rwanda backed rebellions on the behalf of Kinshasa Gouvernment. A request done on 2002 by Kinshasa (during the Secondo Pan African war) in order to balance the piteous state of the National Army: “Forces Amees de la Republique Democratique du Congo – FARDC”, partially unpaid, not well equipped, under corrupt and criminal Generals and Colonels control.

From 2002 to 2009 Kabila Family have created a complicate and international Mafia networks over DRC war zone minerals. This network involve several actors in DRC, Great Lakes Region, US and Europe. The meanly armed group that benefits from this unusually alliance is “Force Democratique pour la Liberation du Rwanda – FDLR” an armed group created in East DRC by French on 2000. FDLR are formed by former President Habyarimana Army and genocide militias Interhamwe, responsible of 1 m of death in Rwanda 1994. FDLR objective since 2000 is to reconquer Rwanda and impose again the racial Nazis government HutuPower destroyed by Rwanda People Front led by Paul Kagame, present Rwanda’s President. FDLR still now are in favor of total genocide of Tutsi minority in order to reinforce “order and democracy” under exclusive control of HutuPower politicians.

East DRC illegal mineral market has permit to FDLR to survive for 17 years, control vast areas in North and South Kivu provinces and buy huge quantity of army. Rwandan terrorist forces are estimated on 12,000 men (1,200 men according U.N. 4,500 men according to Kigali government). Most of militiamen are recruited from east Congo young jobless without any kind of job alternative even in the informal sector. New recruits are coming now from Nazi Burundian militias Imbonerakure. From 2002 FDLR has try, without succeed, to invade Rwanda 8 times, the last on April 2014: Operation Umudendezo.

UN Peacekeepers mission in DRC: MONUSCO on 2012 has sign a secret military alliance with FDLR Rwandan terrorists in order to fight Banyarwanda Congolese rebellion movement M23 backed by Rwanda and Uganda. FDLR Military Command is located in Goma (North Kivu province capital) at 02 km far from MONUSCO headquarter. Despite the DRC Army 2015 military campaign against them, in the recent months FLDR leaders have been notice dinner in VIP restaurant and hotels in Goma with DRC Generals, French military advisors and UN Military High Command. It’s DRC Eastern population common behavior that 2015 FARDC offensive was just a simple fiction movie offered to Western Medias. MONUSCO has been recently accused by Lubero and Butembo Civil Society to have intentionally not stop the September 2016 ethnic cleaning in North Kivu province. Ufficially these crimes are committed by an Islamic Ugandan group “ADF” (destroyed two year ago). In reality the authors are Rwandan terrorists FDLR.

From July 2013 FDLR’s Militias are assisting and protecting Burundian HutuPower regime of former President Pierre Nkurunziza, illegally on power since July 2015. Burundian regime with FLDR active support is responsible of thousands of extra judiciary execution, mass murders, mass graves, illegal arrests mainly addressed to Tutsi minority. 300,000 Burundians are refugees in neighbor Countries and all opposition party and civil society leaders have been murder or forced to exile. On September 2016 UN Human Rights Department has affirmed that there is a real risk of genocide in Burundi if Nkurunziza regime will not be removed from power. At the contrary Burundian Civil Society affirm that a silent genocide is a Country reality since October 2015. According Burundian human rights activists and journalist this silent but efficacy genocide can be transformed in open genocide Rwanda 1994 style according to Nkurunziza political conveniences meantime Burundian population has fall dawn in an emotional fatalism.

Illegal mineral traffic has direct and dramatic impact on East DRC population. An estimated 75,000 peoples are in slavery, forced to work on illegal mines controlled by FDRC and other armed groups. 28,000 of them are suspected to be children from 06 up to 16 years old. Thousands of children are forced into the ranks of armed groups that control mining zones. The IDPs (Internal Displaced People) are around 2 millions. All runaway from death and violence spread by FDLR and several armed groups.

DRC Eastern Congo population has Zero hope to be liberated by National Army. At least 98% of FARDC Generals have strong economic interests in illegal mineral exportation and they are not crazy to attack and destroy precious business partners even if are considered internationally as terrorist organizations. The villagers are force in to slavery by guns and debt bondage: money borrow by Congolese businessmen linked to armed groups to pay school fees, medical cares or just to buy food for the family. Bogus accounting and abusive interest rates prevent the villagers from repaying the debts fall down in the slavery working free in illegal mines.

DRC illegal mine exploitation is the first case for sexual abuse too. Militias abduct women and girls from villages, transforming them in sexual slave. Rebels contract forced marriage with hundreds of underage girls. Congolese human rights activists affirm that Militias and DRC regular army are responsible of sexual rapes in East Province the highest in the world: 02 rapes every minute…

Dood-Frank Act has make very difficult the illegal mineral export from East DRC. In order to have sufficient mineral provision US Enterprises were forced to accept very expensive triangulations assured by China, Uganda and Rwanda. From 2011 up to 2015 East DRC armed group autonomy capacity to buy new army and munition dropped to 35% forcing them to receive army from Congo and French governments in exchange of military services against Banyarwanda population and neighbor Rwanda. Since 2015 FDLR are the real responsible of ethnic cleaning against Banande tribe in Beni, Butembo and Lubero district, North Kivu province. Ethnic cleaning that is very near to genocide, ordered by President Kabila in order to destroy the strong economic Banande community in East of the Country.

President Donald Trump has now eliminate this international legal barrier with evident risks to boom regional conflicts, ethnic cleaning and genocide. Mr. Trump affirm that Dood-Frank Act has never worked. At the contrary has condemned US Corporation to be less competitive on international markets. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, institution created by Dood-Frank Act to oversee consumer products origins and regulate import activities done by US Corporation, will be shut-down.

According Mr. Trump Dood-Frank Act abrogation is a due act in favor of American people, low and middle-income investors. In reality the President directives to dismantled the law will profit big US Corporation and Wall Street. Dood-Frank Act is not regulating war zone minerals only. It’s regulating US Mad Financial System too.

Despite the electoral campaign promise to be against Wall Street, Donald Trump has filled his administration with billionaires and bankers. Now he’s focus to make more easily and out of control Wall Street business. Trump decision against Dood-Frank act include a systematic dislmantling of Gouverment control over private banks. Justice Department Office will have no more rights to question about bankruptcy or illegal financial speculation very harmful for US common citizen live and economy.

Banks, financial firms and Corporations are exulting about President Trump decision. Dood-Frank Act has been “responsible” for 18 billion profit losses from 2011 to 2016. US Bank and Corporation lobbyists have several times pushed Obama Administration to revise the law without succeed. Now the man who want make America great again has listen their prays and act as consequence for the good and prosperity of America people…

Dood –Frank Act dismantle will be now discuss by Congress. Republican Representative Jeb Hesarling, chairman of House Financial Services Committee has declared that will support Trump proposing to Congress his own Dood-Frank Act abrogation project. Tea Party leaders have assured their votes. Only Democrats wowed to fight Trump’s plans. Anyway American human rights activists alarm that US Corporations and private Banks are already pressing over several Democratic Congressmen in order to support Trump initiative.

Dramatic consequences are forecast for DRC, Burundi, Rwanda and Great Lakes Region in general. Dood-Fank Act abrogation will free war zone minerals international market allowing 41 armed groups and the manly terrorist organization in the region (FDLR) to increase their power over East DRC natural resources causing more human suffering to many innocent, women and children in Congo and surrounding Countries. Very soon illicit mining of tin, tantalum, tugsten and cobalt, (key raw material for the production of smart phones and other high tech devises), will be free of any international control and regulation. According to an ENOUGH PROJECT recent report insurgents forces in collaboration of DRC national army and Kinshasa regime have in their hand 65% of rare minerals market in East Provinces.

President Trump decision to dismantle Dood-Frank Act is a clear sign that the controversy US Head of State want build strong alliances with Wall Street and US Corporation in order to counter balance the strong popular opposition that is growing to political levels never see since President Nixon time. The decision is anyway contradictory and counterproductive to regional US ally. If Dood-Frank Act will be abrogated Uganda and Rwanda will loose the present position of international mediators for gold and coltan originated in East DRC.

Uganda is controlling the majority of DRC gold smuggler and Rwanda DRC coltan smuggler. Both governments have overestimated the production of gold mine in Karamoja and mineral mines Rwanda DRC border in order to legally wash illegal gold and coltan coming from Congo. Ugandan and Rwandan overestimated actions has started on 2011 with full consensus of US and EU Corporations and silent complicity of Washington and Bruxelles.

Without the Dood-Frank Act the dictatorial regime of Kinshasa and Rwandan terrorist group FLDR will be free to sell rare minerals to US Corporations, establishing legal export mine enterprises owned by Congolese businessmen under full control of Kabila Family and Rwandan terrorists. Regional economic experts forecast an huge increment of Bujumbura (Burundi) illegal gold market’ affair under control of Indians and Israelis businessman associated to the HutuPower dictator Pierre Nkurunziza. This will allow the World Lord Nkurunziza to have precious and vital forex currency income to counterbalance the huge financial loss due by US and EU economic bans and restriction over humanitarian aid. Same negative effects will be registered on favor of Kabila regime that has annulled presidential election on November 2016 and is plaining to transform Kabila mandate in a Live Precedency against the popular willing.

If Dood-Frank Act abrogation decided by Mr. Trump will increase US Banks and Corporations support will make fragile US geostrategic plans in Great Lakes Region. Trump as make clear his opposition to President Joseph Kabila and former Burundian president. According to him both are cruel dictators to be overthrow away. US foreign diplomacy is very active since the last two year of Obama Administration in order to create a regime change both in Burundi and DRC. US is on front line against the two regime, promoting international financial bans in order to avoid Kinshasa and Bujumbura dictatorial regimes to have forex currency reserves to help them to remain on power. With an indirect gift of 400 m. USD par year Congo and Burundi forex currency reserves will be easily recreated. Good business for International Army Industry, a nightmare for Great Lakes Region population.

Trump decision over Dood-Frank Act will make more fragile Uganda and Rwanda regional control. It will make higher the risk of military invasion and second genocide in Rwanda, complicating the Liberation war to overthrow Nkurunziza regime and avoid the first genocide in Burundi history. Ugandan military experts under anonymity protection thinks that Dood-Frank Act dismantle will not be a problem for US geostrategic goals in Great Lakes Regions. Most of them are convinced that Trump Administration will opt for a regional war with the consensus of French, Belgium, Canada, UN and UE to overthrow Kabila and Nkurunziza regimes.

A regional war done to avoid genocide risks but in reality to preserve Western exploitation rights over natural resources. Some indicators are already present. Congolese Tutsi rebel movement M23 (Mouvement du 23 Mars) militias protected in Uganda has disappears from the UPDF (Ugandan Army) military bases where was host. M23 General Sultani Makenga has disappear too. Popular rumors tell that M23 forces have entered in East DRC in military standby.

Rare Minerals and Human Blood is a tragically binomial destined to be repeat again in the Great Lake Region? It’s too early to do forecast on this direction but two fact are already sure. East DRC and Burundi populations will continue to suffer thank to economic international conveniences. Any international experimentation of Fair Trade (like FairPhone) will be definitely destroy. Why to buy IT devices and smart phones very expensive because made with coltan under strict mine regulation that avoid slavery and child exploitation instead to have easy good price smart phone made with coltan directly coming from area under terrorists and armed groups control? Under Trump Administration this Big Corporation dream has become true.

Fulvio Beltrami
Free Journalist @FulvioBeltrami





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