Ethiopia: Italian Corporations massacred farmers

20 Ago

Ethiopia, the massacre of the fermers against the dam of Italian corporations.

Adults tied to trees and shot, children and animals thrown in the rivers, bodies left for meat to hyenas and a village of Suri destroyed. 154 inhabitants, only seven survivors.

Through polemics and dispute around the Gibe III dam, increasing the number of victims in Ethiopia. In its latest report, dating back to December 2012, it is revealed that there are hundreds of people who have obtained violence, murders and rapes. The “fault” is to object to the building of hydropower giant to defend their land.


In the Omo Valley, a UNESCO heritage, a silent conflict that began seven years ago he continues to make victims. It is one of those conflicts that the great European armies is interested in solving. This is a war unknown to the people, kept hidden. In July 2006, the Ethiopian Government, through the EEPC (Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation) procures, without notice or race, the Italian company Salini Costruttori building a third dam that bears the name of GIBE.

Taking inspiration from tenets of sustainable development, it is on technological innovation and organizational and on the extraordinary human and professional assets at its disposal to develop constructive solutions, able to exploit the resources of the territories and to contribute to economic and social growth of the peoples” , is the mission that Salini says on its website. The dam will be a giant capable of producing 6.500GWh year. Energy to be included in the national electricity system and to sell at a high price to the nearest country: Kenya.
Although the legal system of Adis Ababa says that prior to project an assessment on the environmental and social needs to be done, the government gives the green light to Italian tycoon of laying the first stone.

The silence of the internayional press and the silent cry of the 500,000 inhabitants of the valley, remains silent.

Soltamente in 2008 the EPA (Ethiopian Environmental Protection Authority) officially giving the green light to the work after receiving a dossier of CESI – an agency in Milan (Italy), which defines the environmental impact related to the “insignificant project” or even “positive“. Cesi has, however, committed to neglect the use of neighboring land to the dam from local farmers, rather than as future work plans of flood control and irrigation artificial. The Milan agency does not even remotely speaks of the future situation of Lake Turkana, across the border with Kenya, who from Omo river which receives 90% of its water.

Yet the sector studies carried out by a number of NGOs say the opposite. “The dam will alter dramatically the seasonal flow of the Omo and will have a huge impact on the delicate ecosystem of the region and the indigenous communities that live along the banks of the river through to its Delta, on the border with Kenya. The Omo flow will suffer a drastic reduction. The phenomenon will interrupt the natural cycle of flooding that periodically pour water and humus in the valley feeding the forests and making it possible to agriculture and pastoralism in rivivificati land from water.”

All subsistence economies linked directly and indirectly to the river, collapse compromising the food security of at least 100,000 people.” read on survival

So local people have been forced to an “evacuation” process as defined local authorities. A real forced relocation of entire tribes such as the Mursi, Bodi and the Kwengu in resettlement camps. Physical and psychological violence are the means of coercion that accompany this mopping. Thanks to a CNN report revealed a chilling situation. Adults tied to trees and shot, children and animals thrown in the rivers, bodies left for meat to hyenas and a village of Suri destroyed. 154 inhabitants of only seven survivors.

Stephen Corry, director of Survival International, said: “This map shows that the Ethiopian government wanted to hide, or the intention of resettling the tribes of the Lower Omo Valley. Taking into account the numerous reports we have received of violent evictions and intimidation, the ultimate goal of the government has now become clear, as well as its refusal to respect the fundamental rights of the persons find yourself in his way.

Appeals asking to stop this massacre are many. Among the first was Unesco and Survival International, Campaign to Reform the World Bank, Counter Balance coalition, Friends of Lake Turkana and International Rivers and Survival has launched a petition to prevent the continuing of this massacre.


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