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A young Southern Sudanese are looking for help to study at university in Uganda

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That’s the second time in recent years that we are collecting this application for aid.
The first was going to end well, we’re hoping it’s a good idea this time.
Whoever he wrote it is a southern boy sudan where he lives as a refugee who wants to get help to continue his studies in Uganda, get an opportunity to study and professional to help his family after.
If anyone feels that he can do this, please contact him HERE
Steven Solomon Marsuk,
I’m from Sudan and i live in South sudan as Refugee in place called Maban
I’m doing well here in South sudan as i have told you that am living as Refugee in South sudan and i have cry out for my study .
my major problem is the study only i don’t have any thing out of my study so the principal problem in my life is the study becouse no body helping me for school fee in University in Uganda.
The University want me to pay the school fee and to attend the class. They have forward end to the school fee for Degree programs.
my goal in my life is to work for my communities if i graduated from the University to help my old mum plus all the people whom were there in South sudan.”

Erdogan‬ and ‪Afewerki‬ dictators united by wickedness.

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Joined from busines, they are ruthless dictators, oppress the people, kill deserters and coup leaders, jailed political opponents, journalists critical of the government, torture, close the newspapers and TV who do not think like them. They abuse their power. One is protected by ‪‎US‬ and Europe‬, the other is protected by the European Union and the ‪‎African Union‬.

Erdogan‬ and ‪Afewerki‬… shame on you!!!

The inhuman law of human beast

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What happens in the brain of the human beast, it is often an enigma.
What you could have done this African (perhaps Ethiopia) to merit popular law of villages, to be stoned fiercely and then delivered to the fire and no one is opposing the massacre.

No animal has a worse human behavior instead practice violence, murder, genocide and massacre.

The human and civil rights have been invented by man to give an alibi to the trampled rights, torture, murder and oppression.
Human nature is sick and is falling more and more down.