Facebook intolerant African Human Rights

22 Giu

Remember you the video of the ‪‎Ethiopian‬ worker beaten by Arabs, hanging upside down?

Well, for publishing, indeed linked that video, I got (admin) seven days of total block from ‪‎facebook‬ and therefore also from the African Voices page. The blockade ended yesterday.

Now, given that the mother of ‪‎idiots‬ is always pregnant, and that the block has arrived because some idiot has flagged the video, the same idiots who often complain about a print right denied in their own country, what amazes me is the administration’s behavior facebook that should, I thought, that they were from the part of the complaint of human and civil rights. But no, once again confirms facebook to be at 90 ° in front of the big America and Arabia powers at the expense of the suffering or killed.

We fight every day for the rights of all and then, we realize that the main tyrant is precisely the means that we use every day.
I hope that one day there will be a better and balanced means, maybe an African source.

Greetings and good continuation, even the idiots.



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