Clifford Akwana from Nairobi, the winner of Earth Citizen Ward for environmental conservation.

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On May 7, African Voices chatted featuring Clifford Akwana, environmentalist who is inspired by Wangari and winner of the Earth Citizen Ward for environmental conservation award. Here’s what he told.
AV: Mr Clifford congratulations for the award,to begin with what does it take to nature an idea of being an environmentalist an area that is not so appealing to many a youths of your age.

Clifford Akwana: Thank you for granting me this golden chance. it doesn’t take any idea to be an environmentalist this is something that comes from nowhere

Clifford Akwana: I’m Clifford akwana from Nairobi Kenya 27 years and I’m married with one child

AV: I see so many people involved in many problems in Africa but few on the environment. Why you’re in this way, Clifford?

Clifford Akwana: our future lies on our its our responsibility to conserve the environment so that we can live a very happy life, if we don’t conserve the environment we will all die so i;m into environmental conservation so that i can save the earth and the people

AV: You’re finding sensitivity on the part of the Kenyan and government?

Clifford Akwana: I have not seen sensitivity directly but indirect if i conserve the environment automatically i have save the lives on many.

AV: The world is much talk of climate change, and what do you think these changes are putting a strain on even Africa?

Clifford Akwana: yes.the ecosystem is destabilizing the climate patterns has changed. It is changing the very seasons, availability of water, economic stability….. Africa can and must start erecting solar panels; it is very cheap and a job skill for the young.

AV: What we can do to help you ? by us that living out and far of you?

Clifford Akwana: you can help with resources,advancement and consultancy

Clifford Akwana: I received Earth Citizen Award to honor and acknowledge the important work that i’m doing, often in the most difficult of circumstances.from Artists Project Earth (APE)

AV: Clifford. what is the most difficult circumstances that you are getting?

Clifford Akwana: Running project without funding the extreme poverty of my constituents; children without adequate housing or food.
Also, the lack of government funding for sustainable energy projects which would benefit our country, Without basic services, Our water shortages and problems with potability are not improving.Our children cannot learn to value wildlife unless they are given real alternatives to poaching and see a real effort to protect our native animals.

AV: Clifford Akwana, Who or what is your inspiration?

Clifford Akwana: The children, the future, and the beauty of Africa, as well as the work of (Wangari) are my inspiration

AV: Clifford Akwana please, write for us all what you want, free hand. Is a pleasure read your words and thanks to your tome and patience here. Thanks a lot

Clifford Akwana: Having recognition means a lot when you are working here in Nairobi with a very disadvantaged community. Even more important is our work to raise the next generation to build a sustainable society. We welcome all listeners to communicate with us on our webpage at WOPA GREEN PROJECT. Our school takes donations of books and school supplies. We have offered job training in making marketable goods but look forward to your support for new programs in environmental science, water systems and solar technologies. We will raise our youth to be a conservation force.

Thank you so much for the interview i have really appreciated so much.



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