Ethiopian fashion running on the Adot’s Design edge

3 Apr

Interview to Teshalech Tadesse, owner of Adot Design fashion to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
During this conversation, I discovered a fantastic woman who works in fashion Ethiopian to 360 °, with the hearts of those who loves his work and sees an important future, that of fashion in Ethiopia and Africa.

AV: Hi Tadesse, how are you?

Teshalech Tadesse: l am fine how are you.Thank you for the opportunity You gave me

AV: I’m fine thanks. Welcome. I know that to Addis Ababa now are later, so better begin

Where you were born like stylist??

Teshalech Tadesse: I born in Addis, Ethiopia.

My father is a shoemaker by profeshion.I have four brothers and four sisters.

AV: What a world is the fashion world for young talent like you??

Teshalech Tadesse: In my opinion fashion our daily life environment n area. In my expreience I learn fashionfrom my family life. My surrounding.


AV: then yours is a family business? It is important the support of family and friends, right?

Teshalech Tadesse: In one side my father makes shoes for income but my inspiration to be a fashion designer my mother wad planting false banana in our compound and we were using it as a food and I start using the remain for my design.
Defenitely.It is nice to support others in one and other way. In my family we all my brothers and sisters learn from our family.
AV: You are a daughter of art… I like that. So, we understood where come your studies. Very well. Why fashion in Africa and why in Ethiopia? only because are you ethiopian ?
Teshalech Tadesse: Thank You very much.I am a teachet too.I studied language and sociology.I have tought different private school in Addis for 10 years.I am teaching kids in artistic way it is memorable too.
You very much.I am a teachet too.I studied language and sociology.I have tought different private school in Addis for 10 years.I am teaching kids in artistic way it is memorable too.

AV: Wow! With compliments! Really good sister!

Teshalech Tadesse: My vision is not only in Africa and in Ethiopia.I want it to spread to the world.
AV: So, you’re pushing the creativity of young people.
Teshalech Tadesse: I promote and sell in Ethiopia and Afeica other part of world too.As a fashion designer I use all the opportunity to promot my work.As You see.

AV: So, in which countries are you known your fashion and in which countries are you getting at? Your fashion attracts more female or male consent?

Teshalech Tadesse: Different countries in Africa Rounda Senegal Tanzania My brother was studing Dare selam so I use different way.In US dealing with company.As You see I work (use) organic and ecofriendly materials as a raw material.It is not only cloths accesries and house hold items too.

It attracts both.

AV: What basing you more on the quality of tissues or a visual impact?

Teshalech Tadesse: Yes I encourage young not only to be designer I encoura?ge them to be them selves.I intiate their inside.

AV: So, your tissues coming from many states from Africa, right?
Teshalech Tadesse: I am basing in both. Yes true.
AV: Well, if someone find your style in Africa, where is it?
And, where in Europe or America?
Is possible find you at some fashion week in Africa or out?

Teshalech Tadesse: You can find me on my page “Adot design product.In America it is on line shop”Kaso”Dealing and Kaymu online sale.In Ethiopia You can get my products in different hotel’s gift shop and around bole my work show.

AV: You are also creating gadget for fashion, right?. There are large spaces to grow.
Teshalech Tadesse: I attended hub of Africa in Addis.I met nice fashion designers from different African countries.I have plan to attend Accra fashion week.I will see others.I am also aboard member of Ethiopian Fashion Designers.We are strictly working on it associatiion.
AV: I do not want to keep you too long here, I understand that writing from your home country may be difficult to communicate, but it was interesting that we and the readers were beginning to know, this is really important!

Teshalech Tadesse: I’am also a board member of African women entripner program.We are trying all our best in fadhion and other related business activities to promot and to encourage others

AV: We are in front of a great entrepreneur with a great future, and we will continue to follow

Teshalech Tadesse: Ok thank you very much.Do You got enough information about Adot design.

foto di Adot Design product.

AV: I believe that as first time we can say stop here, what you say? I’m very happy about your knowledge.

Teshalech Tadesse: Thank You very much.I value it.I am very glad too.Thank You again.We are together.

AV: And I’m remembering to our readers that if want to make you questions, they can. here or on your beautiful page. Remember also that thats interview will be ready soon on our blog.

Teshalech Tadesse: Exactly. I knew.
AV: Thanks a lot for your time with us Teshalech Tadesse! Really thanks. Peace&Love
Teshalech Tadesse: You are welcome. I respect You.Stay blessed


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