Bino and Fino to the conquest of Brazil. Chatting with Ibrahim Wazir

1 Apr
Interview/chat with Ibrahim Waziri, one of the creators and the artistic directors of Bino and Fino, the best known educational cartoons and appreciated by the audience of children and adults, in Nigeria and Kenya and now is racing to conquer the Brazilian children and families.
The African Voices interviews/chat are held every Thursday evening on the facebook page
AV: Good evening Ibrahim!
Ibrahim Waziri: Good evening. Good to be here. Thank you for having me on

AV: from where writing you, Ibrahim?

Ibrahim Waziri: Sunny Abuja, Nigeria.

Nice place 

Ibrahim Waziri: Yes it is. 
AV: So Ibrahim You are one of the creators of a cartoon seen a lot, what effect it has on your life?

Ibrahim Waziri: Yes, I am one of the directors of Bino and Fino The journey has been extremely life changing. When growing up as a kid, there weren’t any shows that depicted Africa so I’m happy that the future generation will have a show like this.

AV: Why the necessity of a cartoons like Bino and Fino in Nigeria?

Ibrahim Waziri: We created Bino and Fino because of the lack of representation of the African child’s perspective. In Nigeria 98% of children’s media is imported. This can lead to an imbalance as children will start feeling that they are not included in their favourite shows. We had to do something.

AV: How many people work for the creation of Bino and Fino? and which the level of popularity cartoon now?

Ibrahim Waziri: AFRICAN VOICES, The numbers changes as we work with animators both in Nigeria and in Kenya to produce the show. The show has aired Nationwide and has been received positively by those who have seen it.

AV: So, a big company!

With Bino and Fino enjoying children and adult; what are some of the comments that you’ve gotten about the show from parents and kids?

Ibrahim Waziri: Wow. There have been so many. We’ve had parents tell us how it has had an immensely positive effect on their children. I’ve had parents tell us how their kids point to the screen and shout , “Mummy, Fino looks like me!” There was a comment I read by someone who believed our show could help unite Brazil. Powerful stuff.

AV: Brazil indeed Ibrahim! your desire for education of children brings expansion hunger to cross the ocean and land in Brazil: why bring Bino and Fino out of Africa?
Ibrahim Waziri: AFRICAN VOICES, why not. Knowledge is universal especially among children There are families around the world that would love to educate their children about Africa. We are providing that platform for people who would love to introduce their children to Africa.
AV:Brazil is present in some African countries, true, but I do not find the connection between Nigeria, Kenya and Brazil

AV Of course it’s just my thoughts. probably children are much simpler than we adults

Ibrahim Waziri: I do not get your question. Are you saying you do not get the connection between the countries Emoticon smile ?

AV: What was your inspiration to create Bino and Fino

Ibrahim Waziri: Create an authentic African voice in the world of children’s media.
AV: Ibrahim, was not a question, just my thought
Because bino and fino talk also about the history of his country or of Africa. An African production will must tell the history of the Brasil, a big big country. will be a hard adventure, or not?

Ibrahim Waziri: Ah. I see where you are going. We are not trying to tell the story of Brazil. Bino and Fino focuses on culture, history, geography, science and much more. We want to give the kids in Brazil a show that can educate about Africa in Portuguese.

AV: When starting this brazilian adventure?

Ibrahim Waziri: Interesting question. We’ve had quite a few requests from our Brazilian fans who follow our page to come to Brazil. I think after a couple of years we felt the time was right.

AV: I saw a link to looking for funds to continue the project in Brazil, what a link and is possible to be part of your project?

Ibrahim Waziri: Yes, we are crowd funding to translate the cartoon into Portuguese for Brazil. Here is the link for those would like to contribute or spread the word about the campaign

AV: Nice!
Ibrahim, an hour chatting is passed quickly.
Would you leave your contacts for those who want to follow you on Faceboo, twitter and youtube?

Ibrahim Waziri: It’s been a pleasure. Certainly. Please feel free to drop a message at our email address at or connect with us via Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. Google us. You wont have any problem finding us.

AV: I hope that this chat has been to your liking and wish you great “good luck”. We from African Voices will continue to follow you with pleasure!

Ibrahim Waziri: AFRICAN VOICES Thank you. It has been a wonderful interview.
And thank you for having me on the show. Many thanks and good night!

AV: Thanks a lot Ibrahim Waziri and many thanks to Bino and Fino


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