International Women Day. Respect Black Women!

7 Mar
Dear Black Women,

To all black women who’ve ever been called a hoe because of how the world perceived your voluptuous figure.

Please know that your body is nothing to be ashamed of.
Your curves depict the struggle between a sculptors chisel and his marble block as they clashed to craft a master piece.

Your curvaceous body is not a sin, just proof that there’s perfection in God’s handy work.

To all black women who’ve struggle to straighten their hair to be accepted by society and look white, I mean right.
To the hot comb comb-ers, to the perm burners, to the weave weavers and track glue-ers….

Natural hair is the most alluring.

Earth tones goddess your beauty is not store bought, it doesn’t come from Asian nail salons, makeup kits or white fashion catalogs.

Black women your beauty is natural.
Hair undone, no makeup, with a long white Tee
-That’s when you the sexiest.

To all black women weighed down by pitiful men who’ve failed to appreciate your companionship, please….

Don’t stop looking for Mr. Right, and stop settling with Mr. Near.
You deserve to be treasured, you deserve to be exalted.
You deserve to be queen, don’t just be a memory,
A slowly fading moment, commemorating what should have been.
But wilt thou ev’r be?


To all black women, 
Be all that all that you can be.
Be, yourself because your one-of-a kind and 
Love yourself, to show us how
So we may love you too.

Written by @ogshad



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