5 years old. Happy Birthday African Voices!

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African Voices was born on January 1 of 2010 with the goal of becoming a reference page for Africans in Africa and those who work in the Continent. But expectations have been surpassed by a growing demand both in Italy and in Africa and many other parts of the world starting with the US and South America, many African friends tell us that AV is well known in DR Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Djibouti, Burundi and many other countries.

This can only be great satisfaction for me and for all the staff who worked on this page with great commitment, also if we are all volunteers and do not receive remuneration, to give readers the best news and different, perhaps closer to reality, of as they can or want to do the media blazoned.

In this 2015 we can claim to have seen and to be on whole territory in all its best and worst sides, starting by Ebola in West Africa and often interviewing one of the best biologists who work with MSF Italy. We have personally followed the developments in Egypt, the attacks in Somalia with real-time news. The attacks in Tunisia and Kenya, the controversial Zimbabwe and the profound crisis in Burundi.

We never leave anything, or at least we trying, searching to be closer to the voice of the people and not the rulers but sometimes the two are closer than we can imagine.

The year 2015 was also the year of the opening to new collaborations and collaborators. In fact, AV for 4 and a half years has been driven by a single person. Today there are collaborators, political activists and members of the diaspora living in South America.
Some who would not have the possibility to freely publish certain articles and information on certain countries without the risk of being imprisoned by dictators and accused of terrorism.

I can’t mention the countries where their work; their names could even be the nick name to protect their safety and that of the page itself, threats in these five years there have been.
But not only threats, there’s also many questions of publication by associations, NGOs, artists, writers, bloggers, politicians, musicians asking us to publish their pieces and their works and this can only please us, it means we’re doing a good job and we are followed by the right people.

The blog is going very well and only yesterday WordPress has recognized the good work done. The blog is open to everyone who wants to publish his article, given that there are up to 4000 people a day who follow it.
The site however is stopped by 2 years to my will, but in the early months of 2016 will take up life as it was made a partnership with the Angolan magazine by Jovens da Banda and the blog Africa Rising.
They are concerned with highlighting the efforts of young Angolan entrepreneurs and other African countries, giving voice to those who don’t have adequate financial resources, but have enormous will and capacity.

The site of AV is going to be transformed following the same philosophy of Jovens da Banda, treating the stories of the new African entrepreneurs in Italy and Europe and, if the contacts permit, even in the rest of the world.

Moreover, thanks to the international platform TRAVEL PARTNER, after two years of hard work and trade agreements, we are able, in January, to get out to the general public with a portal called AFRICAN VOICES TRAVEL able to publish tourist information and reservations on most African countries with thousands of hotels, safaris, tours, car rental and to short time, ethnic flights reservation.
Part of the profits from this activity will support the work of missions in Africa some of which we will do the names for total honesty.

So even for 2016 we have set goals very interesting and demanding that we will try to get for the good and the growth of our motherland, Africa.

Thank you and Happy New Year from the African Voices staff
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