Opportunities for Youth – The African New Deal By Clifford Akwana of Kenya

28 Dic

cliffThe project could involve recruiting, training and employing young people to rebuild and reinforce Africa’s highways, water purification, and sewage treatment systems. as well as expanding into solar and wind energy farms.
This would give the youth a sense of purpose, a way to earn money, and hope for a better Africa.

The youth would be empowered to bring clean water and clean power to their communities.

There was also an old concept of turning swords in to plows turning weapons into tools to make food of turning swords to ploughshares so for young people who have been stolen and forced into being soldiers they can be retrained into being wind and solar farmers or other needed professions in Africa. Since clean water is a vital need for Africa, it would be amazing to train young people on how to manage water systems, build wells and maintain them they said that the biggest problem wasn’t building the wells, it was that there was no one left who knew how to maintain them if they broke, no one could fix them

I will give Micro grants to help young people start profitable businesses and also technical specialists to help them with business skills, advertisement, and distribution of goods. I also think that the simple act of making solar cell phone chargers might go over as a big thing in Africa, so that people who live far from electricity can charge their phones. You need a little solar strip with a soldering gun and some solder and some wires.

I would set up Higher education or mentorship opportunities perhaps some kind of training will guarantee job opportunities in a way that could be sustainable .get the youths involved in conservation. Teach them how to protect their wildlife. Get them involved in maybe working in a game park either as hospitality or rangers. Have them learn to produce their own food. Growing etc. Maybe get a grant from the government to help with the learning skills. Our wildlife is our draw card. People pay to see it. Also the whole world needs to divest from fossil fuels and invest in renewable energy. This is the biggest challenge the human race has ever dealt with. To achieve this we will need a new approach, new skills, new thinking. Today youth have the greatest opportunity of any previous generation and that is the chance to save the human race from its own greed and stupidity.


Writer and contact Clifford Akwana


Una Risposta to “Opportunities for Youth – The African New Deal By Clifford Akwana of Kenya”

  1. Matthews Shaba Mpofu 3 gennaio 2016 a 10:11 #

    This is very inspirational initiative to empower, strengthen and youth programs. Am from Malawi, where 60 percent are youths and facing high unemployment levels and indeed poverty- less than a dollar a day. I have gone through the same corridors until I realise that there are resources to earn a living. For survival. With permaculture knowledge, I grow herbal plants, process them and sell to the communites. Therefore, would like to share my experiences and expertise with various youths in my communities and country through trainings and establishments of demonstration centres in their respectively gathering centres. I have registered environmental service centre where people can come and ask information on herbs, local medicines, garden designs, enterprenuership skills and knowledge. Contact:permaoutreach2@gmail.com


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