‘Burundi’s situation is NOT, or will it ever be, another Rwanda’. Speech of an expert to American senat

12 Dic

Burundian people discovered that any leader can be good or bad regardless whether he is Hutu or Tutsi. Now the majority of Hutu and Tutsi know that they have the same destiny and therefore must struggle together and celebrate what they have together. This shared struggle that both Hutu and Tutsi now experience is, however, endangered by a small number of older people who retain vivid memories of ethnic hate the violence it spewed. These few sadly try to embed their fears among younger generations. Our hope is that newer generations – today’s young people and their children and grandchildren – will remain united and refuse to inherit the dangerous ideology of the past.

The concept of genocide is being invented in minds of the opposition to show that the situation is
chaotic and they therefore call for external military intervention. As Michael Broache of the University of Tampa and Kate Cronin-Furman of Stanford University noted in the Washington Post on November 15, Burundi’s situation is “not, or will it ever be,another Rwanda.
It’s critical that atrocity prevention efforts take seriously the specific context in which violence is unfolding. Crying ‘genocide‘ instead of calling it what it is – political violence, with the possibility of escalating into crimes against humanity – does nobody any favors, least of all the
victims. In response to calls for military intervention, Patrick Hajayandi of the Institute for Justice and Reconciliaton wrote in the Daily Maverick on the same date that “Foreign military intervention could potentially cause a tense situation to become incendiary. A military
intervention is likely to radicalize both parties, and pit them against each other, creating an allout civil war.”


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