Bino and Fino Cartoons. Enjoying Nigerian children !

28 Nov

The culture of a people begins since we were kids and this, television programs, have great importance.
One of the most instructive for the imagination and the growth of children, are certainly the cartoons that often like to adults and create trends.
Recently I happened to see the cartoons of Bino and Fino, in Nigeria, I am very intrigued by the stories and the style and I was lucky enough to be able to do a short interview with Ibrahim Waziri, one of the directors of the Bino and Fino series.

AV: How did you get the idea of making cartoons?

I. Waziri: That’s an interesting question. The inspiration for Bino and Fino comes from our long term passion of wanting to create a kids cartoon and also addressing the lack of such content featuring black Africans.

AV: How important are the cartoons in Nigeria?

I. Waziri: The cartoon has been aired several times on national TV in Nigeria. The reception from families has been very positive and we hope to increase the show’s presence on TV in the future.

AV: You believe that the cartoon can help you better understand the events of life?

I. Waziri: Certainly! The whole essence of the show is to empower black and African kids with a show that not only represents them but also allows them to learn new things about their environment.

AV: The cartoons are followed more by children or by adults?

I. Waziri: I would say a healthy balance of both follow the show.

AV: Your cartoons reaching people only in Nigeria or other countries?

I. Waziri: Not at all. The show is for anyone who is looking for a well-balanced and positive image of Africa. We have fans in places such as Sweden and Brazil. People are just hungry for an authentic voice to introduce their children to African culture. Bino and Fino is for everyone.

AV: There are plans to also reach rural villages?

I. Waziri: Hopefully as technology progresses.

AV: In a world where cartoons are 3D, do not believe you that foreign competition can damage?


I. Waziri: Not at all. There is room for all forms of animation. 2D animation is still very much liked by younger children between the ages of 3 to 6.

AV: What are your next goals?

I. Waziri: We are just about to launch our first line of soft dolls which is available at our on-line store.

AV: As the motto of Bino?

I. Waziri: Nurturing young minds about Africa!

African Voices thanks to Ibrahim Waziri, directors of the Bino and Fino series



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