Terrorist attack in Paris. The direct consequence of the colonial policy.

15 Nov

The night of November 14 will be remembered as the nightmare of Paris. Simultaneous attacks at various strategic points of the French capital have cost the loss of 128 people, according to the information provided, unfortunately still incomplete. The terrorists have chosen places famous for its nightlife, tourist places extremely crowded. They chose the Friday night where people come out at the end of a working week for fun and relaxation. Even the 128 victims were out to have fun but never returned home. They are now in the morgue waiting to be recognized by their family. Even President Francois Hollande has escaped death and taken away immediately. The entire nation is in shock. The French government has proven to be vulnerable to terrorist attacks. The same vulnerability that French experts have always criticized to Kenyan government unable to defend his citizen from the attacks of the Somali Islamist group Al-Shabaab …

The terrorists could choose bomb blasts that make many more casualties. Instead they chose to enjoy the French to a terrific urban warfare, the same war that has been experimented for years in Syria, Libya, Mali, Central African Republic, all countries in which the French interferences are obvious. They forced the west colonial power to declare a state of national emergency, closing borders, suspend all flights. Extreme measures that not even the United States took after the attack of September 11th. Measures that reveal the extreme vulnerability of France. In the coming days we will witness the usual theatre, a real insult to the victims and their families. Experts will explain to us the danger of Islam. Honest Muslims will be forced to differentiate themselves from the terrorism and ISIL DAESH. Yet another humiliation for them as it should now be clear to every intelligent persone that ISIL or Al-Qaeda have nothing to do with the Islamic religion. Right parties will take advantage to increase Islamophobia and the French government will be sworn to increase efforts in the war against terrorism, perhaps trying to destroy the Assad regime in Syria, historic bulwark against terrorism in the region …

Will see a thousand reconstructions of Parish attacks and thousand of conspiracy theories appear like mushrooms adding confusion to the confusion and turning the truth in an interpretation. No one and I mean no one, however, will point to the French people that the attack in Paris is the direct consequence of the imperial policy of their government. A policy in which 128 victims of Paris are multiplied by thousand. Since the fall of Berlin Wall, France has embarked on an aggressive and criminal foreign policy aimed at defending the French economy that for at least 48 per cent is based on the robbery of its African colonies. Given the state of servitude in which the French-speaking African countries pay against France the term “former colonies” is an unbearable euphemism and its use a mystification of reality. In 1994 Paris helped organize and carry out the genocide in Rwanda.When events took an unexpected turn, the victory of the Rwandan Patriotic Front, Paris even sent his soldiers. The operation Tourqoise, disguised as humanitarian operation, had the task of saving Rwandan genocidal army, to reorganize it in near Zaire (now DRC) and launch the reconquers Rwanda.

This bailout set the stage for the first pan African war in DR Congo. From the bloody Sept. 12, 1996 when the Rwandan and Ugandan troops invaded Zaire to end the genocidal Rwandan forces backed by France, the richest country in the world inhabited by good people are no longer in peace. We condemned 52 million people to live in an eternal nightmare of low intensity wars, poverty, corruption, dictatorships, and systematic violation of human rights. The Central African Republic was under threat from France in 2003 to put in power the “friend” government led by General Francois Bozize.

After few years also Bozize became unreliable for Paris and in 2012 France supported the rebel coalition called Seleka to contrast it to the government Bozize. This is a bunch of Islamic extremists who demonstrated their inability to govern the country with President Michel Djotodia. Again the French strategists were forced to find other workforce: the Christian extremists Anti Balaka who made a terrible ethnic cleansing of the Muslim minority in the country. Now the Central African Republic is led by a puppet government headed by a president never elected: Charterine Samba-Panza and a chaos of death everlasting. All serious responsibility carefully hidden by the French Government.

In Mali France has funded the Islamic rebels in the north to break down another African president no longer to their liking, plunging the country into a civil war that has lasted since 2012. In Côte d’Ivoire they have even implemented a direct coup against a president who had really won the election: Laurent Gagbo replacing them with their man, Alassane Ouattara. Officially a respected former IMF officer. Actually a warlord leader of the “New Forces” with too many crimes against humanity carefully hidden by him and his Parisians accomplices. French did not appreciate Burkina Faso democratic revolution that brought down the regime of their friend Campaoré that gave to Paris a gift thirty years before: to assassinate of Thomas Sankara. Fortunately the coup organized by France in Burkina Faso last September has failed and the democratic process in the African country continues despite Paris.

To the east of Congo, Goma, capital of North Kivu, from 2013 French military instructors are training Rwandan terrorist group FDLR, what has now come to power in Burundi. France, through FDLR attempts from twenty years to regain Rwanda. They never forgave two things to Paul Kagame: to finishing the French rule in the region and to have rebuilt Rwanda. The list of crimes committed in Africa by the French government is so long it would take to write an essay. Its multinational corporations control entire African countries as the nuclear multinational AREVA that is the real government in Niger. French intelligence in 2014 have provided weapons to the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram to weaken Nigeria, regional economic power. The Raffalle combat fly helped to bring down the regime of Gaddafi in Libya, giving to Libyan people a mediaeval era of violence and Islamic extremism.

France, based on ideals of French revolution, betrayed already in the Napoleonic era, hides an imperialism based on the concept of superiority and the deep contempt for “indigenous” population and human life value. The history of French colonialism is not a civilization mission to distant primitive peoples, as the official history teaches. It is a story of murder, genocide, and slavery. The least known but most hiding example was the fate of Haiti. When the Caraiban isle won its independence France demanded 150 million francs for lost of salve and land. They also demanded this money because they claimed they trained the Haitians via slavery. When French understood Haiti inability to pay the absurd debt this was reduced to 90 milions francs to be piad over a period of 30 years. Haiti refused to pay its oppressor so French asked to U.S. to invade Haiti in 1915 and enforced this debts. Haiti never recovered from this crime against humanity.

In Syria, the goal is the same. The regime of Bashar Al-Assad has always served as a brake on Islamic extremism in the region but for five years, France is at the forefront to foment its collapse. The initial Syrian opposition was soon replaced by a myriad of Islamic terrorist groups up to the present day where the ranks of the rebels count 72 per cent of foreign mercenaries transforming Sirian liberation war in a war of foreign invasion . Despite the example of what happened in Libya after the fall of Gaddafi, French is at the forefront of continuing to supply the Syrian conflict without even thinking what it will be Syria and the entire Middle East after the fall of Assad .

Jihadists who join the French ISIL – DAESH belong to the urban underclass of North African origin to which every French government prevented always work and dignity. Various surveys have shown that these desperate young people are encouraged by the French secret service to join the ISIL. An estimated 1,500 young French people of North African origin have joined the DAESH after a period of three months of military training in Turkey. It’s well documented too the triangulations of weapons to the Syrian rebels who, unlucky, are mostly Muslim extremists.

The terrorist attack in Paris is a direct result of this foreign policy of death and destruction. A policy which Westerners refuse to recognize it as such, but that Africans and Arabs pay every single day the heavy toll. The attack in Paris demonstrated the unrealistic belief of the French Government to be able to dispense terror in the world in order to maintain political and economic supremacy without paying the consequences. The French government has not understood clearly that you can not export wars, violence, death and destruction throughout the world and hope that your country will remain immune from the blind violence and the spirit of revenge.

The French policy in the Middle East has contributed to the expansion of terrorism and the attack of Paris is its direct consequence. France knew yesterday that we live in Syria for five years. “Says the Syrian President in a statement to the news agency Sana. “Our choices of war we are presenting the account of years of violence and destruction. What we see happening in Europe for years is happening in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Syria. Rights, democracy and freedom are the only way to break the circle of violence and terror” This is the thought of the founder of Italian humanitarian agency Emergency, Mr. Gino Strada published on Facebook.

Paris terrorist attack is also the result of a schizophrenic policy of the French government with regard to Islam (the second religion in the country) and the Muslim community in France. Most French citizens of North African origin are standard “D” suspected of being all potential terrorists. Three thousand French citizens are in prison because of these suspicions. Fifty refugees of Arab origin are under house arrest for more than seven years without French justice has ever begun serious inquiries to see if they really are terrorists or if they are innocent. Pathetic to remember that that this is against the most basic civil rights. Often the suspects are under arrest by anonymous complaints how illustrates a report submitted a week on TV5 Monde: “Persecuted for their faith.”

Simultaneously with this blind repression we are witnessing of an incomprehensible tolerance of radical Islam in France. In the last three years French government has allowed the installation in France of 5000 Imam from Qatar and Saudi Arabia, countries well known to fund international terrorism. Thanks to Saudis funds these Imams in France have create several terrorism centres subjecting their extremist ideologies the poor and marginalized Nord African communities. This religious extremism are gradually replacing the true Islam making vain efforts of religious leaders who intend to teach young people the true Islamic values which Hassen Chalghoumi. Tunisian-born is the president of the cultural association of Muslims: Drancy and he promotes among other activities dialogue between Muslims and Jews.

To win the terrorism and barbarity we must turn the page and stop the ideology of absolute domination of the West. United States, France, Germany and other Western powers must realize that it is more humane, intelligent and economic became partner with the emerging powers and other countries to ensure peace, stability and coexistence in the world. We need to stop the hateful propaganda against Islam by associating it to terrorism that is alien to the Muslim religion. A terrorism that we have invented, when Americans warlords decided to create Al Qaeda to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan in the eighties. Even ISIL DAESH was created by us. Before this group was identified as a good weapon against the Assad regime, it was almost insignificant. Now holds a caliphate in Syria and Iraq becoming a threat to Africa and Europe. It is a urgent rethinking Western policy in the Middle East.

We need a different attitude to see the containment of the Israeli aggressive policy and recognized the need to dissociate ourself from the Arab monarchies main financiers of international terrorism promoting a process of democratization in the Arabian Peninsula. This attitude is not desirable but essential step to ensure security in Europe. Ultimately it is necessary to overcome Western ambiguity in relations with the Muslim world and Africa in general. An ambiguity that is the real cause of these tragedies. Send the aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle” in the Middle East to fight the Islamic State will serve to worsen the situation. The warship will leave French ports on November 18 and they are serious doubts that it will not be used against DAESH terrorists but against the Assad regime, with serious risk for world peace since the Russian military presence in Syria.

A different approach towards the Western world is required as the war on terror can not be won by a simple and tragic reason: Islamic terrorism is still considered by some western powers as the best weapon to destabilize countries “enemies” that these are Syria or Nigeria, it does not matter. But this weapon is uncontrollable, as the atomic bomb. The terrorist kill the enemy but also their  friends. They agrees to do the dirty work for us, but they developed own political agenda that inevitably leads to rebel against their godparents. For two years several Western experts warn of the danger sendig mercenaries to swell the ranks of the ISIL against Assad. For two years these experts, branded by Cassandre cursed, they said: “attention than them formed on the battlefields of the Middle East, will come back to us to sow death” Governments laughed at them. Now they are forced to impose a state of emergency in their national territory ..

Unfortunately, this change cannot be seen in the short term. It can be glimpsed only a spiral of violence where every terrorist attack will be revenged by drone attacks and the criminalization of Islam. French victims will be avenged by killing other Arab victims. Both civilians, both innocents. Western governments push us to the intellectual and moral barbarism, until create a public outrage on the victims western and a terrifying and brutal indifference to the thousands of Arab and African victims of an imperial policy of Western governments that they smell little of democracy in this historical period.

Islam is the enemy number one for the West white propaganda machine is repeating to us. Yet this demonized religion never accepted or justified horrible acts such as those committed daily by ISIL DAESH, our creature (I repeat) that surpassed for savagery and barbarism even Al-Qaeda. Few remind us that 95% of the victims of Islamic terrorists “These victims are Muslims who oppose the terrorism madness often paying with their lives.” As noted in our sleeping consciences Soufiane Malouni Arab activist who lives in Rome.

By contrast, Western governments stop your eyes on the propaganda of racial and religious hatred that various media and associations of ultra right spread with the target to exacerbate the situation. A crude propaganda, zany, identical to that of Radio Mille Collines or the newspaper Kangura during the genocide in Rwanda in 1994. And what about the director of Italian news agency ANSA that appeals to Western values? But which values is talking about? Democracy, justice, human rights? Since long time ago these values are ignored because the dominant Western value is only one: the god of money. That God that leads us to consider Saudi Arabia as our best ally and to offer the annual presidency of the Commission for Human Rights of the United Nations. A country ruled by a brutal and medieval dynasty where women are stoned and gay beheaded in the public square. A state terrorist hotbed of the worst Islamist groups, including ISIL.

The director of ANSA perhaps believes that the West and the white man were invented. Our lineage descends from the human race has only one origin: Africa. Our culture is contaminated mostly by Islam that during the Middle Ages gave Europe the best existing civilization. Our own Catholic religion is not a European religion. We believed in gods: Zeus, Jupiter, Odin. The Catholic religion has the same Abrahamic origin of Islamic and Jewish. Three religions born in the Middle East, not in Europe.

The terrorist attack in Paris again showed our vile hypocrisy. An hour after the attack President Obama declared his solidarity and condemned the act. The same president who took eight months to condemn the genocidal plans in place in Burundi. Eight months in which thousands of civilians were massacred in Burundi brutally under the indifference of the international community. It took the clear intentions of genocide pronounced by the regime to understand the danger. When the ISIL has shot down the Russian aircraft in the Sinai Western media were quiet and Western governments perhaps complacent. Palestinian victims have become a nuisance to be avoided as Syrian ones. This is the Western culture to accept? A culture that creates racial differences even over the victims, ethnic hatred and promises of more violence? If this is the Western culture all this nus be abjured with clear determination.

Unfortunately there will be no change on the horizon. We will see more deaths in the West because we are not capable of understanding the evil we have generated and how to stop it. An inability that devours us from the inside along with our decadent society starts at sunset. While the 128 victims will be buried in the cemeteries of Paris is still alive insult paradox of their president in a photo taken last May to wield the scimitar of conquest in Saudi Arabia, the state par excellence sponsors of international terrorism. During his visit the French military industry concluded good business. Seems so…

Fulvio Beltrami
Freelance journalist
Kampala, Uganda


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