It is not terrorism. The war came to Europe

14 Nov

African Voices is on the side of the French people, but not the French government. We do not support the aggressive policy of this term of the French, but even of the previous one and neither of those before.

Let us briefly analyze what happened:
France uses force across the African strip from Senegal to Sudan, Ivory Coast, Mali, Mauritania … and in North Africa as in Libya, that if today is a pile of rubble is mainly thanks to them.

In the Middle East, France is in Syria for a long time, unofficially. There, as in Iraq and Afghanistan have (with others including Italy) devastated countries, causing millions of civilian casualties, but this is called war, while the last night in Paris would be called terrorism. le’ts call it with the real name. thit is war on both sides plain and simple. The pain of today, of the French people and of the world is the same pain that millions of people continue to suffer… civilians that under the bombs of the planes that hit the barracks and military targets, but also schools, universities and hospitals…

Today many will put their on their facebook boards the French flag and iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower because the shape resembles the symbol of peace, good.

But if the civilian victims of France and of the coalition forces in the Middle East and Africa are millions, and the victims of their rapes and their pedophilia, are silenced, why we never see symbols of peace and compassion for these people ? No military or militia, but peoples.
Where is the “civil society” if there ever was one. May be out of context for us when the war hits our home or when it hits elsewhere, far away,this does not concern us?

I hope that Europe and the US in it’s very very large form may sit at a table with those who have always attacked and that a rise up from their seats sort out this kind of situation.. because only the peaceful solution for all parties..can allow a long lasting peace.
Otherwise, does no need to be a genius to understand that violence breeds violence in an escalation that began 30 years ago and that the vortex would be terrible for everyone, no ethnic groups and no race.

written by Editor
African Voices

translation by Giancarlo Sankara Calabria



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