Two Years Ago, Westgate attack! Our tribute.

21 Set

Exactly two years ago, a day like another, many families with children, couples were at the Westgate in Nairobi for shopping, enjoy or just window shop in stores. Everything was taking place in the best way, in peace and serenity. Until, the sound of gunfire echoed in the mall. I believe that, in the beginning, nobody really understood what was that noise. No one, until someone has fallen to the ground, dead or injured, and the blood began to flow.
Today, and more recently, the Westgate was reopened, it was made a beautiful ceremony and there were also survivors and families of the dead. Smiles and tears for the indelible memory that remains within each citizen who lived those moments of terror and every Kenyan who has been able to see or hear on the radio what was happening to his brothers.

The Westgate is new now, but the memory remain ancient. Broken lives and taken away in a second by those who loved them. New lights, new window shop in stores, new smiles. The Westgate has returned to life, but when they return to live peacefully the living, the survivors?

We will continue to remember the victims of terrorism, a way to pay tribute to them, to the families who daily face life with courage and to remember that the struggle to bring peace to Kenya and Somalia, continues until the end.

African Voices
Nairobi, Kenya



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