Burundi. Extermination.

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Starting from 1st September Burundi’s capital is the theatre of incredible extermination attempts against the population accused to don’t accept Pierre Nkurunziza illegal presidency. Witness describe a situation like terror operations perpetuated on WW2 by Nazis in occupied countries .

The extermination attempts are concentrated meanly on Jabe, Niakabiga and Musaga quartiers. After the urban fights occurred in several quarters of Bujumbura between 1st and 3rd September 2015 the police has isolated these popular quartiers with FDLR Rwandan terrorist support. Nobody can came in or out from the quartiers transformed in lagers. It’s not allowed to burry the deads murdered by the police that are decomposing on the streets with high risks of epidemics. Jabe head of quartier, Mr. Ildeponse Nduwimana, has been arrested on 3rd September during his attempt to bury a young murdered by police. The body was left on the street since two days. Mr. Nduwimana has been liberate after popular protests. On 5th September a police regiment has start extermination operation in Gikoto quartier too.

The regime is carrying out mass raids with the aim to create a fatal blow to the opposition and stifle the protests. The raids are extended in various districts of the capital as well in other cities of the country. Regime violent repression is particularly focus on Musaga quartier, considered, rightly or wrongly, the bastion of the protest. Diplomatic sources report that from 04 September, the police has start violent raids in Musaga quartier. “Young people, youth and adults are stopped in the streets or arrested in their homes, loaded by force onto trucks and taken away. After this the houses are looted. Once the operations will completed there will be ordered to bomb to knock down Musaga quartier by heavy artillery bombardment.” The diplomatic source said. Musaga quartier artillery bombardment, not yet occurred, may will be carried out by the police because the army has refused the criminal operation.

The information received by diplomatic sources is confirmed by several testimonies we have all protected by anonymity. Several witnesses reported the use of ambulances of the Red Cross Burundi by the police. “The police is adopting a new system to stop young people especially in Musaga quartier. They carry away the young uploading of ambulances transporting them to unknown destinations. We are speaking about several dozen of young citizen arrested and deported. Family members fear that their children are tortured or even worst killed” A witness said. Dozens of dead bodies photos found in various places in the capital are circulating on the web and social networks alongside the photos published by the families of the missing people in the hope of receiving news of their fate.

Leonard offers his testimony. “Musaga quartier has been transformed into an open air prison where the barbaric police violence was unleashed on unarmed civilians. Now it is clear that Burundian government has adopted the strategy to freezing the population with the hope that they will di by hunger and diseases. This is a crime against humanity. Every human being deserves respect

The cup of anger is now packed. Indignation, anger and revolt are feelings fed by the people and families of the victims in Bujumbura and all over the country. Police is arresting entire families, even mothers who are breastfeeding their little children. This is an horrific orgy of kidnappings, arbitrary detentions, tortures, murders and deportations. In Bujumbura several quartiers have been blocked. Thousand of citizen are deprived of food, electricity, running water. Police prevents even to removal of the corpses in the streets. They beat and kill journalists who try to witness the horror.” This is the dramatic testimony of Louise. Her testimony is identical to hundreds of others that the regime and its International accomplices continues to ignore affirming that is just subversive propaganda orchestrated by Tutsi and Rwandan government.

The armed resistance encountered in several Bujumbura quartiers in the early days of September is now completely absent. Opposition leaders and their experienced militants have escaped before. The opposition have considered useless armed resistance in the encircled quartiers. Better to flee within the country and to organize themselves into real armed groups of resistance. The protection of civilians is partially guarantee by the complex clan relationships (“Hill Brotherhood” as they are called in the country). Last Friday about thirty young men arrested in Musaga were released thanks to the intervention of the new Mayor of the capital that is native of Musaga. The Hill brotherhood consists of a solidarity between Hutus and Tutsis in the same neighborhood, village or hill. A system of mutual assistance which has prevented the implementation of the genocide even during the years of civil war (1993-2004).

Unfortunately, according to opinions shared with several Ugandan journalists, there is the suspect that the majority of young opponents arrested may be killed. The suspect is reinforced by the inability encountered by families to find them at the police station or in the prisons.
An alarm comes from diplomatic sources in touch with the editors. “The victims of the raids are deported to concentration camps hastily set up in various parts of the city. These spaces are surrounded by barbed wire with no shelter there toilet. In these camps, under strict military control, are concentrated old people, women and children. We ignores the purpose of these camps and the treatment that the prisoners receive” Diplomatic sources said. The concentration camps tactic has been adopted by previous governments. On the beginning of Burundian civil war (1993) Burundian army have deported in temporally camps at least 200.000 Hutu civilians. The difference between the past and present concentration camps may be the extermination willing of Nkurunziza government.

Officially, the government presented these pogroms against civilians as security operations aimed to recovering illegally held weapons and to restore peace in the country. The official justification was provided Thursday Sept. 3 by Paul Barandagiye Interior Minister during a press conference with the presence of the Ministers of Defense and the Intelligence Chief. The government has assured that in three weeks will recover all illegal weapons and restore order in the country. The official version is echoed by French Medias controlled by the French Hollande government like: France 24, TV5. These French medias support Burundian government official version transforming the pogroms as “normal” police operations even if they are forced to admit that so far has been found only one firearm. They minimize the mass deportations of citizens and disappearances of hundreds of young people. “This is a ridiculous version of events which contrasts with reality. The alleged search for weapons held illegally does not justify the deportations and the encirclement of entire quartiers where police deprive citizens even buy food or to transport the sick and injured to hospital. This is a deliberate mass extermination plan. The world observes the regime that one day will be brought to trial.” A Bujumbura witness said.

The government give authorization to operate almost exclusively to foreign journalists of French nationality belonging to the media mentioned. These journalists are controlled by the government that would limit their movements and would supervise therir articles and reports before publication. Accusations flatly denied by the French diplomatic representation in Bujumbura.

To the other foreign journalists government refuse to stay in the country, forcing several international Medias to utilize Burundian journalists. A very dangerous information service. Last Friday, a Burundian reporter of Radio Television Belgium (RTBF) was savagely beaten by the police. The regime doesn’t want the Medias diffuse information about what is happening in the country, different from the official versions. The precise orders would have been given to the police to identify and eliminate Burundian journalists and bloggers who work with foreign Medias.

Directives were issued by the government even to loyalists of the ruling party CNDD-FDD who live in Europe in order to engage in counter information to refute the reports of massacres and repression carried out by the Nazi regime. Particularly active are CNDD-FDD extremist cells in Italy, Belgium and Canada. Their clear racial hatred, their accusations against the media and journalists to be hired by the Government of Rwanda, to serve Tutsi cause of spreading racial hatred against Hutus, and the inconsistency of their arguments, makes this counter information ineffective and not credible .

In my opinion Nkurunziza are making a sweep operation of physical elimination of cells of resistance and opposition in the capital and in other major cities. The goal is simple to understand. The regime is preparing to face a long civil war by ensuring complete control of the capital and the main cities of the country. Once he will reach the goal the regime can face a clash with the rebellion that is forming within the country, deprived of popular support in urban areas. The previous civil war teaches to us a simple lesson. Any Burundian regime that has control of the capital and the main cities of the country: Cibitoke, Ngozi, Karuzi, Muhinga, Kurundom, Ruyga, Musada, Bubanza and Nyanza, can resist indefinitely against rebel forces and reaching peace accords in a strong military position.” An Ugandan military expert interviewed on the subject said.

There are attempts to coordination activities performed by seven armed groups of opposition both Tutsi and Hutu. It should be noted that these countryside rebel groups, even if supported by foreign military experts, are poorly armed and are not currently a serious threat despite the first attacks on the capital. The bulk of the rebel armed forces trained and motivated would still hiding in neighboring countries, which deny their existence. In general Burundian population is uncertain about the reasons that prevent a military intervention by neighboring African countries to prevent an imminent humanitarian tragedy. Many Burundians await freeing the country from outside forces although they start to lose their hopes in front of an inexplicable passivity of the regional powers. In the coming weeks African Voices will intensify its investigations onto these alleged camps. If the news is confirmed by irrefutable evidence this would show a radical and dangerous change of the regime oriented to dramatic extermination solutions in order to maintain its illegal power.

Fulvio Beltrami
Kampala, Uganda



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