Mr. Obama Tour. Africa has no need lessons about fake values.

4 Ago

Nigeria, Kenya and Ethiopia U.S. President visit has been cover by international Medias offering a unilateral Western point of view. A good man representative of a Great Nation that teaches to nigger students the sense of high values like: Democracy, Human Rights, Sexual freedom and so on.

Mr. Obama in his speech to African Union assemble has condemned the African Heads of State attached to the power ad all African nations where gays are persecuted. Sincerely I found hypocrite and total inadequate Mr. Obama speeches. Till when Medias have been limited to focus on pathetic histories about his roots in Kenya all was still supportable. When they transform him in U.S. President champion of Freedom and Democracy all became intolerable. Which Freedom and Democracy we are speaking about? We just shortly look about U.S. hidden reality and we can understand that all this is a clear No Sense.

African Presidents attached to power? Since U.S. born as Independent Nation only two Parties are allowed to play the game: Republicans and Democrats. Both are capitalist’s parties. In theory they differ each other because Republican represents right ideology and Democrats liberal ideology. In reality there is no a great difference between the two parties apart the Corporate interests the each party represent. Every other political movement that has attempt to impose itself in the national political sistem has systematically been destroyed or by force or by financial possibilities negation. In the last three decades U.S. Presidency has been shared by two Families: Bush and Clinton. Mr. Obama has been an exception created by Bill Clinton just to reinforce worldwide U.S. democracy false myth: “everybody can become U.S. President, even a nigger”. This exception will end soon and the imminent electoral campaign is again dominated by Clinton and Bush families. After the Nigga a woman may sound nice isn’t it? So where is the difference with African Presidents? The only one and very thin is the in U.S. the power is shared by two parties and two families…

African elections are not credible, inclusive and transparent? In U.S. we are assisting to a systematic abolition of popular vote right done by financial selection. The decline of voters earning less than $50,000 per year is dramatically increased since 2000. Meantime election participation among high-income meters improved sharply. Nowadays U.S. President is meanly elected by the richest 1% of the population. 2004 Bush second mandate has been characterized by electoral frauds similar to ones committed in DRC on 2010 Joseph Kabila second mandate. Economist James K Galbraith wrote for the occasion: “If we must applied the same standard that Jimmy Carter Foundation is asking to Poorest Countries on term of free and transparent election, then our own presidential elections are certainly and regularly stolen”.

Speech, dissidents and press freedoms are not respected in Africa? Since 9/11 every spontaneous demonstration in U.S. are forbidden. Demonstrations are allowed only within tightly controlled spaces and riot police brutally rush in at the first hint of disorder doing an indiscriminate, offensive and dangerous use of water cannon and tear-gas. Demonstrators are regular bad beaten and in same case police open fire on them has happen in April 2003 in Oakland, California led by Hollywood actor “Terminator”. Police open fire on anti-Iraq war demonstrators. The crime has been protected by California Anti-Terrorism Act. Independent Medias and journalists are scientifically target as well bloggers that spread on internet critics to U.S. government internal or foreign affairs. Free expression and the First Constitutional Amendment rights have become the real target of American legislators.

Human Rights neglected in Africa? Every day in all U.S. territory 45 Afro Americans are arrested by unclear charges. To 85% of them is denied the right of fair process. Every day 02 Afro Americans are injured or shooting down by police and paramilitary forces in undeclared race war. I don’t want boring you speaking about worldwide crimes against humanity committed by U.S. allies like Israel or Saudi Arabia systematically protected by the White House. In the same day that Mr. Obama was teaching human rights to Africans U.S. first ally in Middle East has been accused to use torture as method of control against Palestinian children detained. Torture done even against children under 14’s. I have not earn about Mr. Obama strong condemn against Prime Minister Netanyahu. I earn only Mr. Obama condemn to Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, the “bad gay” that on 2000 did the Land Reform in his country against White Masters… Abu Ghrabil and Gantanamo are organized centres of torture and human rights abuses that become to symbolize internationally the U.S. attempt to set up law-free detention zones.

The gay issue. Underline the moral duty to defend personal sexual choice and sexual expression freedom I start to see U.S. defence over gay rights as a hypocrite obsession that hide other intentions. It’s true that U.S. High Court has decreed as Constitutional the same sex marriage right but it’s true that almost half of U.S. confederation States have anti-gay law that are against American Constitution and human rights. So a question is obligatory. How it’s possible to speak in defence of African gay rights when in own country the way to guarantee them are still long? It’s the same to blame the own son spending money with street hookers when the father is the first to do it. There is no coherence in all this. Just as title of example in February 2005 the mental health division of U.S. Health and Human Services, by treating to cut funds, coerced the organizers of a federally funded conference to delete the worlds “gay”, “lesbian” “bisexual” and “transgender” from the title of workshop about the suicide prevention. The coercion is still now applicate even if among gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender U.S. communities suicide risk is two to three time higher that the average even in U.S. States where sexual freedom is guarantee by law.

It’s seem that there is a willing to impose gay rights and culture in Africa when the right approach is to create peaceful dialogue and mutual respect and trust between gay and heterosexual universes. In Europe and U.S. gay movements are transforming themself in powerful lobbies demanding new rights every day. Now the right to adopt children for gay couples is on the topic. Gay activism often stop when there is need to support other rights that doesn’t involve gays. Africa has its traditions. Some tribes accept homosexuality as normal human been behaviour, others no. It’s a must defend sexual freedom but is an absurdity to impose it to foreign cultures. Often U.S. gay right defences is transformed in a political weapon against African countries unwilling to cooperate for American wellbeing. A weapon easily forget when it’s convenient to do so like Mr. Obama has done during his visit in Nigeria, a country that has introduced the capital punishment to gays in its Penal Code just one year ago.

Mr. Obama African Tour real interests and intentions. “Nigeria is the most important country in Africa and it is the country that has the most influence on the direction that Africa takes. Nigeria in recent years undertakes major reforms that are helping stimulate the economy and shift away from an over-reliance on oil exports. Ethiopia still lags far behind other countries in deregulating some key sectors of the economy, especially telecommunications, land markets, banking, and finance. This represent a serious obstacle to U.S. penetration in the country. Kenya has discovered important oil and natural gas reserves that can end to China.”, explain Mwangi S. Kimeyi, a senior fellow at the U.S. Brookings Istitution’s Africa initiative. U.S. has a desperate need to stop China concurrence in Africa. U.S. industry needs African natural resources at cheapest price. White House is horrified about African Renaissance movement that are conquer several African governments.

An African Renaissance based on management of own natural resources for start own industrial revolution and become a world power ending the role imposed by Western of world natural resources basket. It’s incredible listen Mr. Obama speak about human rights and democracy during a visit of three countries considered the worst in human rights respect. Nigerian Army is committing atrocities against civilians during the fight against Boko Haram on North. Kenya is persecuting Somali and Muslim communities in name of the War against Terrorism. Ethiopia right now has a horrible human rights record on a number of accounts. There were bloggers that were released just because Mr. Obama was visiting and incarcerated again the day after he left, Ms. Irene Ikomu, Coordinator Parliament Watch Uganda said. “U.S. strategic moves right now impose to Mr. Obama to focus in Africa not politically. It’s very much on economics” Ms Ikomu said. We cannot forget that Obama administration is one of the mainly actors for the failure of President Kenyatta ICC trial in change of oil. An International Court utilized by U.S. and Europe as a coercion tools exclusively against Africa. How to be surprise if African country are not more willing to recognise ICC authority?

Mr. Obama African Tour has been represented by Western Media as a great success. In reality it is the worst failure of foreign policy of an American President. Mr. Obama has obtained the contrary effect reinforcing the ideas of U.S. colonialism to exclusively vantage of China and BRICS countries that have choose a soft approach in Africa and now are willing to materially and financially support the industrial revolution in the Continent. Mr. Obama visit is totally integrated into Neocon willing of an America that exercises its power aggressively and unapologetically. A dogma to promote America Corporation self-interest with as much disregarded as possible for international law, organisations, countries and opinions. The Western Medias centric view has not given space to African opinions well expressed by African Union chairman Daimini Zuma. On her welcome speech to Mr. Obama has remembered that U.S. is a great nation founded on forced labour imposed by slaves kidnapped from Africa. She has lobbied for a Continental representation on U.N. Security Council Permanent Members and the moral duty to resolve and vindicate past and present injustices that African were and are victims. Strong world that most probably Mr. Obama has not or doesn’t want understand.

Democracy and human rights reinforcement are real problems in Africa as the Western rape over natural resources, Western intrigues to create civil wars and instability in African countries considered hostiles to West policy and West economic interests. Gay rights are important as the need of industrialisation and indigenous management of natural resources for African wellbeing and African social improvement. Africans are not more the teenagers sadly abandoned by Colonial Powers. They have grown up by own self and, rightly, they want African solutions on African problems. Mr. Obama African Tour, see with the eyes of a Western guest here in Africa as I am, it’s a failure and a clear sign of Western decadence. A Western decandence that will benefit to Africa waiting migrants economic western refugees asking asylum in the Continent. Will not pass long time to assist to this historical reverse migration, believe me dear African brothers. My poor intervention on the topic shall end given the worlds to Africans in order to don’t emulate Mr. Obama teaching obsession. I chose a comment of Xolile Mgijuma publish on the page of concerning the article Obama to African Unione: ‘Nobody should be President for life

The problem of Obama is that he come to Africa not to listen on the domestic issues. He comes to lecture. It is like if he knows better… Long serving presidents is and was never an issue. The issue is that Africa is still under the control by the West… France, Britain, etc are still controlling this continent together with U.S. that Obama is leading. Our resources and everything we have is still benefiting those who ruthlessly oppressed Africa. Obama has addressed that? No. He can’t… African problems will be solves by African people. If Obama knew better it he would have come with a different strategy…


Fulvio Beltrami
Italian freelance journalist.
Kampala Uganda.



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