African Voices after five years changes its skin and is renewed

13 Lug

After 5 and a half years of activity on Facebook, but also on Twitter and Tumblr, and after that a year ago I dared to want to open the African Voices Web TV with some African journalists, who nevertheless left behind a group with almost 3000 Africans people to grow, African Voices page and therefore the blog, like a snake, skin change.

In these years I deliberately did everything myself to broadening my experience and my knowledge on the Continent to 360 °, even knowing a lot of people including journalists, bloggers, opinion leaders, religious activists, etc … with whom I had the good fortune to communicate, find common interests and mutual respect.

African Voices has never closed a single day, and it is a commitment that I will continue. But now I will not longer alone.

Knowledge and dialogue, as I said, has led me to meet many people whom I respect deeply, women and men engaged and living the daily life in they African countries.

As admins like me, have joined people who write and publish posts directly from Egypt, Somalia, South Africa, Kenya. Africans who are very familiar with their country and are able to look objectively at the facts offering readers news in real time and real breaking news.

All those who have agreed to cooperate and others in the future will come, will write in English, Italian, Arabic, French and Portuguese and of course no reader will ever know who it is because publish in total anonymity under the AFRICAN VOICES brand.

Other active and ongoing collaborations with Fulvio Beltrami from the Great Lakes Region, Francesca Guazzo from Malawi, Valeria Alfieri from Burundi and our music expert Italo-Senegalese, Lamine Ndour.

I know and I do not pretend that African Voices is a page that can be good to everyone, but what is now important is that the reader has a better quality of information, and it can continue to be a benchmark for the most important news from all African countries in the style of our page with a louder voice by African people.

Other goals that we are pursuing are: to improve the web site, invest Blog … and other little things that we will talk next time.

Marco Pugliese



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