Europe. Be careful with migration.

29 Giu

Migration in Europe is one of the first topics on Western Medias and source of controversial and worries for Western governments and peoples. Thousand of analysis have been written by Europeans and Africans leaving in Europe. African Voices wants offer you a different and maybe controversial point of view written by an African activist woman from Democratic Republic of Congo: Yvonne Bamswekere whit the hope that will contribute to open a deep reflection about African migration in Europe free of racism and irrational feelings of brotherhood at all costs.

These days we assist to a drama of world dimension. Thousand of migrants are trying to reach Europe in any way, legal and illegal. Form Africa migrants choose the weakest European countries like Italy and Greece and they are willing to risk their lives in dangerous journeys across countries in civil war like Libya and to affront Mediterranean sea with old boat. Behind them there is a potent mafia network that in Africa is organized not by Europeans but by Africans. The reactions of West are contradictories. Somebody evoke borders closure and strong Mediterranean Sea military monitoring. Somebody evoke migrant quotas. Other free human movement without resolve immigration causes.

As African I observe all West attempts to deal with migration problem and I see a wrong approach from both sides. Military monitoring of Mediterranean Sea is almost impossible and too much expensive. Moreover when military navies intercept a migrant boat what to do? Sink it killing the passengers or escort the boat till the point of depart? The first is murder that can easily be transformed in genocide. Something similar has been tried with secret accords between Europe, Egypt and Morocco. These accords forecast development and military assistance in exchange of Egyptian and Morocco engagement to stop migrants to come in Europe. Egyptian and Morocco military navies when intercept migrants boat the sink them killing all passengers. An unofficial immunity is granted for them by Europe that will never permit an international investigation of these mass murders. Unlucky these crimes are not able to stop migration. For these North African governments is just a way to get money killing what they call “Afro” that in Arab mentality is a term utilized for sub human species.

The second is no sense. For each boat escort back will be other three ready to attempt to reach European coasts. Welcome migrants even whit the introduction of quotas is technical impossible and will damage the already weak European economies and societies. How you can welcome thousand and thousand of migrants in your country when you suffer of mass unemployment, economic crisis, and your social welfare is reducing progressively because lack of founds? What you will do? You will provide social assistance, free health and education and job opportunities to us when you are not more able to provide to your people?

European attempts to resolve migrant problem are designated to fail because Europeans have not really understood the causes and they are affected by several prejudices that make more confusion on the existing one. European thinks that who choose migration is because is poor. Wrong! 98 per cent of poor African they leave and die in Africa! To afford a journey till Italian of Greece coast you need at least $ 5,000. How an African peasant, urban jobless or poor women can afford this sum that will never see in all his life, living with $1,5 daily? The majority of African migrants are coming form medium class. They have studied on the Universities in their countries and have professional qualifications. Their families can afford the sum needed because migration is considered investments. Once the son or daughter is in Europe and find a job the family will receive at home a monthly income in hard currency. Will increase also the opportunities to send other family members to Europe for example utilizing the trick of false marriage certificates. Tricks utilized exploiting the good willing of European, their story of human rights and the impossibility for European governments to distinguish between a true and false marriage certificate, both release by African governments. The false one obtains thanks to corruption, of course.

Inside European public opinion is deep the belief that all African desire to migrants because of our Continent is poor and ravaged. Wrong! Most of African migration is coming from six countries: Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Nigeria, Somalia, and Senegal. DRC, Eritrea and Somalia have a situation of instability, dictatorship, civil war and absence of government. Nigeria and Senegal the situation is different. These two countries have not a bad situation. Nigeria is an African power and Senegal a strong democracy with an economic grows. So why Nigerian and Senegalese want come to Europe? Because they think that they can have easily life, have a job in hard currency, and exploiting European social welfare playing the role of poor nigger victims. A role so easy to play with many naïve Europeans… In the majority of African countries the migration is not to Europe but to other African countries, like Zimbabweans those migrants to Angola or South Africa, or Sudanese that migrant to Egypt. Continental migration has not reach proportion like the European ones because most of African countries are growing up and there it start to be available job or business opportunities. Most of the African countries have the European situation after WW2 on Fifty and Sixty. If they manage well natural resources, they start industrialization process and they control the democratic growing will be able to become Middle Income Countries between 2030 and 2040. Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania, in East African have already a strong development even if the industrial revolution has not yet started as forecast.

European migration is damage your countries but is damage more Africa. At your homeland are increasing social difficulties because of impact with different cultures in an economic contest of depression. It’s increasing a racist ideology that make strongest the Ultra Rights and Nazi parties whit a great risk for your weakly and sick democracies. Anyway it is in Africa that the collateral damages are compromising the future. Because mostly of whom is attempting to migrant in Europe is coming from middle class, Africa annually loose thousand of brains needed for Continental development: doctors, engineers, IT specialists, and so on… Ironically these migrants with great professional skills rarely will find an appropriate job in Europe.

They will work in factories, in informal sector, in restaurants or as occasionally man power in agriculture…
African migration has a hidden expect of criminality that is originated from Africa. Who is organizing illegal migration on boat are not your mafia networks, are ours. The most actives are Libyans and Nigerians. European mafia networks can collaborate with ours network, can be also associated but they have no possibility to organize thousand of journey every year. Nigerian prostitutes that you enjoy on your street or bush in Italy are victims of Nigerian mafia not Cosa Nostra or Ndrangheta. What you call “scafisti” are meanly Arabs from Libya. Rarely are Italians. As was the case on XVI century the modern slave business from Africa is under control and promoted by Africans.

African migration is a direct consequence of Western propaganda. In order to maintain a control on natural resources in Africa your governments are still spreading White culture and society supremacy in the Continent as it was on colonial times. This left us thinking that in Europe there is no problems, the life is easy, the jobs are there as good houses and nice cars. Your people when came to Africa the spend money as crazies, they don’t care. All these bring to naïve Africans to indentify Europe as their El Dorado to reach at all costs: marring an old fat white woman or man or tray an infernal journey on Mediterranean Sea. Who attempt these show to don’t have brain. If you are able to get $5,000 instead to try a riskily journeys to live as beggars in Western El Dorado in the best option or die on cold water sea or to be forced to have sexual intercourse with disgusting beings, it’s thousand times better to open a commercial activities in your country. With $5,000 you can start medium commercial activities in agriculture, phone and IT products, food or retail shop. If business will go well you can reach a life style thousand times better than migration live conditions experimented in Europe.

European political propose to soft anti migration policy will make worst the situation and will increase illegal migration. Military defense of Europe borders is a no sense So what remain to do? Which one is the right approach?
A good start is stop military interferences on foreign countries. European mentality for centuries has create the symbiosis between the necessity to expand own influences and business with violence and wars. It’s something deeply ingrained on European mentality. If a European country want expand his influence and business opportunities immediately will try to create instability or conquer another country. This has been the normality for centuries in Europe originate the 100 Year War, WW1 and WW2, the pillar of colonialism conquest and now the principle number one that governs the relations with Africa, Asia and Latin America. Any country not willing to accept Western democratic principles (means Western economic supremacy and the right of exploitation on your own natural resources) is first objective is destabilizing attempts and accusation of human rights violations.

Even if this modus operandi is deeply promoted by U.S., Europe is following because considers this way as natural way to impose European supremacy. Middle West chaos from Syria to Yemen and civil wars European created in Africa: from Mali to South Sudan, create the collateral effect to increase illegal migration. Nowadays a strong percentage of illegal migrants is coming from Middle West, for example. Western war mentality and desire of supremacy is bring U.S. and Europe on the failure because they cannot compete with China and BRICS countries soft approach and is creating only alienation and rancor of the rest of the world, increasing terrorist activities worldwide. I still remember how we get with joy the news of New Your terrorist attack on 11 September. Most of us where happy: Finally Americans Dies!

The abandon of war mentality must be linked to serious development policies concentrated on African countries where illegal migration coming from. Development policies that must include: reinforcement of democratic institutions but not necessarily equal to yours , equal economic partnership, real partnership to start industrialization process and faire economic exchanges. West will lose some profits and welfare but will gain in stability and will mitigate illegal migration. We Africans don’t need somebody that want impose himself to all costs. We need honest partners that understand a simple but hidden true: our development and welfare is his development and welfare.

Once consolidated a new approach in international relations, the migration policies must be based on the principle of free human movement, till now granted only for goods and money… Everybody has the universal right to leave where he / she likes. Work or study opportunities must be assured everywhere. If an Italian want leave and work in Congo shall be welcome as a Congolese that want leave and work in Italy. What is important is that migration is a free individual choice not a necessity. Europe must understand that its time has ended. The world is going to multicultural integration and connection. Whites are losing their supremacy despite all the wars and instabilities that they provoke. For their race conservation thousand time better to change their mentality and look foreign, niggers, Asians or Latin as opportunities not as enemies or exploitation opportunities. These suggestions are utopia you are free to thinks. Anyway this is the only one opportunity that remain to your race at risk of extinction…

Fulvio Beltrami
Kampala, Uganda



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