Africa to Africans. Would be right.

22 Apr
I’m coming late, I know.

I often, maybe it’s age, or maybe it’s the inability to rationalize immediately, to get them through stunning when you suffer a trauma
as after a fall from a bike, after a tumble during which the whole world is swirling around, when you stop and you sit to consider that, despite the scratches, pain and shame, are you there yet.

I’m coming late and has already been said so much, even too much, to the point of not knowing whether to say again: why, then.

But I can not hold it in and I can not suppress it and put it to rest.
I saw a picture yesterday, a little girl with cute dresses, green pants and a blouse with fantasy flowers on red: almost went to a party or in a place where it’s kind present themselves well.

She floated expanse, seemed asleep. She could have five years old.

No, I really just can not take it off, eyes, stomach.

The sea rocked her, stepfather, murderess innocent. Actually held her, almost in exposition, to show what we were capable of. All.

The sea is cold and when it is dark black with fear, because envelops you and goes everywhere.

What is now specify that the child was African, with dark skin?

Or the fear is different for a little girl with pink skin and delicate, when only hear cries of despair and does not find the arms of his mother to lift it and save it?

What is the consideration that my children were born in Africa, to establish that my dismay at this indifference of the world is enormous and my involvement is conditioned?

Deliberately I avoid reading newspapers items .
Often the hyperrealism of pain he functions as an anesthetic for overexposure.

I avoid to consider the comments of those who greeted with derision violent and vulgar tragedy “of the sea“, not because they are odious, but it is not the fault of scavengers if someone dies.

It does not quite stand the hypocrisy of those who clings in deviant analysis: the Libyan crisis; of those seeking palliative solutions, to those who can not see the real problem, of those who imagine ephemeral interventions and facade: the blockade, the sinking of the boats ……….

Triton, Mare Nostrum, you see that Italy’s problem is its dependence on the “griffe” and by the designers of the definitions.

The only real solution, which everyone knows, but no one mentions is the return of Africa to Africans.

The only effective deterrent to not push millions of children, women and men to abandon their homes, their land and their roots is to return their water, traditional plantations, oil, gas, diamonds, minerals and precious metals for high technologies.
To be able to live of their work, their resources, without having to run away.

The wars? Are the tool that was introduced on purpose to destabilize any attempt to be normal. Here, for the sake of compensation, we should take action to disarm the violent and bloodthirsty mercenaries, to create conditions of stability and security.
This should take care everyone, not just the Europeans.

How much would all this corporations, arms manufacturers, the world economy?
I do not know.

But it would be right.



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