Breaking News. Kenyan Government known about University College Garissa massacre since 25 March!

4 Apr

A probe about Kenyan Government guilt and responsibility over University College of Garissa has came from Kenyan Intelligence Services. An internal lead has been transmitted to some journalist. It’s a authetical letter singed by Kenyan University Chief Security Officer W. M. Wahome dated 25th March 2015. The letter has been publish by the London based newspaper Dailymail and here reported for African Voice public.


The letter, addressed to all the Universities of the country, informs: “Intelligence reports indicate that the Al-Shabaab terror group is planning retaliatory attacks at vital installation in Naiorobi including a major University. The information is already been processed by the revelant government agencies with an objective of putting necessary measure in place to fail any such attempts.” In the letter Mr. Wahome advice to all Kenyan Universities “to be vigilant and diligent”.

Al-Shabaab attack to University College of Garissa show the total criminal failure of Kenyan Government to put necessary measure in place to fail any terrorist attempts. The attack has been easily perpetuate during students preparation for celebrate the Last Supper and the Good Friday. Garissa attack is believed to be the worst terrorist attack on Kenyan soil since the bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi in 1998 which killed more than 200 people.

Garissa town and district are under attack since 2011. The town is located less than 140 kilometres from Somali border. This eliminate the logistic problems for perpetuate attacks from neighbor Somalia. On 1st July 2011 Somali terrorists attacked simultaneously two churches in Garissa. The Central Catholic Cathedral and AIC church. The assailants killed seventeen people and left fifty injured. On 30th September 2012, two police officers were shoot dead while patrolling along Ngamia road in Garissa. On 1st Novembre 2012 a policeman was on shot dead and another seriously injured on by assailants in Garissa town. On 20th December 2012 Al-Shabaab militants shoot three people dead and injured one person on Kenyatta Street in Garissa. This attack has been done one day after the blast outside Al Amin mosque in Nairobi. On January 2013 several grenade attacks and ambush has been perpetuated in Garissa districk and Garissa town killing several people including three police officers. Several other minor terrorist attack has been perpetuated all over 2013 and 2014 transforming Garissa town and Garissa district the worst security area in the country.

25th March 2015 Mr. Wahome’s letter probe out of any reasonable doubts that Kenyan Intelligence, Defence Forces and Police kwon about Al-Shabaab intention nine days before the attack at University College. Terribles question arise. Why the Garissa University College internal security has not increase the surveillance and the attention as adviced in the letter by Mr. Wahome? Why Kenyan Defence Forces and Kenyan Police has not guarantee appropriate security to University complex? Why it has not been utilized the satellite system offer by U.S. Army to monitor any suspect movement on Somali borders. The terrorists are not Kenyan terrorist cell affiliated to Al-Shabaab but Somalis arrived in the town from Somalia.

Instead to protect Kenyan citizen President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government is increasing repression against them meanly to Muslim and Somali communities. Since February 2014 Garissa is under a wave of terror perpetuate against the population by Kenyan Defence Forces and Police. Several police operation involving KDF soldiers has been done burning down local markets and shot at crowd of protesters as has been happen on 20 November 2014 when a woman has been executed at cold blood with a shoot on the head and 35 protesters seriously injured.

A group of MPs led by Farah Maalim, have accused Kenyan officers of fomenting violence, raping women and shooting at civilians for no reasons. The MPs want take the matter to the International Court of Justice, accusing military commanders for crimes against humanity. During the government repression Garissa entrepreneurs have lost around 800.000 dollars in missed revenue and the business activities are stacked and the jobless are augmenting. Garissa Chatollic Bishops on January 2015 has ask to Garissa people to report any offence committed by Army and Police against the civilians. “We are trap in a deadly situation. If are not Al-Shabaab terrorist to kill us will be our policemen and soldiers” denounce a Garissa businessman.

Despide the commotion and the solidarity for Garissa massacre’s victims and their family, it has been reach the time for Kenyan citizen to force their government to be accountable for human rights violation in name of war against terrorist that are unable to win. Instead to terrorize civilians from Garissa to Mombasa the Government must protect its citizen or submitted its resignations. This is the general feeling of Kenyan population.

Fulvio Beltrami
Uganda, Kampala



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