BRICS against Dollar.

26 Mar

Life is for the Brave. Wak-up!

Bana Mayélé. They understood that the independence policy begins with the Monetary independence.

Brazil-Russia-India-China-the South Africa. Have made a covenant to say No to Dollard as currency Reserve. No to IMF as Investment Bank.
They created the BRICS but it is a project that is done. These countries are said emmergeants. You understand ?

World Wide moves for the Mint but Africa is moving in the presidential elections.
Pity. Who we injected Valium ? We sleep, we’re heavy.

We can just cheat on them to assert our sovereignty. Stop your political quarrels.
Keep your pride, your hatred and lust for power. Raise us above the men of this world.
Courage arm ourselves and say enough is enough. No to Colonialism, No to Françe, No to the CFA Franc. Let’s build our pride dice now. We are at the cross-roads.

Time is heavy outside, staying with family.

Sassou wants Dialogue, Me too. But we sort of the CFA franc. He is of age to take risks as an Arab old takes risks of transporting Drugs to enrich her children.

by Mireille Silande



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