British hypocrisy over Africa.

22 Mar

An U.K. report blaming the Sudanese government for being the main perpetrator of human right violations in Sudan.

The report listed a number of human rights issues including lack of freedoms, torture, women rights and religious freedoms. Khartoum Government responded on 15th March 2015 to the U.K. report. Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ali Al-Sadiq said in a press statement that the Sudan never claimed that the human rights situation has improved in the country. The African country is in permanent civil war since the early years of Seventy. Mainly of these civil wars have clear independent aspiration fomented by various movements with the target to break Sudan in pieces, deleting it as unify National entity and replace it with several little States weakly on the point of view economical and political and for this raison designated to become satellites or protectorates of Regional and International Powers.

The first victory of these underground independent movement has been South Sudan. After less than two year the new country has fall down in a terrible ethnic war and now risk the collapse. Several African political observers have the suspect that all these independent movements are supported by Western Power in order to reach the agenda of Sudan destruction. The meanly suspect are U.S. and Great Britain. In a prolonged civil war situation unlucky human rights abuses may become the normality not in Sudan only but everywhere. Thinks about former Yugoslavia or more recent Ukraine and Syria. The story of these three civil wars (where tow western country have been involved) demonstrates that the human rights abuses and war crimes are committed often by both sides. In the case of Sudan the West Powers for long decades have insisted that is only Sudan Government that is doing war crimes. These it’s seam more propaganda than genuine intention of reach justice.

The Darfur movements like Justice Equity Movement (JEM) are famous to put little attention to human rights and be mercenary in several African wars. Beschir Government has restricted several civil liberties during these long years of war. A not justifiable but real reaction in any countries in war. Thinks about the total negation of human rights for American citizen originally from Japan and Germany during the WWII. Thousand of them were segregated in concentration camps suspected to collaborate with the enemy. In the last two years Khartoum has demonstrated the willing to normalize the situation. Unlucky the Government react badly to any provocation done by the armed opposition that till now have not show any willing to start serious peace negotiations.

Darfur is the most evident case of West propaganda. Nobody can deny that in Darfur have been committed war crimes as nobody can believe that these war crimes has done only by Sudan Army. ICC inquire, that has led to transform a President in a wanted man, is based only on accusations of armed group from opposition. No one inquire has been directly done by ICC in Darfur. The lack of real evidences has forced ICC to freeze the legal procedure against President Omar el-Bechir. Recently ICC has asked to Sudan Government to arrest its President. In alternative ICC has asked to UN peace mission in Sudan to arrest Bechir. Both the requests are not realistic. ICC risks to do another flop after the one against Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta. The majority of African country are totally tired about the selective justice of ICC that try to trial only Africans neglecting all others suspects of war crimes and crimes against humanity, France, U.S. and U.K. included. London Government is the last entity that can speak about human rights violation committed by other Nations. Forget its colonial past (where several genocides have been committed in order to maintain the colonies in Africa, America and Asia). On 2014 U.K. is between the countries with a strong number of human rights violation.

The last but not least is the case of Harmondsworth immigration center. A real lager for African and Asian illegal immigrants. At the moment hundreds of asylum seekers are on hunger strike in protest about the poor conditions at the facility, located near London’ Heathrow Airport. “We are fight in order to obtain the closure of these detention center and to obtain our freedom” told one of the prisoners, a Ugandan named Ahmed to the RT’s Harry Fear reporter. He says that the very existence of the center goes against claim that Britain is a country of freedom. According to Ahmed the condition at Harmondsworth are inhumane. “They lock people round all the time. There’s no freedom. There’s no freedom of expression. The healthcare system is so inhuman” he said. The current hunger strike isn’t the first time that Harmondsworth has found itself in the center of controversy. In 2004, an immigrant committed suicide at the facility because of inhuman treatments received. Britain Home Office estimates that some 30,000 migrants and asylum seekers are detained indefinitely in the county each year while they have not committed any offence and their immigration status is resolved. Many are held for months or even years without trial.

Sudan Government is accused by ICC and U.K to don’t permit any independent investigation in Darfur or other parts of the country in order to verify the human rights violations. These can be probable, but we must underline that U.K. too doesn’t allow independent investigations over suspect cases of human rights violations. In the case of Harmondsworth lager, U.K. government has forbidden to investigative journalists from the Corporate Watch Group (CWC) to contact the prisoners and to do an independent investigation. “You guys are thinking to interview the migrants, take photos in order to show that they are living in bad conditions like rats. All these to have news to publish damaging the Government reputation. I cannot allow all this” an high responsible of detention center said to investigative journalist of CWC. An African proverb says: “If you want punish your children as father you for first must be the moral example of rectitude.” Harmondsworth dossier and other racial discriminations or human rights violation committed in the former colonial power doesn’t indicate that U.K. Government is the right father to punish any children.


Luca Paltrinieri


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