Burundi. The ancient hatred against the freedom of information.

18 Feb

I was awaiting and promptly came several reactions to my articles about Burundi.

For two days I received messages on Facebook from Burundian citizens clearly linked with the Government.

The underlying theme of the messages was the total denial of the criminal acts committed by the current Government, and well documented by the United Nations, International associations in defense of human rights, NGOs and local witnesses.

According the version given by these supporters CNDD-FDD government and President Nkurunziza they would not be promoting any campaign of extrajudicial killings, the Imbonerakure doesn’t exist, terrorists FDLR have never have entered Burundi, there aren’t project of genocide. At the contrary the Government is Promoting democratic values and ethnic coexistence.

This wave of political denials is associated with insults that tend to associate me with the “cockroaches” (Tutsi). According to these interventions I’m paid by the Rwandan Government, or, I’m an amateur journalist who tells lies.

There are those who goes further, insulting me.

Finally is coming the threat, the icing on the cake: “Show up in Burundi and you will do the end of your dirties friends Tutsi“.

This threat, insults and political denials are all signs of intolerance and fanaticism typical of blind ideology of Hutupower that has the same dynamics and logics of Nazism and Islamic terrorism.

Everybody criticize Hutu cause must be opposed and possibly shot down, as unfortunately has happened to our three compatriots nuns in September 2014: Olga Lucia, Bernadette

This blind fanaticism is the basis for every primordial ethnic cleansing and genocide. The hatred for the enemy is taken to the extreme until kill him becomes well and good. The same thinking of Boko Haram militants in Nigeria or the ISIS murders in Iraq.

This illustrates very well the current situation in Burundi, one of the countries most at risk for journalists (including foreigners).

An anachronistic situation which is based on ideologies conceived in 1957 that the Catholic Church itself recently has repudiated. Ideologies placed in the context of the Cold War and the necessity of maintenance of the areas of influence by the former colonies of the Western powers forced to grant independence becouse unable to sustain long and costly wars and territorial occupation armies.

It is vital that Burundi will align to the new African course based on trade and new challenges (the rational management of oil at the start of the industrial revolution). A new course that is transforming even international relations with a progressive detachment from the West at the same time seeking new partnerships with emerging countries from China to Iran, from Russia to Brazil.

Unfortunately, the present Burundian leadership is not willing to align with this new course and is determined to defend the ideals of racial supremacy outdated and harmful. A defense to the bitter end that leads to devise plans of extermination, and the psychosis of encirclement where every interlocutor with other points of view is automatically a dangerous enemy or their pernicious foreign ally.

This ruling class, manipulating and exploiting the illiterate Hutu peasant masses that are still forced to live in absolute poverty, in order to survive needs of the enemy or rather the ghost of his enemy: the Tutsi.

Burundi like every other country in the world cannot afford to have any policy anachronistic or to be autarchic isolated from the regional and international context. The change, which like it or not, is inevitable.

Unfortunately, I fear that the change will take place through a violent showdown and genocide, which I hope will remain just an attempt impossible to implement.


Fulvio BeltramiAfrican Voices
Uganda, Kampala



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