Burundi. President Nukurunziza declare total war.

16 Feb

Despite the Burundian people and international protests Presidente Pierre Nkurunziza has announced that will be the CNDD-FDD candidate for the presidential election in June. The announcement is the response to the campaign by over 300 civil society groups earlier this month calling on Nkurunziza not to run for a third term to “prevent further violence.”

Burundian President has warned that any attempt of street protest will be creak down without mercy. The warn is concerning the opposition leaders too. “Whoever calls on people to take to the streets will be considered enemy of the Nationa and will be treated as such” Nkurunziza said.
Heavy presence of Police and Genocide movement Imbonerakure has been registered in Bujumbura and in the major cities of the country. A mutual collaboration agreement has been signed with Rwandan terrorist movement FDLR actually under Presidential protection in Burundi. In case of need FDLR militias will protect President Nkurunziza from any attempts to his legitimacy.

Imbonerakure and FDLR militias have stated a campaign of extra judiciary execution of political opposition leaders and several Tutsi family in the countryside. Several regional and international observers concord that Burundi is near to the civil war.
Rwandan military forces stationed on Burundian borders have been reinforced in order to prevent FDLR invasion. Rwandan Army is under stress because it must control all the borders with Burundi, Congo and Tanzania. Rwandan Army High Command is discussing if lunch an offensive in Burundi against Nkurunziza regime or to wait the events. In the first case Kamame has need of Presidents Kenyatta and Museveny consensus because of Rwanda is linked to a military pact of common defense with Kenya and Uganda.

To complicate the situation arrive MONUSCO decision to don’t support the FARDC military offensive against FDLR in act on east DRC. It’s not clear if this decision will authorize or not a MONUSCO unilateral military offensive against FDLR done by the African Brigade of Intervention compose by Malawians, Tanzanians and South Africans soldiers.
In the case that MONUSCO will opt fot a military passivity part of FDLR contingent refugees in Burundi can came back in East DRC because of the military offensive decided by Kinshasa Government is a real farce. No combat engagements with FDLR have been registered till now.

The partial reposition in East of DRC of FDLR militians actually in Burundi can open a scenario of a possible invasion of Rwanda on four fronts: North Kivu and South Kivu (DRC), north-east of Burundi and south of Tanzania.


Fulvio Beltrami to African Voices
Kampala, Uganda


Una Risposta to “Burundi. President Nukurunziza declare total war.”

  1. Gahuza.com 16 febbraio 2015 a 16:04 #

    I don’t support a 3rd term of president Nkurunziza, but none of this content reflect the reality of what’s happening in Burundi. This is not journalism, it is a shame! Nkurunziza does not proctect FDLRs, there is no collaboration between the so called “genociders” and “Imbonerakure” . Can’t be stressed enough, this is not journalism, it is a shame!


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