The Africa Day. 26th May, the freedom day in South Africa

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On 26th May 2014 South Africa joined the continent in commemorating Africa. The twenty year old country joined the continent celebration a day later after the official global known date 25th of May. Africa Day was officially launched by Organisation of African Unity which is now known as the African Union (AU) back in 1963. The concept of Africa Day was a resolution by 32 African countries governments. Later other countries joined. South Africa is the lasted African country to join AU on 23 May 1994.

The South African the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Government Communication and Information also share some views on the continent economic front “The continent’s focus has changed from liberation to development, integration and socio-economic growth. Africa’s economic growth is on track and has in many cases surpassed the global average.

One very common view in all the Africa Day celebrations in South Africa was the need for the country to step forward to help drive the continent economic transformation. Most South Africans say, the twenty year old democratic country leadership believe that their country’s colonial independence was largely won through the efforts of other African country. So it then make sense that SA must give back to their continent.

Lots of commemoration events took place throughout the country. The government marked the day by the appointment of the new cabinet. Again the immediate release of the 276 abducted schoolgirls by Boko Haram dominated the dialogues at almost all the events and debates on the 25th of May.

Seven years ago in 2008 Africa Day was shamefully marked by rampage of xenophobia motivated attacks left 62 people dead motivated.

Political activists Nkwame Cedile said “Africa Day means the beginning of the time when African leaders got together to pledge continental solidarity with all Africans in the continent. The African dream should united, the continent must arise.” On other side Youth teacher Lusindiso Rubhen Cekiso.”This day is a day that reminds us as young African where this continent of ours has been through and how we have survived the pain, hunger, war and it reminds me to embrace the past so that we can forward as one nd fight for each other.

Williams said”South Africa congratulates our African counterparts for rising up to the challenges of the 21st century with vigour and determination so that a better life can be created for all the people of the continent.”She went on to say”All Africans should be rightly proud of the strides that have been made since the formation of the Organisation of African Unity 51 years ago.


by Lwazi Nyanakancesh Nongauza
African Voices , Johannersburg South Africa.



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