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After two years of thoughts, dreams and projects, 1th June, 2014 starting AFRICAN VOICES WEBTV , beautiful and ambitious journalistic project who wanna to bring news and African stories on your desktop computers , tablets and smartphones of world from African journalists, bloggers, writers, musicians and from diaspora

The African Voice WebTV propose Africans stories through interviews and stories of African journalists. But not just daily stories, we try to bring to the screen the minorities issues, human rights, women’s rights, children rights and those of illegal situations that often see younger people wasting their lives and a lot other themes.
We want to bring the information also in that part of the world which often ignores the existence of certain situations. Our reporters will dig in African culture up to modern Africa.

The videos will be broadcast on the African Voices site, on the Blog , Facebook page , Twitter, Tumblr and many other channels through friends and sympathizers of African Voices.

Journalists , bloggers, and contributors to African Voices are:
Aboubakar Sidick Mounchili, Cameroon – Daniel Addeh, Togo – Alessandro Parodi, South Africa – MWL Deo Kisandu, Tanzania – Freddy Mata Matundu, DR Congo – Eagan J. Bright, Liberia – Ogure Joshua, Kenya – Sébastien Lokossou, Benin – Lwazi Nyanakancesh Nongauza , South Africa – Marvis Mugarura, Uganda – Philemon Ndayizigiye, Burundi – Jean Robert Nchekoua Tchoumba, Cameroon – Winnie Kamau, Kenya – Jasmine Baraem, Egitto – Lamin Ndour, Senegal/Italia – Elisabetta Demartis, Italy – Clarissa Maracci, Kenya – Gahié Kuidé Bosow, Ivory Coast – Flavien Tchamdjeu, Cameroon/Italy – Jean- Claude Mbede, Ethiopia/Italy – Longo Issiya, DR Congo/Italy.

Our goal is to bring Africa and African news in Italy and in the world.
African Voices journalists will do it with passion and dedication of those who loves his country.


Marco Pugliese
African Voices editor



  1. 1 giugno 2014 a 07:59 #

    L’ha ribloggato su Flavio Standoli.


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