Rwanda. Terrorism Alert!

10 Mag

Friday 09th May 2014 Rwandan authorities have done an emergency meeting at Umuganda Stadium in Giseny, the border town near DRC North Kivu capital Goma. All Giseny population has been invited. All Giseny commercial activities, administrative offices and schools closed. The meeting was focus on: Terrorism Emergency, FDLR.

Authorities have explained to the population the last dramatic episodes informing that the first phase of terrorist attack organized by Democratic Forces for Rwanda Liberation (FDLR French abbreviation) has been started. FDLR groups composed by 10 or 30 militias have start to infiltrate Rwandan borders from DRC, forming combat units with the task to occupy strategic positions inside Rwandan border Provinces and to enroll Hutu population as more as possible. These groups should be the first wave of attack that will permit the invasion of FDRL troops in standby on Congo border: more or less 12.000 men.

During Giseny stadium meeting Rwandan authorities have share all information with the population verifying at the same time the real popular support to the Government. Support that may be confirmed by the strong presence of citizen with hutu origins and the statements done by their leaders. According the information received directly from Giseny, the representatives of the several urban and rural communities have clarify their refusal to fall down again in the ethnic war, accepting authorities appeals of collaboration in order to stop FDLR invasion attempts.

Rwandan authorities have chosen to adopt a non-extremist policy against FDLR terrorists affirming the possibility of social and economic reintegration of all fighters that accept to desert the genocide group and to disarm themselves. Amnesty and forgive will be offer only to simple fighters not to their commanders and the invasion masterminds.

Infiltration operations of FDLR combat units is part of Umudendezo Operationdespite that Rwandan police and army recently have destroyed a terrorist network created in Rwanda thanks to the collaboration of famous Rwandan singer Kizito Mihingo and the journalist Cassien Ntamuhanga, working with Catholic radio Amazing Grace Radio financed by Vatican. The two famous persons have been arrested Friday 11th April 2014. Mr. Mihingo and Mr. Ntamuhanga have tried to organize President Paul Kagame assassination too.

FDLR terrorist infiltration are starting from DRC locality of Nyanilima, north east of Rutshuru, 20 km far from Rwanda border.

Heavy responsibilities may be charged against U.N. DRC Peace Mission: MONUSCO. Since 05th May 2014 the peacekeeping forces are aware of terrorist presence in Nyanilima avoiding any military action against them in straight agreement with Kinshasa Government.

This is a clear violation of MONUSCO mandate to destroy all fighters groups in east of DRC. MONUSCO is ignoring the official request issued by U.S. State Secretary John Kerry during his visit in Kinshasa on 04th May 2014. During his visit Mr. Kerry has request to Joseph Kabila President and to Mr. Martin Kobler MONUSCO Chief to destroy FDLR as soon as possible in order to prevent Rwanda invasion and risks of regional conflict.

According information received several Rwandan Army units has been mobilized in high alert and UPDF units remain in stand-by on Uganda – Rwanda border ready to intervene conforming to the Military Cooperation and Common Defense agreement recently signed by Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. A nightmare situation for President Yoweri Museveni in deep difficulty in his military adventure in South Sudan in defense of President Salva Kiir and, naturally, Uganda oil interests in the youngest nation of Africa.

The first Rwandan authorities concern is regarding the population support in order to individuate and destroy FDLR terrorist units already present in the Country since some days. We received confirmation of several terrorist arrests done in several border towns and villages, Giseny included. This news allows supposing about a popular support to Kigali Government, despite FDLR genocide leaders wish of an hutu uprising against President Paul Kagame and tutsi community in Rwanda.

At the moment Rwandan Army is engaged to eliminate the first terrorist wave and avoid genocide invasion. Anyway we cannot exclude the Kigali decision to allow its well determined troops to pass DRC borders in order to destroy FDLR terrorist group present in east Congo since 1994. Starting from 2012 FDLR have create strong political and economic links and alliance with Kinshasa Government thanks to MOMUSOC complicity. A DRC invasion by FPR Army can be consider a preventive attempt to guaranty national security and the right to prevent a second genocide but the risk of a third Pan African war in DRC with heavy regional consequences is very high.

Terrorist emergency is ongoing after only 18 days from President Kabila decisionto ignore the Econonic Community of Great Lakes Country (GEPGL French abbreviation) agreements that regulate the free circulation of people and gods between Burundi, DRC and Rwanda. Kinshasa Government has imposed Visa fee payment for Rwandan citizen entering in Congo and heavy tax on imported gods coming from Rwanda. President Kabila’s decision has been partially respected by Congolese border authorities of Goma and Bukavu (South Kivu capital) because of the strong opposition of Congolese citizen of the two strategic cities in east DRC. This may be a signal that Congolese population cannot easy accept to follow military logics promoted by their Government in straight collaboration with French military advisers present in Goma since September 2013.

Rwandan terrorist alert is almost contemporary to Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza, genocide preparation denounced by U.N. Office in Burundi with the collaboration of Burundian genocide militia called Imoberakure (those who see far) that have received weapons from Bujumbura Government and military formation in east DRC provided by FARDC (Congolese Army) and FDLR veterans in full knowledge of Mr. Martin Kobler as usually.

Fulvio Beltrami
African Voices Journalist
Kampala Uganda.


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