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In the Arab Spring in Libya, deftly shifting from the Western powers, and the successive of the regime , France has played a leading role , despite the fact that, deceased Colonel Gaddafi in 2007 had financed the election campaign of former President Nicolas Sarkozy with various tens of millions of U.S. dollars. Thanksgiving received was his macabre murder , depriving him of a fair trial for crimes committed during his dictatorship , one of the worst crimes done to the Libyan people that has been deprived of justice against the dictatorship suffered for more than 30 years.

The prominent role played by France was decided by the former President Sarkozy laid the European power to drive the “revolution”, very careful to don’t support romantic figures aspiring to democracy or worst to socialism, but realistic warlords, no mattered whether suspected of having links with Al- Qaeda.

The goal was to create a ” friendly government ” capable of adequately thank France, assuring the best contracts for the reconstruction of the country and the exploitation of Libyan oil windfall at the expense of Great Britain , Italy and the United States.

Paris men were Prime Minister Ali Zeidan and Ziad Takieddine , a Franco – Libyan nationality holder of a real estate portfolio valued at over € 40 million and practice of French armaments needs which had caused several contracts millionaires with Saudi Arabia , Libya , Pakistan and Syria , when the name of President Assad was still in the list of the Good Guys .

Since March last year, the two Paris men no longer exist. Ali Zeidan has been dismissed by the Prime Minister Tuesday, March 11, 2014 . Ziad Takieddine was hopelessly involved in old corruption scandals between France and the former Gaddafi regime . Become a person too famous in the French press , Takieddine has fall in disgrace after recent judicial inquiry given ordered by the Judiciary in Paris. Everyone at the Paris, including President Francois Hollande agree : Takieddine is a character burned .

Now France is forced to look for new men in a political landscape increasingly chaotic and uncertain. “Libya, continues to move on the razor’s edge, at the mercy of instability that threatens to become chronic if you can not find the momentum needed to restore the rule of law,” observes Italian journalist Andrea Ranelletti in a recent article about the situation in Libya published in the Italian newspaper online L’Indro.

Libyan instability is based on the chaos. Kidnappings and assassinations have become the rule protected by impunity thanks to weak and powerless institutions. The rivalry between the various political and sectarian clan are adjusted by gunfire and the creation of new rebel groups. Their first target are the oil fields.

Within this scenario, it is installed the powerful North Africa jihadist network known as Al-Qaeda Maghreb which currently controls the flow of illegal immigrants, weapons, drugs, contraband goods that pass daily along the border of Libya with destination Middle East and Europe. If these terrorist groups are useful for passing part of the military arsenal of weapons sold by the French multinationals to “Syrian revolutionaries” (read terrorists of Al-Qaeda operating in Syria), are certainly not the ideal partner for the “clean” French industries.

The jihadist network looks is consolidating its presence each day as remark the journalist Eli Lake. “Since the attack of September 11 against the American Consulate in Benghazi, jihadist groups linked to regional Al-Qaeda have taken territory in Libya. Famous terrorist leaders as Tantoush are managing operational bases in Libya, one just 27 km from the capital, showing how the security situation in the country has deteriorated. ” Eli Lake said.

In this situation, full of chaos where even the Pyongyang regime quietly sends tankers flying the North Korean flag for Libyan to collect the precious Libyan oil, West Chancelleries can no longer recognize the “friends” from the “enemies” perhaps coming to regret the old dictator he had one big advantage: to be the only party in Libya.

This confusion , which is likely to reduce to ashes many West geo- strategic plans , reigns supreme inside of French Government’s cell of African Affairs , commonly known as : France Afrique , still in search of its new mens, difficult to detect.

It has long been thought to rely on Aldroe Hassan , Deputy Minister of Industry prematurely considered a Paris man. Unfortunately his assassination in January ended any possibility of strengthening the fruitful collaboration. Remains unresolved the Herculean task of identifying the Good Guys .

The thankless task seems to have been entrusted to General Gerald Longuet, former French Minister of Defense in the Sarkozy government that last April has traveled to Libya engaged to visit Tripoli and Misrata, officially to discuss about security , military formation of the new Libyan army and renew previous agreements on border security and migration policies .

Given the facts that the government can’t even dream to undertake serious discussions on security , border control and immigration policies , having no control of the country and that the Libyan army exists only on paper , which were the real subjects covered by Monsieur Longuet in Tripoli and especially in Misrata , the independent rebel’s kingdom?

According to some leaks , also reported from the site of the African Information : Slate Afrique, Mr. Longuet in Tripoli would be entertained privately with Defense Minister Abdallah Al- Thani to see if his Libyan counterpart is the right man.

As scrupulous servant of the Republic as he is, Longuet has evidently look for the right man even among the rebels in Misrata , city martyr of the revolution and the subject of scandalous desires of the French construction companies eager to participate in the reconstruction of this important and historic city of Libya. In Misrata Longuet met with the rebellion leader that he has decorated the French envoy with a beautiful medal in sign of the people of Misrata’s recognition for the French support during the “revolution” .

Detractors of Longuet judge his Libyan tour as unsuccessful. On the contrary, it seems that some seeds have been sown and the French General has brought home a name whispered in his ear infidel Hollande: Mohamed Benjelloun

A Moroccan businessman with Switzerland citizenship that since 2013 has emerged as the main contractor in Libya and the Middle East. The General Longuet suggested President Holland to organize a meeting between Benjelloun and French captains of industry, very demoralized at the moment on the Libyan issue , reminding that the candidate Benjelloun canbecome a “friend of France “. Benjelloun in the past has been a true friend of Gaddafi without however, compromise or remain involved in the disastrous fall of the dictator.

In addition to the economic issue the France Afrique Empire must resolve the situation of disastrous military interventions in Mali and the Central African Republic originated from the intervention in Libya , the mother of all battles of the glorious neo-colonial French army, who suffers from a visible presence in the bulky special units of the ultra- right faction suspect of supporting in the Central African the Christian militias ethnic cleansing against the Muslim community. The risk that the Libyan situation is reproduced faithfully in Mali and the Central African Republic is now very real.

If that was not enough the Libyan adventure has given to France other problems related to relations with the Arab tribes guerrillas used by the France Afrique to overthrow the regime of Gaddafi .

The Toubous , a nomadic ethnic group leaving in Chad , Niger, Libya and Mali , where the Chadian President Idris Deby Itno clan of Zagawa is ally is thanks to the family ties , they are claiming to France their spoils of war , through participation into profits of Libyan oil.

At the beginning of December 2013, Prime Minister Ali Zeidan , assisted by the French military advisers , had met the military leader of the Toubous , Colonel Wardougou Barca.

The latter, during the meeting , claimed a tribal representation in the Libyan government and the ability to access some of the oil revenues in the region of Fezzan , in specific: the deposits of Sebha and Koufra . The claim has not yet been heard by the government in Tripoli and recently and Colonel Barca has threatened to declare Fezzan region an independent state with the full support of some African countries, probably Chad and the Niger.

The Toureg , the main actors in the Malian conflict, a population living at the turn of Algeria , Niger, Mali and Libya , have recently claimed the Libyan nationals for 14,000 families. Remarking vacillation of Tripoli and Paris, Toureg militias have responded with a military raid in the region of Fezzan at the El Sharara oil field and with the intensification of the terrorist attacks in northern Mali against the French troops and those of the African peacekeeping mission funded by the United Nations .

As in the case of Libya, France is now in danger of losing the friends Arab tribes and the Muslim African countries neighboring Libya with a further worsening of regional instability to the detriment of French multinationals , first of all, the nuclear multinational AREVA that controls the uranium deposits in Niger and is funding the French colonial expedition in Mali where there are other uranium deposits very appetizing . The Libyan adventure is forcing President Hollande to spend several sleepless nights , because he is aware that nothing is working in the right direction , the French business world begins to get nervous and elections are approaching.

President Hollande seems to be not yet fully aware of the failure of the policy of the African cell of Paris, which he had promised to close considering an anachronistic vestige of the past. In the Great Lakes region , President Hollande is throwing his head down to a not desirable future regional conflict and a genocide , supporting the dying kleptomaniac regime in Kinshasa managed by an increasingly hallucinatory President Joseph Kabila , financing , arming and supporting the Rwandan terrorist group FDLR immersed in preparations for the invasion of Rwanda and supporting the racial regime of Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza who is preparing the first large-scale genocide in Burundi .

What can I say ? “Bon Travail, Monsieur Hollande

by Fulvio Beltrami
African Voices journalist, Kampala, Ugandaù



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