Truth document: Who killed Ilaria Alpi and Miran Hrovatin in Somalia. Involved Italian Forces and political.

31 Mar

On 24 March 1994, the RAI journalists Ilaria Alpi and Miran Hrovatin were killed in Mogadishu on commission just before reveal to the world a mix of craps in the theater ‘s mission of peace ‘ Ibis ‘, in Restore Hope. Rapes of Somali women immobilized, toxic waste, organ trafficking, human trafficking, arms … Officers, traffickers, businessmen, managers, were involved. And among them are to be sought the instigators. Ilaria Alpi quarreled hard for these facts with the commander of the mission, General Bruno Loi, who put the ban on journalist to enter again in the Italian Embassy. A brave noncommissioned officer of the police department  Tuscania, Marshal Francesco Aloi, who died recently in Savona, who had for criminal matters, he documented everything. Day after day he wrote to pen a personal diary of the Mission. When I took care of the affairs of Somali, I was working at Panorama (italian magazine). I had discovered rapes and torture by our soldiers. The government established the commission useless and hypocritical ‘Gallo‘. Who worked wearily. But when he was ready to close at ‘tarallucci and wine‘, Francesco Aloi, convinced by Admiral Falco Accame, handed her secret diary. For almost 18 years I bring with me this hot document. I wrote some little articles in Panorama (Aloi asked me not to publish). Then a position of 54 MPs led by Carlo Giovanardi and Maurizio Gasparri appeared in the Corriere della Sera, he asked in tones miners to Panorama and the marshal to stop. The then editor of the weekly , Roberto Briglia, despite his past “revolutionary”, did not move a finger. On the contrary: the company first and foremost. So I had to stop writing on this topic. A few months later I went away from Panorama. Who knows, maybe after some strange thefts that I suffered , shadowing by a Chroma (italian car), espionage under the house of my girlfriend were hunting Diary of Marshal Aloi. Her , on my website, for the first time the full 26-page document that this incredible dedication to Ilaria Alpi opening the attached file and read: it is instructive

Original article Italian language HERE
Translation edited by African Voices
Diary Document in Italian language HERE




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