Uganda, homosexuality between business and power

3 Mar

Why we are talking much the case of Uganda and not those of Nigeria and Kansas?

The anti-gay law itself could not unleash all this attention that has not been devoted to Nigeria or Kansas that passed in early February a law similar to that of the two African countries.

The reason for all this outcry is that the anti-gay law in Uganda is situated in a very delicate internal political games and geo-strategic region.

Uganda is becoming a super oil power and is already a military power in the Great Lakes Region.

It is not yet clear, so let’s take as an indication and not as information, but President Museveni would be to abandon its historical allies: the United States and Great Britain to position internationally as an independent power type South Africa with the support of Russia and China which as we know, do not look too thin when it comes to human rights.

Keep in mind that Uganda currently controls the political life in Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Southern Sudan, Tanzania and east of the Congo. It also controls most of the oil fields to the east of the Congo and is putting her hands on those of Southern Sudan.

Is checking current military interventions in Central African Republic, Somalia, South Sudan and  in Congo is implementing a proxy war.

In light of these facts or assumed, the World Bank began to distance suspending loan to Uganda, approximately $ 90 million related to a project on maternal care, post-natal and family planning.

Ugandan homosexuals complain that the cuts inflicted on the country weigh on their already precarious situation because the ignorant people blaming all this to their existence, unable to understand that the government is not a human rights issue, not even know how to spell the word, but only by economic interests, partnerships and political power.

We have postponed the project for further review to ensure that the objectives of development in Uganda are not threatened by the law recently passed anti-gay. This law can discourage multinationals from investing in Uganda and can put in danger our staff gay and lesbian, “said World Bank President Jim Youg Kim.

Be careful though there is no guarantee that the decision is maintained. In fact, it speaks not to cancel but to suspend the loan.

Also a careful journalistic investigation will hardly be able to know if the World Bank will release the loan under counter. Only information leakage inside may reveal it.

I have the distinct feeling that the positions of the United States, European Union, World Bank, etc., are to be seen from the standpoint of propaganda and manipulation rather than genuine human rights of sexual minorities.

After the official condemnations the risk to return to “business as Usually” is very high.

Text by Fulvio Beltrami
Arrangements of African Voices


2 Risposte to “Uganda, homosexuality between business and power”

  1. Nizeyimana seleman 3 marzo 2014 a 11:34 #

    we are on the end of this world remember!

  2. Nizeyimana seleman 3 marzo 2014 a 11:37 #

    we are on the end of this world remember!but let us keeping teach people they may be changed
    please see how we can change world to day!


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