18 Feb

“To build lakes in the Deserts, solve Africa’s drought problems and leave a cleaner Africa”

Mexico City, Atlanta, Addis Ababa – Like the Brazilian world cup preparations, the Sons and Daughters Tour 2014 preparations are well underway and gearing for a massive kickoff in Addis Ababa on May 25th 2014. This tour brings with it very interesting ideas because those who are on board are not all of them musicians with international titles but also engineers, doctors and various professions from all backgrounds who are ready to make their various presentations and projects in the 21 countries where the tour is planned from Ethiopia all the way to Swaziland. They are ready to present more than just music but revolutionary ideas that have a promise to bring an impact that will change Africa for future generations.

For instance, among the various projects planned to be implemented across Africa are to rid plastic waste from the entire continent and one would wonder how and where will it be stored.  According to the planners, there is not enough plastic waste in the world that they want to use.

The idea is very plausible, simple and practical in every sense. The plastic will be melted and recycled to form sheets that are two to three inches thick that will be buried deep in the desert to form as bedrock that will hold water during rain days or fill the lakes artificially from nearby rivers.  The groundbreaking idea is to form large lakes where people can use the water for, well, all needs including agriculture, commercial and domestic use. The lakes will allow also for wide life to benefit since they plan implement these project in the remote places as well. This will practically create lakes where life will thrive and solve one of the world’s biggest problems of drought.  “We want to collect all the plastic we can find from around Africa and the world,” says Prince Lumumba the heard organizer of the tour. “We are looking for the African Union (AU) and all Countries of Africa and the people to support this project with both hands,” he said, during an interview with Monique Wyatt of ABN WIGO.1570am talk radio.

Indeed, if the African Union is to succeed in its plan to develop Africa, the participation of its citizens is critical.  The AU ambitions in its Agenda 2063 are to bring together all Africans from around the world and all people who support its goals to participate in Africa’s development. Well, here come the Sons and Daughters answering to that call with music and projects that will create a foundation for Africa’s needed peace and prosperity. Other planned projects are to plant fruit trees along highways and pathways so that in their season; there will be enough fruit for all people and wildlife.  “This is an initiative for food security in Africa,” says Prince Lumumba.  “We want support from everyone with donations and help with the tour so that we can realize these projects.” They have numerous projects that would make you just want to support if Africa is at your heart. For those interested in sponsoring any of the projects or supporting the tour, you can view the projects and tour information at,

The Sons and Daughters of Africa Tour or in short, The AfricaFest 2014  is non-profit  501(c) 3 project  registered in Atlanta Georgia USA under the Masjid Al Jaam Incorporated  with a D-U-N-S Number—#832676220 and Employer Identification Number —# 38-369450 formed primarily for the purpose of presenting the Africa events, that are aimed at bringing change to Africa in furthering African Union interests in economic development, peace initiatives and educational programs related to African cultural,  music and dance and folk culture. The AfricaFest 2014 is the world’s largest Festival Tour ever organized across the African Continent. The AfricaFest 2014 is planned to be held is 21 countries in which the organizers expect to attract 100,000 people in each of the selected venues. We come to build and to inspire.

 Contact: Mexico: 0052 556-552-9578 USA: (404) 400-2989 . Email: . Al Jaami International Inc. 117 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. Atlanta GA 30303.



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