Cécile Kyenge, looking to new goals

17 Feb

Knowing personally Cécile, I also had the opportunity to interview her several times when I had the radio program African Voices and I always found myself faced with a combative person, politically prepared and much more Italian than many who claim to be pure nationalism.

His entrance into politics “of adult” was upheld well by me and I was able to congratulate in person, I thought it could really make a difference and in his role to the Minister of Integration made ​​me think that perhaps the time was ripe and the Italian, starting with the incumbent government, were changing.
I was wrong, we were wrong.

I believe that Cecile could have done more than it did in parliament and would have to propose laws that we all waiting, but I also know, and that has been the victim of dirty game by the government and the DP that wanted the sympathy of immigrants through her, but was clear that they would never have supported the pro-immigration laws starting with the delete of the Bossi-Fini since left alone against racist chanting of the opposition and opponents.

The Ministry of Integration has been a lost opportunity for the growth of government and Italian people and will be even more so if Matteo Renzi confirm Cécile Kyenge in his team of ministers.

And if not, dear Cecile Kyenge, I counsel you to aim Europe where you can probably work more serenity and you can try to really change things in this that the West has forgotten too soon to have been migrant to far countries where certainly not found a “welcome home”, but then they realized that the Europeans and Italians could be the resources and they have been for the economy of those countries. We, 50 and 100 years later, not only have not learned, but worse, but worse we forgot.

African Voices



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