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Nzuri Open Call for Writers & Cartoonist and Photo bloggers

31 Ott

Nzuri wants you!!

We’re currently working on a groundbreaking entrepreneurial idea, which we believe will challenge the status quo of the African literary landscape. We seek writers who create hybrid, genre-bending works that addresses the complexities and the beauty of life in Africa. With a special emphasis on writers who work across and/or mix genres, such as poetry and fiction, image and text and video, are encouraged to reach out to us. But, we are open to all writers whose work addresses and explores ‘Africaness’! from whatever perspective you are passionate about.
We are also seeking Cartoonists who use their art to describe the subtleties of the African experience while also delivering punch lines that are both thought provoking and funny.
Photo bloggers who are able to tell stories with their art are also welcome to contact us with samples of their work.
Brief note: Nzuri is open to all writers, cartoonist and photo bloggers we simply seeks the best artists whose work excites and explodes. Art that deviates from expected norms and takes the bull by the horns.

Writing that challenges us. Writing that is fun, embodies the African experience and/or challenges Africans. See Wole Soyinya’s “The Avoidable Trap of Cultural Relativism” If you would like to be considered for the opportunity, please contact us at Please Note that the Close date for submissions is November 15th, 2013. Also include the following in your submissions.

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by Nzuri Afric

The Congolese army defeated the rebellion M23 ?

31 Ott

After military successes of last week the Congolese army announced the implementation of a second offensive on the bastion of the rebellion M23 : Bunagana , the border with Uganda . Local sources said that the rebel forces and their commanders would have abandoned Bunagana .
According to American military experts M23 would have decided to switch to a low-intensity guerrilla warfare , taking refuge in the forests and in allied countries : Uganda and Rwanda. Regional military experts warn that the fight against M23 ​​may not be completed.

Not registered the feared intervention in Rwanda. Diplomatic sources give as likely a compromise with the United States. The White House to counter the interference of France would propose a peace and regional integration. The proposal would serve to offset the Wars Noire decided by France in total support to the dictatorship Kabila.

They remain in the east of Congo 40 other guerrillas including Terrorists Rwanda FDLR. The FDLR have done the genocide in Rwanda in 94 and are close allies of the government in Kinshasa. In September last year they tried to invade Rwanda, failed attempt thanks to information provided to the U.S. intelligence Rwanda.

by Fulvio BeltramiFreelance journalist
Uganda, Kampala

L’esercito congolese sconfigge la ribellione M23?

31 Ott

Dopo I successi militari della scorsa settimana l’esercito Congolese ha annunciato l’attuazione di una seconda offensiva sul bastione della ribellione M23: Bunagana, confine con l’Uganda. Fonti locali affermano che le forze ribelli e i loro comandanti avrebbero abbandonata Bunagana.
Secondo esperti militari americani M23 avrebbe deciso di passare ad una guerriglia a bassa intensità, rifugiandosi nelle foreste e nei paesi alleati: Uganda e Rwanda. Esperti militari regionali avvertono che la lotta contro il M23 potrebbe non essere terminata.

Non si é registrato il temuto intervento del Rwanda. Fonti diplomatiche danno come probabile un compromesso con gli Stati Uniti. La Casa Bianca per contrastare le interferenze della Francia avrebbe proposto una pace e un’integrazione regionale. La proposta servirebbe per controbilanciare la Guerre Noire decisa dalla Francia in totale sostegno alla dittatura Kabila.

Rimangono nel est del Congo altre 40 guerriglie tra cui I terroristi rwandesi FDLR. Le FDLR attuarono il genocidio in Rwanda nel 94 e sono strette alleate del Governo di Kinshasa. Nel settembre scorso hanno tentato di invadere il Rwanda, tentativo fallito grazie alle informazioni dei servizi segreti americani fornite al Rwanda.

di Fulvio Beltrami
Giornalista Freelance
Uganda, Kampala

First African Voices Meeting in webinar

22 Ott

We are organizing the first African Voices meeting in March 2014. This event will be entirely online as a webinar.
I’m bringing a question to you all: who would you listen at the meeting?
And you can put names forward which belong to African culture, art, music, journalism and bloggers.
Based on your suggestions we will contact them.

Thanks a lot

Marco Pugliese
African Voices

Primo Webinar Meeting African Voices!

22 Ott

Stiamo organizzando il primo Meeting African Voices a Marzo 2014. Questo evento sarà interamente online come webinar.
Pongo una domanda a tutti voi: chi vorreste ascoltare durante il meeting?
Se volete potete suggerire dei nomi che appartengono alla cultura africana, arte, musica, giornalismo e blogger.
Sulla base dei vostri suggerimenti noi li contatteremo.


Marco Pugliese
African Voices

Sex tourism, mafia, pedophilia, corruption: the best of ‘Made in Italy’ in Kenya

8 Ott

The journalist Fulvio Beltrami in collaboration with Kenyan journalists are working for a dossier on illegal activities of the Italian community in Malindi and Monbasa engaged in entrepreneurial activities , from mafia infiltration to the promotion of sex tourism. From the corruption of the local authorities to the death threats to journalists Kenyans. This is a topic rarely used by the Italian media, but it is a sad and shameful reality . The objective is to know the seedy criminal underground in the hope that the Italian authorities intervene.

Remain with us to read the best of ‘made in Italy’ in Kenya, soon here.

Turismo sessuale, mafia, pedofilia, corruzione: il meglio made in Italy in Kenya

8 Ott

Il giornalista Fulvio Beltrami in collaborazione con giornalisti kenioti stanno lavorando per un dossier sulle attivita illegali della comunita italiana a Malindi e Monbasa dedita ad attivita imprenditoriali; dalle infiltrazioni mafiose alla promozione del turismo sessuale. Dalla corruzione delle autorita locali alle minacce di morte a giornalisti kenioti. Argomento poco trattato dai media italiani, ma triste e vergognosa realta. L`obiettivo e’ di far conoscere lo squallido underground criminale nella speranza che le autorita italiane intervengano.

Rimanete con noi se volete la verità sul peggio degli italiani in Kenya!