Mission: The diaspora answers. Full declaration of Mariam Yassin

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Last week we published an article very nice and much appreciated by readers written by Daniele Mezzana entitled “Mission the word to the diasporaFrom now present in order the full version of the individual answers to the question:
What do you think of the transmission launched by UNHCR in collaboration with RAI Italy and Intersis NGOs in South Sudan, DR Congo and Mali called Mission?

A reality in refugee camps? I still do not understand the goal of this project.
If the idea behind the company is to raise awareness on the situation of refugees and reality from which they have fled, respect the good will of the organizers. But you could not find a way much less expensive? You have to put on a show on the misery of others?

Why sensitization must necessarily pass through the TV screens?
I believe highly that the Italian company should know the reality from which many desperate refugees flee and are tired of hearing called asylum seekers illegal immigrants who come to bother,” ignoring that their real intention is to survive! It seems to me an initiative that looks to the form rather than the substance. I wonder if that money could be used differently, creating more health facilities in refugee camps, educational programs for children and adults, etc.. Either you want to believe those people in the refugee camps do not need anything? Since the facilities where they survive these people are not five-star hotel, I wonder why the organizers have thought of before visibility than to the real needs of people.

I work in the camps for refugees and displaced people past six years, in direct contact with the people and the communities. I’ve never heard a refugee answer to the question: “what do you need?“, “Take a reality in our lives!” Refugees, very often, do not want to be told their experience: the pain they feel is one that deserve profound respect, what they have gone through is a holocaust which is often not even recognized as such. It is to be understood, not as a spectacle. You know by questioning the responsibility, not to be reduced to a teary reality that does not account for the causes.

I doubt that the developers have taken into account the reality of human complexity of the victims and want to show the real causes that have forced on those terms. I doubt you could only raise awareness through emotional images, treading his hand on the suffering and not telling the whole story. Because, if you really wanted to tell the whole story, if you really want to know the phenomenon of refugees for what it is, you would see how those who mourn are looking at the reality, perhaps indirectly, among the causes of this tragedy!

Mariam Yassin; has dual nationality Somali and Italian, is responsible for development and peace in the refugee camps, and is Executive Director at the international NGO.



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