The artist that makes fools Uganda

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Despite the strike by academic staff that led to the university being closed, till the end of September Kizito Maria Kasule, Kizito Maria Kasuleartist and professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Industrial Design, show his exhibition of paintings in the Makerere University Art Gallery, Kampala Uganda. The exhibition is titled: “Genesis and the Legacy of Democracy”.

Kakule’s works are commentaries on abuse of human rights and corruption, two sicknesses that are becoming the government emblem. His exploration of these themes is done using caricatures of public individuals with the capacity to give to the audience mind to make interpretation and reach conclusions.  

In one painting a nude woman is lying-down surmounted by a several astonished men between them it can be individuate a caricature of President Yoweri Museveni. According to the artist nudity is a symbol of innocence and purity.

In another, Kasule paints a man wearing a crown with the Buganda Kingdom emblem on it lying in a casket. The casket wrapped in the Buganda flag is lowered into a grave. The painting symbolizes the Independence dream of the ancient Buganda Kingdom overran and defied by the reality.

Kasule paintings want deliberately stir up debate between the viewers. The artist use melancholy colors symbolizing the somber mood inspired by unjust acts of abuse.

Kasule wants transmit the democratic values more loved by himself: from respect of human rights to promoting dialogue between the government and its citizens in order to avoid chaos and violence escalation.

In the past Kasule was influenced by policy when he served in the army and experienced firsthand the abuse of human rights. He escaped death thank to somebody who knew him that saved from the firing squad. Therefore he took interest in studying Fine Arts at Makerere University where teach at the present.
kito2Previously, he has exhibited at Kampala City Council Authority evoking surprise exhibiting his paintings between garbage collected from the street. Some thought he was mad, somebody else a rebel genius.

Some of Kasule’s works can be bought online to the following art web site Contemporany African Art.


Fulvio Beltrami
Kampala, Uganda



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