The Dream to be Self-reliant and Free in Malawi!

24 Ago


ImmagineEarthship Biotecture and Non-profit, Empower Malawi, will build a sustainable community center for the people of Malawi. Inspired by nature, Michael Reynolds’ Flower-Petal Design evolved from Earthship’s disaster relief project in Haiti, and was implemented at Earthship’s first project in Africa, Goderich Waldorf School, in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

The project, Kapita Earthship Community Centre, is to be the first of its kind in the area and will become a sustainable development epicenter for 38 villages and over 5,000 rural people in South East Mzimba district East Mzimba district in Malawi.

The Kapita Earthship Community Centre is to house a secure community bank, a library, a dispensary for medical services and supplies, administration offices, classrooms for teaching children and adults, and a local food bank to develop food security. All of these are necessities that do not exist for the people of Mizimba, Malawi and the surrounding areas.

The Kapita Earthship Community Centre in Mzimba, Malawi will replicate the success of Haiti and Sierra Leone. Earthship will employ sustainable technologies such as rainwater catchment and filtration, solar energy, waste water management, thermal cooling and greenhouse technologies. Earthship Biotecture and Empower Malawi will work together side-by-side with 50 volunteers and the local people of Mzimba, Malawi to build two of the six rooms of the Community Centre in order to train the people of Mzimba to finish the remaining rooms and to impart the people of Mzimba with the knowledge and sustainable practices in order to guarantee success for their future.

The most important aspect of this project is that we will not be building the entire community center for Malawi, but only building 2 of an 8 room community center in order to educate the people of Malawi on how to be self-reliant and sustainable.

We are currently raising funds on our indiegogo site for the project by donation and only have 25 days to raise 13,000USD for the cost of materials.

Recently, Eco-Archtecture and Design website, Inhabitat, did a piece on our campaign and our project in Malawi:

Additionally, we are having an art contest our ‘Support the Dream to be Free in Malawi’ fan page to inspire people to make art and to help spread awareness on Malawi.

We are looking to get more press for this project to not only help with the fundraising efforts but to raise awareness on the situation in Malawi.

Will you donate to our cause?

Will you share our story?

Thank you for your time.

Justin Lee Henson
Earthship Biotecture



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