Mission. My opinion: a program to be locked

18 Ago


Someone asked me why such commitment and determination from me against the deplorable MISSION television program scheduled for December organized by RAI1, UNHCR Italy and Intersos in South Sudan, D.R. Congo and Mali.

For me it is a mission to African Voices. is to protect the dignity and respect for Africans last of the last. Avoid the mud from the European machine of the show. But still, white Europeans have not done enough hurt to these populations? We dictate the law through puppet governments, we arm them and create their wars, let them kill and we do not act even when they are born incredible ethnic cleansing of State. We create the fugitives, the survivors and refugees and then send … NGO of the United Nations to do what it could be avoided if we did not create these situations before and in addition, we should also make a show of their lives? We should stand by while people who do not know what is the real Africa, what are the Africans and what it is to live 20 or 30 years under a tent, do not know what it means to be years alongside them every day sweating and crying with them, have fun as well-paid actors to make known Africa poor?
No, do not accept it, I can not accept that simply by business NGOs should love these people jeopardize international video as circus animals, their life.”

Someone has to move and for how I can I will do everything will be possible to stop this ignoble humanitarian pornography .”

Marco Pugliese
African Voices



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