RAI1 Mission: between the surreal and the first resignation?

10 Ago


Following the investigation recently published article by African Voices, Intersos responded on its website with a long press an eloquent title: THE UNACCEPTABLE false ‘RECENTLY PUBLISHED.
A written statement of punch in big letters, explaining in detail the reasons and points of view of NGOs in order to demonstrate the “facts clearly distorted, false, incomplete and imprecise that are central to a paper published on the website of African Voices that talks about the program Raiuno Mission’. “The Intersos press was posted on the Facebook page of African Voices for fairness and right of reply.

Now would be expected by me and African Voice articulated a defense response of each point. Our sophisticated reflection leads us to not forward us in a media war between two entities totally useless being an end in itself and not constructive to mature the delicate and complex moral debate on the opportunity to move forward in the first reality show as humanitarian foreign media without defining uncertain terms what is Mission, being not affected by the virus typically Italian of trying a thousand definitions and synonyms to avoid reality.

We limit ourselves to clarify the procedures for authorization and press accreditation of journalists in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Intersos explains that the permit obtained by an officer of the district of Arts and Cultural Reform of the town of Bunia, complies with the provisions of the law of the country of Africa.

African Voice leaves the answer to the website of the French Embassy in Kinshasa in the section: Crediting foreign journalists, reproducing synthesis of the official text issued by the French authorities published March 7, 2013, translated to English.

 Foreign journalists who wish to make a report (written, radio and television) in the Democratic Republic of Congo must obtain an authorization from the Congolese Ministry of Communication and Media. It will require a letter of explanation about the purpose of their reportage. The permit is subject to charges”

Understood that the Ministry of Culture, much less his district office do not have these privileges, not only in DRC but in all African countries, as international journalists know, and after they saw our error citing two Ministries of Congo who do not longer have this prerogative, last question: why in the document issued in the office district of Bunia is not mentioned Dinamo srl, Rai and Mission but only generic Intersos of film activities on an annual basis?

We do not care about answers. In their place, we hope that Intersos finally decides to open a serious debate and convening a round table on the transmission inviting all the Italian NGO allowing it to deliver opinions and suggestions about, maybe Mission to make something different and really helpful than hurtful gossip stories VIP, slap in the face to refugees forced to do by appearance, the same that UNHCR and NGOs are committed to defend, including their human dignity. We believe it is a right for the Italian NGOs participate.


Dear Intersos, continue to play the role of Don Quixote against all not only carries the brink but more discredits the reputation of our Italian NGO that, they deserve it sincerely.

Opening to the healthy and constructive debate does not seem a mindless request and certainly preferable to the massacre game decided by you.

We conclude bringing a news yet to be verified. In coincide with the release of the press Intersos against African Voice, Paola Amicucci, Public Relations office of the NGO, announces his resignation on his Facebook page. Paola Amicucci was to accompany VIP troops television Dinamo Italia Srl and UNHCR responsible for their second episode in Duruma in Congo in July 2013. To Intersos a single request: to confirm what was announced by Amicucci on Facebook in order to avoid misinformation and false.

Carlo Cattaneo
Italy, Rome



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