Reality Show in the desperation of refugees; the last step of the NGOs before the chasm

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Between November and December next will air prime time on Raiuno’s reality show “The Mission”. This is the first reality humanitarian produced in Italy, eight celebrities will help relief workers UNHCR, the UN agency for refugees, and Intersis in some of the many refugee camps around the world.
The organizational machine of The Mission has already begun, with some problems in the composition of the cast. The protagonists of the program will be two couples VIP for every time, those destinations are not five star, but poor areas around the world. VIPs will have to give a few days of insouciance local populations. These are the first information that leaked from production.
The famous faces that have so far confirmed their participation are Michele Cucuzza, Barbara De Rossi, Al Bano Carrisi, Paola Barale and Emanuele Filiberto. To complete the cast talking about Elisabetta Canalis, who may have already given lump sum, Vittoria Belvedere, Alba Parietti and Dario Vergassola.

“In November, will participate in the reality of RaiUno humanitarian mission, said Al Bano. For 10 days I will live among the refugees in Sudan and will be among them, will sing with them, and I will pursue to try to help. There is some risk (it is a very “hot”) but seriously I want to go there because it will surely be an extraordinary experience. I will enrich humanely. “

The episode zero has been recorded last summer but will not air. Michele Cucuzza and Barbara De Rossi have visited a refugee camp in Yambio in South Sudan, twenty kilometers from the Congo, remaining locked for a few days because of an outbreak of Ebola due to the closure of the borders.

The head of UNHCR Laura Lucci said “We work in this program because we have the opportunity to tell the public at large who are refugees, fleeing why, what is their background. Few people know that worldwide there are 40 million refugees. Many remain in the field for twenty years. Are broken lives. “No spectacularization and nothing logical as Big Brother or Island of the Famous, ensures UNHCR. “Our priority remains to protect refugees. Will be only tell the stories of those who decide to be recorded by the cameras, “says Lucci” We will be the first to be vigilant: our operators will follow step by step the television troupe, will not let alone for even a minute. “

Spite the assurances preventive, however there are those who fear that such a format prime time on Raiuno can only derailing in pietism humanitarian going to feed a vision of cooperation, in the southern hemisphere and poverty from which for years has been trying to out.

From Twitter comments more naughty already talking about pornography humanitarian, refugee treated as exotic backdrop of a reality, colonial mindset, third world pret a porter by the public early evening. Of course, knowing the usual level of these containers television and past performance of the “artists” involved is really hard not to think ill and do not prepare for the worst.

However, it is true, there is the economic crisis and hunger, that of donations. From production ensure a positive effect in this sense, the public will be sensitized and driven to help putting hands in their pockets or mobile phone.

We are sure that the notes involved organizations have carefully assessed the costs and benefits of doing this and that will not fail to do their best to protect the ethics and ideals that international cooperation is with its staff and volunteers in Italy and in the world. The risk generalization is really high so as that of representing in a pathetic and pietistic the dramatic condition of thousands of people.

But there is still time to prevent this from happening. The episodes will be shot short despite the great difficulties related to safety and cancellations that have already occurred for logistical reasons. As location talking about the refugee camps in Jordan and those in South Sudan.

The debate is open, what do you think?

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    Hello! This is my first comment here so I just wanted
    to give a quick shout out and say I genuinely enjoy reading your posts.
    Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same subjects?
    Thank you so much!


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