Nathalie Delapalme: Sahel needs stronger governance systems

25 Lug


“Except for Niger, the long-term evolution of the good governance in Sahel is not very reassuring”, said Nathalie Delapalme in an interview released to Afronline.org and media from Senegal (Sud FM), Mali (Les Echos, Réseau Jamana), Niger (Le Républicain, Radio Anfani), Burkina Faso (Radio Horizon FM) and Benin (L’Autre Quotidien).

The Director of Research and Public Policies of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation reminds how important it is for the Foundation to maintain a “consistent dialogue with the African governments“, highlighting how “the annual index on governance is not only a tool of criticism and judgment on the ability of governments to reach an optimal level of governance”. It provides a framework for citizens, governments, institutions and business to assess the delivery of public goods and services, and policy outcomes, across Africa. “Governance is a crucial element of success”, underlined Delapalme.

In this interview, Nathalie Delapalme also expressed mixed feelings towards “the impressive African economic growth, which unfortunately has been accompanied by increased inequalities. In the long run”, this paradox could “threaten the economic growth and the ability of an African country to preserve social peace.”
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Click here to read the full interview (in French)



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