Happy Easter! Happy Easter?!

5 Apr

I do not agree to be rhetorical or patronizing, I do not accept these attitudes by others and even less by me, but what I’m asking to my self from some days is: How do I wish you a happy Easter? To whom and for what then. What is the reason why I should scream Happy Easter! This should not be a celebration of peace and serenity, coexistence and tolerance?

It is? To me it seems not.

How do, to shout Good days to all when I just read in the first person all that is possible to read and watch all the videos and photos that I find and that sometimes you send me as if I were to even realize how things run, the things on Africa!

For example, from several evenings before going to sleep I watch the video of the ethiopic child abused with physical violence by the mother, the mother … the woman who should be protecting children, and every evening, before we begin, I say to myself this time it will look without feeling bad and instead, I’m sick to death. It takes me a bad stomach and a rage inside .. I have a desire to make by that mother and … no, I would take that little girl and ran away and take it away because that is not his place and that’s not a mom, moms are different.

How many children are beaten with violence in Ethiopia and those in 53 other African countries!? Yes, yes I know there are all over the world, but I deal with Africa.

How do I to say happy Easter when there are children who do not know what it is and that maybe “celebrate” with a wave of beatings? How do I …

Or the video of that Ethiopian girl raped, abused, beaten and helpless that with everything that remains in the body defends itself from his captors Saudis that want to bring her far away, away from their sins of men cursed and then, coincidentally, died shortly after in a locked psychiatric hospital suicide. Yes, suicide … damn.

How is it that I wish you ‘good lunch’ to all and hope that the outing will be good for everyone thinking of those in the Horn of Africa have nothing, absolutely nothing. People would eat the sand could. Or the famine in Mali, Mauritania, which will bring thousands, hundreds of thousands more deaths among women and children, numbers that will bring back 4 or 5 zeros, not a movie is the real stuff, are people who remain on the ground in the dust and not move more. What does he care to their Easter …

Happy Easter to all …
And the Eritreans and Somalis and Ethiopians in locked containers under the sand of the Sinai desert dying of starvation when things go well, or being tortured, beaten, shot in the desert forgotten by all, desperate families in countries of origin and those disparate awaits them in vain in industrialized countries where they would like to embrace them, alive.

And we, to us the next day someone will tell us how many millions of euros were spent for food at the table. For each State its report, and to every body, the belly full.

Happy Easter! … Happy Easter?

by African Voices


Una Risposta to “Happy Easter! Happy Easter?!”

  1. Stefano Giudici 6 aprile 2012 a 04:55 #

    In spite of all that, because of all that, the only hope is to announce Easter – Life. To have the courage, and to obstinate enough to believe it possible. Not somewhere. Not sometime from now. Here and now. It s the only thing that gives meaning to what we do, or try to do. Good Friday will continue, even after Easter, but we will see it with different eyes. I have to believe it. I need to believe it. Thank you!


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